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If you feel drawn to someone, but you are annoyed because
you think that they are telling you some lies, try to look
beyond the lies and try to focus upon the feeling. People
offer all kinds of words for all kinds of different reasons.
Most lies are offered to try to keep things in alignment.

We're not encouraging it, but the motive behind lying is
usually a pretty honorable motive. In other words, when a
child lies to their parents, it's usually because they want
to be free to do what they want to do, and they don't want
their parents to be upset about it. It's about wanting an

Physical ears have a hard time hearing this. You keep
talking about "We need to be honest." And we say, we don't
meet any of you who are honest. Even those who claim to be
the most virtuous, are not honest, but your vibration always
is. We would trust the feeling more than the words.

No one can deny you or grant you anything. It all comes to
you by virtue of your vibration.

Are we for marriage? Yes. Are we for divorce? Yes. Are we
for monogamy? Yes. All of you have different ways of
satisfying your desires, and all of it is appropriate or
not. And only you, individually, know if it is appropriate
or inappropriate unto you in this moment.

If all of you, when you went home today, found your homes
had blown away, you would be happier in the days and weeks
and months to follow than if you went home and everything
was normal -- because it causes more focus of desire. There
is all this fresh stuff pouring through you. It's like
opening spaces to new allowance. If every remnant of success
was gone from you -- still you stand as the culmination of
all that you've learned. And we don't mean learned in the
sense that now you know how to do it again. We mean you have
been the creation that has been in the process of being
created, and here you stand as this clearer, more focused
wanter and allower than you've ever been before. Which
means, you can take your next breath of desire and step into
your next place of allowing, and all that you ever had, and
ten times more, can be in your experience immediately --when
you accept that you are the asker and the receiver, and the
letter-in of all of that.

We would like you to reach the place where you're not
willing to listen to people criticize one another... where
you take no satisfaction from somebody being wrong... where
it matters to you so much that you feel good, that you are
only willing to think positive things about people...you are
only willing to look for positive aspects; you are only
willing to look for solutions, and you are not willing to
beat the drum of all of the problems of the world.

We are all Vibrational Beings. You're like a receiving
mechanism that when you set your tuner to the station,
you're going to hear what's playing. Whatever you are
focused upon is the way you set your tuner, and when you
focus there for as little as 17 seconds, you activate that
vibration within you. Once you activate a vibration within
you, Law of Attraction begins responding to that vibration,
and you're off and running -- whether it's something wanted
or unwanted

We want you to understand that abundance expands
proportionately to match desire, and that there is great
untapped abundance not yet allowed by the very humans who
have created it. When your life experience causes a focused
desire within you, the means to fulfill that desire is
created at the same time-but you have to be on the
Vibrational wavelength with your desire in order to see the
path to the fulfillment of it.A belief in shortage or lack
will prevent your discovery of the path to your own
creation, and any feeling of resistance indicates that you
are on the wrong Vibrational path. However, in your
understanding of the never-ending abundance of this
Universe, you will feel personal delight whenever you
observe anyone's alignment with it, for their achievement
can in no way diminish yours, but can only enhance it.As
you focus upon your breathing and the music and words of
your meditation recording, you will deactivate your usual
resistance to abundance, and you will discover the
satisfying feeling of positive expectation and success. And
then, the manifestation of that success must come to you. It
is Law!

If you make your relationship with your Inner Being your
top priority, and you deliberately choose thoughts that
allow your alignment, you will consistently offer the
greatest advantage to the others with whom you interact.
Only when you are aligned with your Source do you have
anything to offer another.If your behavior is influenced by
your desire to keep another person happy, you will lose
your Connection to your Source. And it is not possible for
you to be happy unless you are in alignment with your
Source. Without that alignment, you have nothing to offer
another.Our daily meditation process will help you to
consistently release resistance and to come into alignment
with the power and clarity and love that is really who-you-
are-and then anyone who you hold as your object of
attention will benefit.Rather than attempting the
impossible task of trying to behave in ways that please
others, show them the ease of finding your consistent
alignment. You will always find happiness inside your
Vortex. And the happiness that they are seeking is inside
their Vortex.

