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I   A   M   N   O   W   H   E   R   E



What did you read in the above phrase?

I  am  no  where.....

or did you read:  I  am  now  here

Try it again:


O  P  P  O  R  T  U  N  I  T  Y  I  S  N  O W  H  E  R  E


Did you see:

Opportunity  is  no where

or did you see.... opportunity is now here



T. Harv Eker in his "Millionaire Mind" workshops teachs the process of manifestation

goes from:


Thought   to:


Feeling    to:


Action     to:




In other words, the universal principle of abundance is:


The Internals




The Externals






Whatever  you



Focus On



the what will



Show Up












I have to do things to be successful.


I don't have enough time.


I don't have enough money.



Using the above principle, "What you focus on the most is what will show up and then

expand in your life,"  that means if you focus on having to do things.....what will show up

in your life?

The answer:   More things to do!



If you focus on "Not having enough time,"  what will show up and expand in your life?

The answer:   Not having enough time!



If you focus on "not having enough money,"  what will show up?

The answer:  Not having enough money!



If you think you have to do things to be successful, then at what point do you then

become a success?

At some future point?


If you think you don't have enough money, when will you have enough?

At one million dollars?  At two, at three?  It's never "enough"



And.....if you believe that you have to do things to become successful,

what does that say about where you're at right now?


It then must follow that where you're not successful right now.




What you start with.....


Is what you end up with.



Why not then START with Abundance!



A tiny acorn has within it the genetic potential to grow to be a giant, strong, spreading

oak tree. It started life with success and abundance wrapped within it's shell.


It STARTED as a success.



It STARTED as a seed of Abundance.


What are you starting with? The seed of abundance or the seed of scarcity?



I don't have enough, I need to do things to become successful, I don't have enough time,

etc.,  are all seeds of scarcity. Focusing on what you don't have means you will then

attract to you more of the same.




You Already Are A Winner


You Already Are A Success


You Do Have Enough Time


You Do Have Enough Money





You were born with the seed within you, with the genetic potential, you were born a success.




But, by focusing on scarcity and what we don't have, we have "re-programmed"

ourselves into believing we are not successful.



We will never "become" successful, or have enough money, or have enough

time, unless and until we quit focusing on our scarcity patterns and

learn to re-focus on our abundance & our successes.






Whatever you




on the what will


Show Up










The acorn was and always is 100% abundant.

So are you.


But when we give our attention and focus to what we don't have, we lose a part of that

abundance. We become 90% abundant or 60% abundant, or 30% abundant......


If you focus on "doing" that means you will keep having to do things to be successful,

you in effect lower your abundance "rating" of yourself and lose sight of who you really

and already are.


You started life 100% abundant.


You started life 100% successful.


You started life with 100% enough of everything.


We already are successful, we already have enough.  When we do things, we are

not trying to become......we are merely expanding and growing what we already have.




Focus on scarcity and what shows up in your life?


More scarcity.



Focus on Abundance and what shows up in your life?


More Abundance.



Focus on the failures we have and what shows up and expands?


More failure.






Focus on scarcity and you are in effect giving up your power.  



You are giving up who you really, already are to those thoughts of lack and scarcity.  



Focus on what you don't have and more of "not enough" will show up and expand in your life.



Focus on your failures and mistakes and guess what will show up in your life and expand?




Those thoughts of scarcity and lack are not the real you.






I'm ALWAYS  100%  Abundant






The Home Alone System


Did you ever watch the movie, "Home Alone?"


Remember the boy in the movie, Kevin.


What did he do when he did something right?



Kevin  CELEBRATED  his  victories!



He celebrated his victories by making a fist, then emphatically pulling his arm down,

and exclaiming......Yea-ssss!!!!







YEA - SSSS!!!!




Do you celebrate your victories?




If not, it's time for you to start!




Every time you do something right, make a good call, make a positive

impact, get a new customer, do something you failed at before,......








Try it and see.

Celebrate by making a fist, then emphatically pulling your arm down,

and exclaiming in a loud voice......YEA - SSSS!


You'll feel an uplift in your spirit, you'll feel a newness, you'll feel a

burst of energy.



Remember: what you focus on is what shows up and expands.


Focus on celebration and on what you did right, focus on your achievements and your

accomplishments......guess what will show up and expand in your life now!


If you see: I  am  no  where,

or, opportunity  is  no where.....

then guess what shows up?


If you see:  I  am now  here,

or, opportunity  is  now here....

then guess what shows up and expands!






The Internals create the Externals.

What you expect you will get, that is what you will get.






     WE are surrounded by a virtual sea of Creative Energy.


We live in that sea of energy we call spirit.



All Things Are Possible in Spirit




Spirit in it's original state is a sensitive, unseen, creative substance, whose


Sole purpose is expansion and fuller expression.




But spirit or creative substance can ONLY reproduce, expand or express itself,


in a greater way in accordance with the limitations placed upon the


instrument (me and you) through which it expresses itself.




Spirit (creative energy) will express itself in direct accordance


with how we form that creative substance by our thoughts and words.



Everything in the universe vibrates, everything in it's basic form is energy.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it is in a constant state of change.



We have the Unique Ability to cause that energy to change for our good or otherwise.




We attract vibrations of energy in the universe to us by the thoughts


and words we choose to allow in our minds and speak with our lips.



What vibrations we attract will be either good for us or detrimental, it all

depends upon what we choose to focus on.




We Create Our Lives exactly the way we want them to be.


We do this either by deliberate creation, or by default. If we do

not specifically create what we want, our lives will be created for us by

default, whether we want it or not.



Spirit energy is very particular and will attract exactly what we ask for

and think about.


That is why we must be VERY Specific about what we want and what we

think and say.



The fundamental law of the universe is: Like Attracts Like







Whatever you


Focus On


Is what will


Show Up













An easily duplicatable system for accessing abundance



1.     Start an Abundance Journal


Write down 10 things you are grateful for every day.

Write down 10 more things you acknowledge or praise yourself for every day.


Do this every day.


What do you dwell on before you go to bed at night?


The things that went wrong, or the things that went right?


Dwell or focus on what went wrong, and guess what you are attracting to yourself......




2.      Replace your "to do" list with a "To BE" list.


Universal, Internal qualities of Abundance include:




Being open & receptive

Always learning and growing


Being grateful

Being generous

Having a sense of playfulness and fun




Who do you want to become?  What qualities do you want to possess and master?


Every day work on be-ing who you want to be.



3.     Celebrate Your Victories & Completions


Every time you do something right, something you feel a sense of accomplishment

about, an achievement, no matter how small, celebrate with the Home Alone System.






Whatever you


Focus On


Is what will


Show Up









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