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April 16, 2002

Today's copy is a Great Read.
I outdid myself today guys are so lucky to
have an Editor who gives you such high quality stuff.....

You can thank me later, or send money, I'll take both.

Charlie Chan Does Online Marketing
By: Dave Cole

I used to love to watch the old Charlie Chan movies
on TV. One of Charlie's famous sayings was, "Life
is like feather in stream...goes where current takes it."

You know what....for the majority of folks old Charlie
had it about right.

People just drift along going with the flow. Get up, go
to work, come home, eat supper, maybe do a little
yard work or something with the kids, then some TV
and off to bed.

The weekend comes and all those things we were planning to do,
somehow just never seem to happen. We're too tired,
life gets in the way, we're burnt out from the week's work,
or we don't have enough money.

Then glory be, it's Monday morning again and back to
the old grind.....over and over and over.

Just drifting along. Life dictates to them. Floating on the
stream and going where the life current takes them. Then one
day 30 or 40 years have passed and they look back and
wonder what happened.

Charlie also said, "Everyone should go fishing at least once.....
just for the Halibut."

So we next find the group of folks who actually make an effort at
getting out of the current and instead of aimlessly
drifting along where ever life takes them they make an honest effort
at trying to improve their conditions.

If you're one of the folks who fit into that second group..... then...... Bully For You!

I'm proud of you.

You should be proud of yourself!

It takes a certain amount of courage to do something out of the
ordinary. To get out of the box. To go away from
the mainstream line of thinking.

Good Job!

You want something more for your life and a better tomorrow
for your family.

It isn't always easy, there are discouragement's and
disappointments. There are failures and mistakes. There is
rejection. Sometimes you spend a lot of time and
money and don't get the results you expected.

Sometimes you feel like quitting. Sometimes you feel like celebrating.
Online marketing has it's ups and downs.

But you're not a quitter. But sometimes you feel like
just chucking the whole dang thing and taking a break.

But then you consider the alternative: You could be spending
your time watching the idiot box and getting nowhere but further and further behind.

You're grossly under paid at the beginning, but because
you stick it out and keep plugging away, you're grossly
Over paid at the end.

3 to 5 years from now you'll be somewhere and a lot
better off than you were before.

Where will you be in 3 years if you continue watching
re-runs of The Beverly Hillbillies?...maybe in the same
place Jed was before he struck oil......

So today I want to say just how really proud of you
I am. You've got it pal. You are a winner.

You do have what it takes.

You are a leader.

I really believe in you and thank you for breaking out
of the current and trying so hard.


      "Some of us are timid. We think we have something
              to lose, so we don't try for the next hill."

                           ~ Maya Angelou ~



As many of our long time readers know, I coach youth
baseball. Online marketing is a whole lot like playing

Good ballplayers must know the basic fundamentals of
the game and must stay focused on what they are doing.

But all players make mistakes. Everyone makes errors,
everyone strikes out, all pitchers throw "hangers" which
get slammed by the batter.

Multi-million dollar players typically fail to hit safely
around 7 out of ten times at bat. That means if a player hits .300, they are making 3 safe hits out of every 10 times at bat.

But do you know one of the big things that separates the better
players from the average and mediocre ones?

It's their ability to FORGET their mistakes, failures,
and discouragement's and re-focus on what they
want to have happen or what is going on in the
game at the time.

I teach my young players, that if they make a strikeout,
and then go out in the field kicking themselves because
of it, now they are hurting the team on defense.

Get over it.

And get over it quick.

I don't yell at the kids when they make an error or strike out.

I get on their case when they get down on themselves because something
happened that they didn't think should have happened.

They learn this:   FIDO




     "The greatest test of courage is to bear defeat
                       without losing heart."

                    ~ Martin Luther King ~


Here's Another Great Gem of Wisdom From Your Editor

Gosh don't you guys just love all the great stuff you
read here?

I'm a pretty good bout it?

I can just hear the claps and applause in the background.

I have a lot of fun with this stuff. A couple of years ago
I got started with online marketing cause I needed something constructive and challenging to do.

I had home schooled our son for 8 years and when he
decided to attend public school, there was a big hole
that needed filled.

You wanna know why I did so well home schooling
my son?

1. I learned everything I could about it
    ( and never quit learning)

2. I had a PASSION  for what I was doing.

You wanna know why I do so well at coaching baseball?

1. I learned everything I could about the game.
    ( and am still learning)

2. I have a PASSION for the game.

You wanna know why I do so well at online marketing?

1. I learned everything I could about the game.
    ( and am still learning)

2. I have a PASSION  for the game.

       What are you passionate about today?

Wanna know how you go from being good to great?


When you're passionate about something it's not work,
it's fun. You can't wait for practice to start. You can't
wait to get up in the morning to do your marketing.

You hate for the game to be over. You hate to go to
bed and quit marketing for the day.

Dear God give me 72 hours every day so I can do
more baseball and more marketing.

Dear God send me ball players and marketers
who have a PASSION.


   "The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to
       their commitment to excellence, regardless of
                their chosen field of endeavor."

                         ~ Vince Lombardi ~


Are You Tired of Messing Around?

Spending a lot of time and money and not getting
much for your efforts?.....doing a business cause
you just need the money and not because you
have a real passion for it?

I have a passion for coaching baseball.

I have a Passion for helping pets!

My life is yours?

I'm making money......Are you?

Wanna Get PASSIONATE about a Real Business?

If here:


            "A man's character is his fate"

                      ~ Heracleitus ~

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