We like to explain that only a part of the Consciousness
that is really who-you-are is focused into the physical
personality that you believe is you, so that you can then
begin to consciously consider the larger part of you, who
continues to remain Non-Physically focused.Once you
remember that you are a physical extension of Source Energy,
you can then begin to consider, and consciously tend to,
your alignment with your larger, Eternal, Non-Physical
counterpart.As you made the decision to focus into this
physical time-space reality, you understood it to be a
spectacular arena of balance and variety and perfect
contrast.You understood that there is no competition for
resources, but only opportunities to give birth to your own
ideas-and you understood that once an idea has been given
birth, the means with which to fulfill it will follow.And
now here you are, an extension of Source Energy-focused in
the environment of perfect contrast and balance, just as you
have intended-exploring, deciding, preferring, creating,
and becoming.

We encourage you to make peace with everyone who opposes
you and with everyone whom you oppose, not only because you
cannot insist on their yielding to your perspective but
because their opposing perspective is of tremendous benefit
to you.You see, because of your exposure to what you
perceive as their wrong or bad or unwanted behavior or
perspective-you have given birth to an improved situation.
And just as they helped the problem side of the equation to
come into focus, they helped the solution side of the
equation to come into focus, also; and that solution waits
for you in your Vortex of Creation.Through our daily
meditation process, you will come into alignment with those
solutions and creations that are in your Vortex, and from
inside your Vortex, you will feel appreciation for everyone
who contributed to its becoming. When you make peace with
those who differ in desire and belief and behavior from
your ideas of what is appropriate, you do not perpetuate
what you consider to be wrong. Instead, you align with the
solution side of the equation that has been waiting for you
in your Vortex of Creation.

If you wait until your body is completely dehydrated before
you drink something or completely emaciated before you eat
something, your body can get far out of balance. While it
is possible to eventually bring your body back to a state
of well-being-it is much easier to maintain a healthy
physical balance than to recover it after losing it.Most
people never put themselves into the dramatic situation
where they are without water or food to the point of doing
damage to their physical bodies; however, it is not
uncommon for people to deprive their bodies of something
equally important: alignment with Source Energy.In the
same way that it is a good idea to drink when you feel the
indication of thirst-and therefore maintain your Well-Being
long before dehydration is experienced-it is equally
important to change the thought and release resistance at
the first indication of negative emotion. For while it is
certainly possible to withstand negative emotion for long
periods of time, it is not the optimal experience for the
cells of your physical body.When you learn to release
resistance in the early, subtle stages, your physical body
must thrive. Thriving is what is natural to you.

Most rarely align with their true power, because it seems
illogical to them that there is power in relaxation, in
letting go, or in love or joy or bliss. Most people do not
understand that their true power lies in releasing
resistance-which is the only obstacle to their true
power.Most people do not expect their path to great
abundance to be one of ease and of joy. They have been
taught that struggle and hardship and sacrifice are
requirements that must be met before the reward of great
abundance can be realized. Most do not understand that the
very struggle they deliberately involve themselves in, in
their quest for success and advantage, actually works
against them.There are so many things that you have been
taught to believe that are counter to the powerful Laws of
the Universe that it is difficult for you to think your way
out. And that is the reason that we present this path of
much less resistance.We want you to breathe rather than
try, to relax rather than offer effort, to smile rather than
struggle, to be rather than do. For your true power is
experienced only from inside the Vortex.

If you are to become a cooperative component to your own
Vortex and to all of the wonderful things that have been
gathered there, you must be a Vibrational Match to your
Vortex. In other words, you too must have a high frequency,
and you too must be without resistance. Each day, as you
release resistant thoughts-through the power of our guided
meditation-your Vibrational frequency will rise and new
Vibrational patterns will develop until, in a short period
of time, your natural Vibrational inclination will be to be
inside your Vortex. And then, you will be living life as you
intended to live it, accessing the Energy that creates
worlds and flowing it toward your personal own reality.

There are many situations, attitudes, lifestyles-even food
choices-that you do not want to participate with. Through
the living of your life, you have identified many wanted
and unwanted aspects, and it is important to remember that
none of those unwanted things can jump into your
experience, because there is no assertion in your
attraction-based Universe.The choices that others make
cannot negatively impact your experience unless you include
them in your experience through your attention to them.
Things come to you only through your Vibrational
invitation-and they remain only by your continuing
attention to them.Your Universe is based upon freedom.
Freedom for everyone to choose what they give their
attention to, and therefore what they choose to experience.
And your interaction with one another provides a
contrasting basis that assures continual expansion.When
others achieve Vibrational alignment with something they
desire, they in no way deprive you of your desires. If your
time-space reality has inspired a desire within you, it is
certain that your desire can be fulfilled, for your Earth
environment has the potential of satisfying the essence of
all desires.

