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15 Quick And Easy Tips to Improve Your Sales
Frank Argus

1. Develop a Unique Web Position in Your Business.

What is unique about your product or service? Is it
better than the competition or does it just do the
exact same things as everyone else's products. The
successful sites online are never me-too sites. They
are sites which have come up with a unique angle in
a targeted niche market.

2. The Unique Web Position is More Important than the Ad Copy.

Good ad copy can not make up for a poor concept. A
good concept and UWP (see tip #1) will work even with
ad copy that is just OK. Your ads need to highlight and
flow out of whatever it is that is setting your business
apart from the crowd: prices, service, quality, etc.

3. Don't Just Lower Prices if Your Product isn't Selling.

In some cases you may have priced your product too high.
In most cases, it is because you haven't set yourself apart
as a valuable product to the consumer. Add more bonuses,
focus more on UWP, etc. In other words, add more value
to the current package.

4. Look For a Market Before You Develop a Product.

People who start with a product and go looking for
customers are starting down a hard road. Find a market
full of people who are ready to buy something. Most of
the really successful entrepreneurs find a market of
people and then develop a product that those people
are constantly seeking after.

5. Look For a Hungry Crowd.

The hungrier that your potential market is for your
product the better your success rate will be. Don't
spend your time trying to change people's buying habits.
Create a product or find a product that people are
already desperately searching for.

6. Don't try to Create a Market.

Find an existing market. If you can't describe to me
in one paragraph who your prospects are, then you
are going to have a horrible time trying to sell your
products online. Tap into a market that is already
looking for your product.

7. Testing Is the Key to All Marketing Success.

One ad may work 10 times better than another very
similar ad for the exact same product. You must always
test headlines, offers, guarantees, and traffic
generating methods. The most successful marketers
are not always the smartest. They are the ones who
have tested the most methods without quitting.

8. The Purpose of All Your Advertising Should Be to Produce Sales.

A small business cannot afford to spend millions of
dollars trying to create name brands with their web
site. For example your banners should be tested
to make sure that every penny you spend in advertising
produces a profit in sales.

9. Even Free Advertising Costs You Something.

Every bit of advertising you do costs you something,
either money or time. Make sure that is producing
for you. Nothing you do is literally fr-e. It will
cost your business significantly less in the long run
to buy a $500.00 program if it helps you to accomplish
your goals in 1/10 the time.

10. Every Aspect of Your Site and Marketing should
be focused on presenting your UWP to your customers.

Everything you do should focus on your Unique Web
Positioning Strategy: signature files, headlines, order
forms, free reports, ads, etc. Your customers should
always know exactly what makes you different from
your competitors.

11. Integrate Everything You Do Into One Primary Strategy.

Your various activities, fr-e reports, and advertising
should all focus on the same prospects and eventually
bring them to a buying decision. Don't focus on
just getting a million people to your site. Ten red
hot prospects ready to buy all of your products and
services are worth more than millions of traffic that
is just passing through.

12. Plan For Multiple Income Streams Up-Front.

In most cases, 50% - 90% or more of actual profits
in your Internet business can occur or should occur
through backend selling opportunities. If you ignore
supplying more than one product or service, you will
be ignoring the majority of your profits.

13. Make Sure You Include High Ticket Items In Your Overall Strategy.

If you are currently selling low*priced items (items
costing less than $100) which are not consumables,
you must come up with higher ticket items to sell on
the backend. It is easier to sell one $1000 high
quality product than it is to sell 50 $20.00 products.

14. Create Your Own Internet Funnel.

The best strategy involves low ticket items, medium
ticket items, and higher ticket items all in one funnel.
For example, a consultant could create a book for
low ticket sales and a marketing course for a medium
ticket product. Then the high ticket item can be their
actual consulting service.

15. Pick a Market You Are Passionate About.

Don't just pick a market and product based on money.
Find something that you love to do. If you're excited
about your market, then you are going to find it is
that much easier to stick it through until your
business becomes a success.

Everything listed above was incredible simple to say,
but actually putting it to work is quite another story...

...and this is only the tip of the iceberg. 

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