While it is obvious that a good-feeling body makes for a
more pleasant physical experience, we want you to
understand that finding pleasant things to focus upon also
makes for a good-feeling body. However, most humans are
approaching the subject of their physical well-being in a
backward manner. Most people who are experiencing physical
ailments let their physical condition dictate their mental
attitude. In other words, their emotions are responsive to
their physical condition. When they are in pain, they offer
emotions of frustration, worry, anger, or fear. They want
the condition to improve so that their emotional state can
improve.Any illness, or departure from physical well-being,
begins at a cellular level-but the overwhelming propensity
of your cells is that of thriving. All day, every day, your
cells are reclaiming balance at such refined and subtle
levels that most people are completely unaware of the power
and intelligence of their cellular bodies.Focusing upon
good-feeling objects of attention is the most effective way
of providing the optimum environment for allowing unhindered
cellular communication and the ultimate thriving of your
physical body.

Start taking pleasure from your inner reality. Most people
are approaching this backwards. Most people are saying,
"Okay, I want that, and I am not fulfilled until I get that
manifestation." The reason for that promise of manifestation
out there, to begin with, is that it gives you the reason to
play the game in the inner reality. It is your imagination,
it is the feeling of Energy flowing through you that is

Negative emotion is your indicator of resistance, while
positive emotion is your indicator of allowance. And they
are on the same meter: allowance; resistance. Allowance;

We're not wanting to be insensitive to what so many of you
are feeling, but we are very much wanting you to put this
death thing in the proper perspective: You are all going to
die! Except there is no death. You're all going to make your
transition into Non-Physical. It is time to stop making your
transition into Non-Physical sound like a subject that is
uncomfortable, and begin acknowledging that it is something
that happens to everyone. This death thing is so
misunderstood that you use it to torture yourself never-
endingly and just absolutely unnecessarily. There are those
who feel such fulfillment of life and such Connection to
Source Energy, who understand that there is no separation
between what is physical and Non-Physical; who understand
that there is not even a lapse in consciousness, that
"death" is a matter of closing one's eyes in this dimension
and literally opening one's eyes in the other dimension. And
that, truly, is how all death is, no matter how it looks, up
to that point.. The re-emergence into Source Energy is
always a delightful thing.

There is nothing that you're wanting to know that you do not
have the capacity to understand fully. And there is nothing
that you're wanting to know that the Universe does not
already know that you want to know, and has already begun
the process of answering. And so, go forth in excited
anticipation that the new ideas will continue to bubble
forth, and that the Universal Forces will continue to come
forth in loving, benevolent, eternal answering to that which
you are about.

Cravings are going to occur to you. So here's the rule of
thumb about eating, or about investing in the stock market,
or about anything else: If the impulse comes from a joyous
thought that feels good, follow it. If the impulse comes
from an uncomfortable thought that felt bad, don't follow

The standard of success in life isn't the things. It isn't
the money or the stuff -- it is absolutely the amount of joy
you feel.

The children desire freedom! And every particle of their
being from their Source says, "You are free. You are so
free, that every thought you offer, the entire Universe
jumps to respond to it." And so, to take that kind of
knowledge and try to confine it in any way, defies the Laws
of the Universe.

You must allow your children to be free, because the entire
Universe is set up to accommodate that. And anything you do
to the contrary will only bring you regret. You cannot
contain those that cannot be contained. It defies Law.

When people ask us how long does it take for something to
manifest, we say, "It takes as long as it takes you to
release the resistance. Could be 30 years, could be 40
years, could be 50 years, could be a week. Could be tomorrow

Make peace with outrageous abundance. You are more likely to
have a pure vibration and attract more abundance if you
leave money out of the equation. But it isn't because money
is the "root of all evil." It's because it messes up your
vibration, usually.

When you are in vibrational harmony, your body produces
whatever it needs to remain in perfect balance.

As you set a financial goal, it is not only about the
expansion for yourself; it's about the expansion of all of
those who are involved in that which you are about. In other
words, it creates this nucleus, this machine, that allows so
many to begin to thrive along with you. It's much bigger
than finances.

If we had a child, or anyone, and we caught them doing
something inappropriate, we would not amplify it with our
words. We would identify what it is we do not want, and then
out of it would come the rocket of desire of what we do
want, and then we would just visualize, visualize,
visualize, until we find peace within our vision. When you
make someone and their action the heart of a vision that
you've spent time on -- your relationship improves, your
experience is better, and they receive the benefit of the

But if you catch them, and see them, and worry about it, and
put mechanisms in place to prevent it, now you have not only
amplified it, you have now made a commitment that is hooking
you both into that, until usually it gets big enough that
you break apart, and then you attract others to fulfill that

There is no risk for you. When you come to understand the
true nature of Well-being in which you have come forth--then
you can relax and begin to enjoy this magnificent adventure
which is your creative life experience. We are not here to
guide the specifics of that which you choose. You get to
choose that, and you can't get it wrong. We are here to
assist you--only to assist you--in finding vibrational
harmony with your desire; knowing that when you find
vibrational harmony with your desire, you are, in this
moment, a joyful Being. And that is our dominant wish for

The only way that you can ever know if something is of value
to you is by the way it feels as you are receiving it.

Once you start deliberately offering thought, then you can
never offer enough action to keep up with the thought. Once
you access the Energy that creates worlds, a huge vortex
comes into place, and there's just not enough action for you
to keep up with that. And so, what you have to do is
visualize every step of the way, envision you happy in the
process. Envision things in place, envision people catching
on. Just envision it working. Skip over the how and the
where and the when and the who -- and just stay focused upon
the what and the why.

If you have the ability to desire it, the Universe has the
ability to deliver it. You've just got to line up with what
you want, which means -be as happy as you can be as often as
you can be there, and let everything else take care of

There are no mysteries, ever -- once you understand these
points: Well-being abounds. You are the natural recipient of
Well-being. You get to ask -- and Source Energy is answering
-- and all you need to do is be in the place of allowing.
Once you get those things lined up and you've had an
opportunity to practice them, here and there, everything
makes sense to you. Everything makes sense in your life, and
everything makes sense in the lives of those that you are
watching. Because as you know their moods and attitudes, you
understand exactly why things are turning out for them the
way they are. There are no mysteries ever!

You might say, "How do I know if I'm in a receiving mode or
not?" And we say, you always feel good when you're in a
receiving mode. When someone offers you a compliment, do you
receive it, or do you sort of just shrug it off? There's
something about believing that you must justify your
existence through your effort or through your perseverance,
through your struggle. And many of you just have not
practiced the receiving mode.

Law of Attraction is Universal, and every person is affected
by it. And it is always true that what I think and what I
feel and what I get are always a match, and there is not a
person on the planet that did not know that when they were
born, and there is not a person on the planet that would not
benefit by knowing it. But many, many, many are not yet
asking and therefore are not yet ready for the answer. And
so, we would say that --although everyone wants this
information -- everyone is not necessarily ready for it. We
would not spend any time trying to convince anybody of
anything because if they're not asking, your answers are
just irritating.

Not only does the thought you are choosing right now attract
the next thought and the next . . . and so on-it also
provides the basis of your alignment with your Inner Being.
As you consistently and deliberately think and speak more of
what you do want and less of what you do not want, you will
find yourself more often in alignment with the pure,
positive essence of your own Source; and under those
conditions, your life will be extremely pleasing to you.

Make a decision and then make the decision right. Line up
your Energy with it. In most cases it doesn't really matter
what you decide. Just decide. There are endless options that
would serve you enormously well, and all or any one of them
is better than no decision.

You are the owner of all that you perceive. But you can't
perceive apart from your vibration. Feel your way, little-
by-little, into a greater sense of abundance by looking for
the treasures that the Universe is offering you on a day-to-
day basis.

Don't do anything that you don't really want to do. Keep
yourself in a place of feeling good. Reach for the thought
that feels better -- and watch what happens.

No one connected to Source Energy would ever harm another.
It's an interesting thing: More injustices, more discomfort,
and more unhappiness is projected at others under the name
of righteousness, under the name of law abiding, under the
name of law, and under the name of religion, than all other
things put together. In other words, don't worry about it.

Keep remembering: there is not only one prize. And so, say
to yourself things such as, "You appeal to me in all of
these ways, and I am going to draw the essence of you to me.
I will use my visualization of you to align my Energy, and
then I will trust that Law of Attraction will bring me an
exact replica of (the essence of) that which I believe you

Fear only exists when you do not understand that you have
the power to project thought and that the Universe will

You don't have to go back and deal with childhood issues,
because those childhood issues produced a vibration within
you that you are still offering -- which is producing today
issues. You can shift your vibration a whole lot easier when
you're dealing with today issues, than trying to deal with
childhood issues. It's the same vibration. That vibration
that was creating childhood issues, now it's creating today
issues. Deal with it in your now. "Which thought feels
better? Which thought feels better? Which thought feels

Here's a rule of thumb that will help you: If you believe
that something is good, and you do it, it benefits you. If
you believe that something is bad, and you do it, it is a
very detrimental experience.

I see myself in perfect health. I see myself in absolute
prosperity. I see myself invigorated with life,
appreciating, again, this physical life experience which I
wanted so very much as I decided to be a physical Being. It
is glorious to be here, a physical Being, making decisions
with my physical brain but accessing the power of the
Universe through the power of the Law of Attraction.

Most people have put anything that earns money in the
category of the things that I have to do. And that is why
the money often comes so hard.

If you are wise enough to follow the trail of good-feeling
thoughts by deliberately looking for positive aspects along
your way, you will come into vibrational alignment with
who-you-really-are and with the things you really want, and
once you do that, the Universe must deliver to you a viable
means to achieve your desires.

All the resources you will ever want or need are at your
fingertips. All you have to do is identify what you want to
do with it, and then practice the feeling-place of what it
will feel like when that happens. There is nothing you
cannot be or do or have. You are blessed Beings; you have
come forth into this physical environment to create. There
is nothing holding you back, other than your own
contradictory thought. And your emotion tells you you're
doing that. Life is supposed to be fun-it is supposed to
feel good! You are powerful Creators and right on schedule.

Savor more; fix less. Laugh more; cry less. Anticipate
positively more; anticipate negatively less. Nothing is more
important than that you feel good. Just practice that and
watch what happens. There is great love here for you. We are

As you perceive something, you give birth to a thought, and
this thought now thinks. Now that it exists, now that it has
been conjured, now that it has been focused, now it
vibrates. Now, by Law of Attraction, other thoughts that are
vibrationally same will come to it. So it begins its
expansion immediately.

When you focus upon lack in an attitude of complaining, you
establish a vibrational point of attraction that then gives
you access only to more thoughts of complaint. Your
deliberate effort to tell a new story will establish a new
pattern of thought, providing you with a new point of
attraction from your present, about your past, and into your
future. The simple effort of looking for positive aspects
will set a new vibrational tone that will begin the
immediate attraction of thoughts, people, circumstances, and
things that are pleasing to you.

The best thing you could do for anyone that you love, is be
happy! And the very worst thing that you could do for anyone
that you love, is be unhappy, and then ask them to to try to
change it, when there is nothing that anybody else can do
that will make you happy.

If it is your dominant intent to hold yourself in
vibrational harmony with who you really are, you could never
offer any action that would cause anybody else to be

Each and every component that makes up your life experience
is drawn to you by the powerful Law of Attraction's
response to the thoughts you think and the story you tell
about your life. Your money and financial assets; your
body's state of wellness, clarity, flexibility, size, and
shape; your work environment, how you are treated, work
satisfaction, and rewards-indeed, the very happiness of your
life experience in general-is all happening because of the
story that you tell.

When you play the What-If? game, look for things that make
you feel better. There is never a situation in which there
is not a way out-but, out of habit, most people continue to
choose the "lack" perspective until they eventually find
themselves where it seems that there are no more choices.
But as you hold to your intention to look for evidence of
Well-Being and thriving and success and happiness, you will
tune yourself to the vibrations of those things-and so
those kinds of good-feeling experiences will dominate your

The Universe does not know or care whether the vibration
that you're offering is in response to something you are
living right now, and observing, or in response to something
you are imagining. In either case, the Universe accepts it
as your point of attraction and matches it.

People say, "The joy is in the journey," but they rarely
understand what they are saying. You are in this focused
time/space reality with goals and objectives that call you
because as you identify a desire it literally summons life
through you. Life summoning through you is what it's all
about, not the completion of anything.

If you are feeling a shortage of time or money, your best
effort would be to focus upon better-feeling thoughts, and
do more things that make you feel good. Your time is a
perceptual thing, and even though the clock is ticking the
same for everyone, your alignment affects your perception,
as well as the results that you allow.

As you observe the enormous differences in the effort that
people apply and the results they achieve, you have to
conclude that there is more to the equation of achieving
than action alone.

Whenever something that you think you want does not unfold,
it is for one of two reasons: Either your habit of
vibration, your belief, your dominant vibration that you are
offering relative to the subject, doesn't match what you
think your desire is, or, you and your desire are a perfect
match, and this thing you think you want just doesn't match,
and so the Universe doesn't deliver it.

The Universe is abundant with everything that you want. It's
not testing you. It's benevolently providing for you. But
you are the orchestrater. You are the definer, and you do it
through your joyous anticipation. If there is an emotion
that you are wanting to foster, that would serve you very,
very well, it is positive expectation. It is excited

No one experiences freedom until they stop pushing against
others. The only thing that binds you is the pushing against
that which is unwanted. And so, if a religion could just be
excited about what it is, or a person within a religion
could just speak with appreciation about what it is, without
justifying what it is by pushing against everything else,
then each religion, in all of its difference, could be just
exactly what you're reaching for.

Here's a rule of thumb that will help you: If you believe
that something is good, and you do it, it benefits you. If
you believe that something is bad, and you do it, it is a
very detrimental experience.

When you are in sync with the Energy of Source, which is the
Energy of Well-being, Well-being is your experience. And
when you're not you don't feel so good. Everything that
you're living is a perfect replica of the vibration of your

Sometimes you walk into things, that, if you were paying
attention, vibrationally, you would know right from the
beginning that it wasn't what you are wanting. In most
cases, your initial knee-jerk response was a pretty good
indicator of how it was going to turn out later. The things
that give most of you the most grief are those things that
initially you had a feeling response about, but then you
talked yourself out of it for one reason or another.

Don't get lost in the diagnosis, the medicine, or in the
statistics about what somebody else did about it. If you
don't feel good, it's because you're not thinking in a way
that allows the Energy to flow. You could just get really,
really mad at someone you love and make every muscle in your
body stiff. And you would ask,"Why does my body feel this
way?" And we say, because you've had a Vibrational tug-of-
war going on...Stop looking for anything other than your
mental and emotional state of being as answers to why you
feel how you feel in your body. It is all Vibrational - no
exception! And when you get that, then it doesn't matter
what diagnosis has been given to you - it doesn't matter -
it's temporary.

The premise that so many people come from is that good isn't
natural; good must be demanded or manipulated or
orchestrated. And we say, good IS natural! It must be asked
for, and it must be expected -- but Good is the only Stream
that flows

You are Beings who intend to come forth and to continue to
expand and grow and change. What is the perfect age? "Well,
it's the age where I finally understand my freedom, and I
finally understand that I am free to create, and it's the
age that I am at my most beautiful." And we say, by whose
standards? In other words, who gets to decide the perfect
age? And we say, rather than determining what the perfect
age is, why not decide what the perfect state of being is-
and then discover that you can find the perfect state of
being at any age.

Many people protest when we explain to them the power of
telling the story of their finances as they want it to be
rather than as it is, because they believe that they should
be factual about what is happening. But if you continue to
look at lackful what-is and speak of what-is, you will not
find the improvement that you desire. If you want to effect
substantial change in your life experience, you must think
thoughts that feel different as you think them.

Everyone thinks they're right. So, the question isn't who's
right or who's wrong. The question is, who is most in
alignment with their Source? And who is the most allowing?
And whose life is really going the best, most of the time?

ecause others cannot vibrate in your experience, they cannot
affect the outcome of your experience. They can hold their
opinions, but unless their opinion affects your opinion,
their opinion matters not at all. A million people could be
pushing against you and it would not negatively affect you
unless you push back. That million people pushing against
you are affecting their millions of vibrations. They are
affecting what happens in their experience. They are
affecting their point of attraction, but it does not affect
you unless you push against them.

Source Energy is intimately, infinitely, always responding
to your requests, no matter how great or small they may be
deemed by you or anyone else who is observing them. There is
nothing so big that Source Energy can't get its thoughts
around it-- and there is nothing so small that Source Energy
isn't willing to get its thoughts around it.

You're not ever going to teach them how to vibrate, nor
would you want to change them all to a place of vibrating
just like you. Your work is not to fix them; they are not
broken. Your work is to choose from among all of that which
feels best to you, and fixate on it as long as it gives you
pleasure and joy. And in doing so, you will align with the
Energy of your Source, and you will live a magnificent
experience. You just have to not let your joy depend upon
what anybody else is living, cause that'll get you every

Some say that you should not want money at all because the
desire for money is materialistic and not Spiritual. But we
want you to remember that you are here in this very
physical world where Spirit has materialized. You cannot
separate yourself from the aspect of yourself that is
Spiritual, and while you are here in these bodies, you
cannot separate yourselves from that which is physical or
material. All of the magnificent things of a physical nature
that are surrounding you are Spiritual in nature.

You don't have to work at being in the high vibration that
is natural to you, because it is natural to you. But you do
have to stop holding the thoughts that cause you to lower
your vibration. It's a matter of no longer giving your
attention to things that don't allow your cork to float or
don't allow you to vibrate in harmony with who you really

There are those that say, if you do the uncomfortable thing
long enough, it will become comfortable. But we are really
not encouragers of that. We are encouragers of coming into
alignment, and then taking the action. We are encouragers
always of getting rid of the fear; we would never want you
to keep doing things that you feel fearful about. And maybe
the path of least resistance is just not get on the horse.
Maybe the path of least resistance is to get on a different
horse-but we would never move forward in fear.

What is a bad thing anyway? A bad thing is something that is
different than what I want. Who gets to decide what the bad
thing is? Jerry and Esther watched the mother bird lay her
eggs in the nest, and then the neighbor's cat ate the baby
bird. Esther said "bad cat!" And the cat said, "good bird!"

When you think a thought of upliftment or abundance or
Well-Being you are filled with a feeling of positive
emotion. You may trust the way that you feel as the
indicator as to which side of this subject (that is really
two subjects) you are on. Whether it is the subject of money
or lack of it, or health or lack of it, or a relationship
or the lack of one-always, when you feel good, you are in
the place of attracting that which you are wanting.

Most people have a hard time delegating, or even wanting to
delegate, because you have been justifying your existence
through your hard work, and you equate success with
struggle; you equate results with struggle. And so, you sort
of wear your struggle like a badge of honor. And all of that
is opposite of allowing the Well-being.

The only thing that ever matters in success or achievement
is your achieving the things that you want to achieve. So if
you are setting standards and you're feeling uncomfortable
about the standards that you've set, tweak the standards
back a little bit. Ratchet it back a notch. Give yourself a
break. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Lighten up.
Be easier. Go slower. Take it easy. Have more fun. Love
yourself more. Laugh more. Appreciate more.

Since you have control over what thoughts you offer, what
could be more just than the powerful Law of Attraction
responding equally to everyone who offers a vibration? Once
you gain control over the thoughts you think, your sense of
injustice will subside and will be replaced with the
exuberance for life and the zest to create that you were
born with. Let everything in the Universe be an example to
you of the way the Laws of the Universe work.

Many tell us that they are so busy making their money that
they do not have time to enjoy it . . . for when you rely
on your action to create, often you are too tired to enjoy
your creation. Once you not only understand the power of
your thought, but you deliberately direct this powerful tool
in the direction of things that you desire, then you will
discover that the action part of your life is the way you
enjoy what you have created through your thought.

Be easy about it. Don't rush into things. Savor them more.
Make more plans and be more deliberate and specific about
the plans you are making, and in all you do, let your
dominant intent be to find that which pleasures you as you
imagine it. Let your desire for pleasure and your desire for
feeling good be your only guiding light. As you seek those
thoughts that feel good, you will always be in vibrational
harmony with the Energy that is your Source. And under those
conditions, only good can come to you -- and only good can
come from you.

It's been a battle among humans, for a very long time,
trying to get this picture of God into a place that is
pleasing for them. And the debate about "Is it evolution? Is
it creation? Is it God-inspired, or is it scientifically
inspired...?" And we say, why does it have to be one or the
other? Why can't everything that is wrapped up in science
and vibration be the true essence of that which you call
God? It is all one and the same.

Who you really are is Nonphysical Energy focused in a
physical body, knowing full well that all is well and always
has been, and always will be. You are here to experience the
supreme pleasure of concluding new desires, and then of
bringing yourself into vibrational alignment with the new
desire that you've concluded -- for the purpose of taking
thought beyond that which it has been before.

Is harmony one note that everybody is singing? Or is it a
whole lot of notes that are in vibrational harmony with each
other? When you give your attention to anything, the
Universe responds to it. When two of you are giving your
attention to it, and there is no contradiction, it is a
powerful vortex. That's why a gathering such as this can
achieve a great deal as you come together in greater and
greater harmony and take thought beyond that which it has
been before.

The emotion you feel is always about the vibrational
variance between where you want to be and where you are. If
you're out of balance, there are only two ways to bring
yourself into alignment: Either raise your expectation to
match your desire-or lower your desire to match your

You are perceptual beings with different vantage points and
-- it does not matter how much information is given -- you
cannot see beyond the vibrational limits of where you are
standing. You cannot live or see or experience outside of
your own individual beliefs.

If your dominant intent is to feel joy while you are doing
the work, your triad of intentions-freedom, growth and joy-
will come quickly and easily into alignment. See your
"career" as one of creating a joyful life experience. You
are not a creator of things or a regurgitator of what
someone else has created or a gatherer of stuff. You are a
creator, and the subject of your creation is your joyful
life experience. That is your mission. That is your quest.
That is why you are here.

Children coming forth today have a greater capacity to deal
with the greater variety of information that is coming
forward than you did. They deliberately are coming forth
into this environment where there is more to contemplate.
This generation gap that you are talking about, it has ever
been thus. Each new generation, every new individual, that
comes forth, is coming with you having prepared a different
platform for them to proceed from. There is this thing that
gets in the way of that that says, "I'm the parent. I got
here first. I know more than you do." From the children's
perspective, and from the purity of their Nonphysical
Perspective, what they are saying is, "You're the parent.
You got here first. You prepared a platform that I am
leaping off from -- and my leap will be beyond anything that
you have ever known."

I'll Not Ask Others to Become Different for Me... Let your
Vibrational Escrow percolate, and you do your best to give
it your undivided attention so that you become a Vibrational
Match to it. And then, when the Law of Attraction brings all
of it together and brings you, because you're a match,
together with it - then there aren't any bugs to work out.
Don't ask the person, or people, that helped you to define
what you want to become what you want so that you can have
what you want. (Oh, that was so good.) Instead, let them be
the Step One part of it (the asking part). Use your
willpower and your decision to focus upon what you want -
and then the Universe will bring you what you want.

Mining the moment for something that feels good, something
to appreciate, something to savor, something to take in,
that's what your moments are about. They're not about
justifying your existence. It's justified. You exist. It's
not about proving your worthiness. It's done. You're worthy.
It's not about achieving success. You never get it done.

It's about "How much can this moment deliver to me?" And
some of you like them fast, some of you like them slow. No
one's taking score. You get to choose. The only measurement
is between my desire and my allowing. And your emotions tell
you everything about that.

Milk every moment for all the pleasure you can get from it.
When you say, "It is my dominant intent to look for things
that feel good today. No matter where I'm going, no matter
what I'm doing, no matter who I'm doing it with, it is my
dominant intent to look for what I'm wanting to see, to look
for things that feel good," and the more you develop the
habit of that kind of vibration -- the more the Universe
understands that that's who you are! And so, the more you
have access only to those kinds of things!

If your desire is strong enough, it doesn't matter what your
beliefs are. If you have a desire that is strong enough,
that desire will be the dominant vibration, and it will
over-ride any other vibration that you have.

One who is mostly an observer thrives in good times but
suffers in bad times because what he is observing is already
vibrating, and as he observes it, he includes it in his
vibrational countenance. As he includes it, the Universe
accepts that as his point of attraction and gives him more
of it. So the better it gets the better it gets. Or the
worse it gets the worse it gets. While one who is a
visionary thrives in all times.

Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate
something, every time you feel good about something, you are
telling the Universe, "More of this, please. More of this,
please." You need never again make another verbal statement
of this intent, and if you were allowing your cork to float
-- all good things would flow to you.

There is nothing for you to go back and live over, or fix,
or feel regret about now. Every part of your life has
unfolded just right. And so --now -- knowing all that you
know from where you now stand, now what do you want? The
answers are now coming forth to you. Go forth in joy, and
get on with it.

If you don't meet resistance with resistance, it dissipates
dramatically. It just softens. Try it! Next time somebody
says to you, "I'm right, and you're wrong," say, "Pfftt,
you're right. You are right. You're right." And mean it. In
other words, don't mock them. Don't be sarcastic. "You're
right." And then watch how, all of a sudden, their legs
almost go right out from under them. They don't have the
energy to blast you, because you just took the fuel away
from the fire.

When that which is god -- or that which is that which man
wants to call "God" -- is being understood by man, man has
to translate it into the format he understands. But this
Energy -- this Source that man is giving the label of "God",
cannot be quantified in anything that man understands. And
as man attempts to do it, the distortions are enormous.

This important subject of money and financial success is not
the "root of all evil" as many have quoted-nor is it the
path to happiness. So when you are able to successfully
control something like the subject of money that affects
most of you all day, every day, you will have accomplished
something rather significant-for not only is it certain
that your financial success must improve, but the evidence
of that success will then prepare you for deliberate
improvement in every aspect of your life experience.

Every moment of your experience is the peak of life
experience. This is where your powerful now is. This is
where the desire is radiating from you, and is being allowed
by you.

It's not your work to make anything happen. It's your work
to dream it and let it happen. Law of Attraction will make
it happen. In your joy, you create something, and then you
maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe
must find a way to bring it about. That's the promise of Law
of Attraction.

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