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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
August 1, 2002

Dear Friend,

I've only fished once in my life. But fishing makes a great analogy to marketing.

What most of us do in marketing is all screwed up.

We hop down to the bait shop, smell around. Do some bait-tasting.
And so forth until we come up with the bait that we personally like.

Then instead of going to the pond right in our own
backyard, you know, the one where we KNOW for sure what bait
the fish like, we drive 100 miles to the pond that is bigger
and looks prettier.

Then we cast out our rod and reel with the bait that WE would bite on.

Now, that can work if you ARE one of the little fishies in that
pond. But if you aren't, then the fish aren't likely to bite.
See, fish are weird creatures.

They only bite on bait THEY like.

Sure enough. Today the fish aren't biting. You blame it on
the weather. Blame it on the book you read about fishing.

Blame it on the rod and reel you bought.

Blame it on the other fisher person who happens
to be reeling 'em in right and left!

Blame it on everyone and everything else.

Except your bait. It couldn't be that because you are in
LOVE with your own bait.

So you toss down your rod and reel. You grab your box 'o bait.
You jump in the water, swim down
till you see some of those nasty little fish.

You grab one of those suckers and cram your hook
with the bait on it down the throat of the fish. Then
you pop up to the surface, go to shore, grab your rod and
reel and act like you're really catching a good one!

Yep, this bait is really hot, you exclaim. The fish are
just crazy about it!

That, my fine friend, is called falling in love with your
product. We've all done it.

We have the greatest product in the world and we
know it. And we're going to cram it down our
customer's throats if it hair lips every freakin' frog in
Georgia. (If you're reading this from overseas,
Georgia is a place in the U.S. with a whole lot of frogs.)

I can hear it now, "Marlon Sanders' doesn't know what he's
talking about! Corey Rudl doesn't know what he's talking about.
Jonathan Mizel doesn't know what he's talking about. Declan Dunn
doesn't now what he's talking about"... and so forth.

How does the smart fisherman or fisher woman catch fish?

Step one: Fish in the pond that's close to home. The one
you know like the back of your hand.

That's your target market. Sell to a target market
you know. Not that enticing one where you're clueless about
the little fishies in it.

Step two: Grab a bunch 'o bait and take it to the pond with you.
Be sure to grab several types you know from experience those little
fishies just happen to love to gobble up like it's candy.

Step three: Fish when the fish are hungry. Don't fish after
they've just eaten. If you gotta catch some fish and your pond
is full, then go to the next closest pond.

Step four: Fish, man, fish.

You ain't gonna catch those gnarly little critters if you just
sit there starin' at the other people fishing. Admiring them.
Saying how great they are but you could never do it.

You gotta get your hands dirty with some bait. You gotta
dig in there and get your rod and reel in the water.

You only catch fish by fishing.

Not by hoping one day you get good at fishing and you'll be
worthy of putting your hook in the water with the best of them.

Not by reading more books on fishing to exclusion of actually fishing.

Not by dreaming about fishing.

Dreaming, reading, preparing and everything else are great and
very helpful. But you ain't gonna snag yourself a darned fish'
till you finally get up the guts to get your rod and reel in there.

Then, while you're sitting there waitin' for your fish to bite,
go ahead and read that fishing book.

A long time ago I sold time share in the evenings while I wrote
freelance in the daytime trying to learn this business.

One of the speakers told this funny story that went
something like this.

A fisherman got totally fed up with not catching any fish.
So he got a bright idea one day and grabbed himself some
sticks of dynamite.

He went down to his local fishing hole. Lit up a stick of
dynamite, tossed it in the lake. It exploded. The fish
came to the surface and he scooped himself up a whole bunch of them.

This was working out great.

He was really loading up his truck with fish...

Till the park ranger showed up and informed him fishing 
with dynamite was against the law. The man looked  puzzled a second.

Then he lit up a stick of dynamite. Stuck it in the hand 
of the park ranger and said:


I used to laugh and laugh over that one. But it's a good
point, isn't it?

The question for you today is, are you gonna fish or are
you gonna just cut bait?

Here's to the joy of fishing!

By: Marlon Sanders



    "There is marketing that snores or bores. Then there
     is marketing that roars. Make your marketing roar!"

                         ~ Marlon Sanders ~


Twenty Good Reasons For Network Marketing

Small Startup Cost

No Risk

Working From Home

Flexible Hours

No Special Licenses or Training Required

Duplication of Efforts
No Large Inventories to Drain Your Capital

Discrimination Free

Tax Benefits

No Regulatory Problems

No Employees

Positive Environment
No Account Receivables or Collection Problems

Inexpensive Training

Training Flexibility

Quick Income

Unlimited Income Potential

Continuous Demand

Not Effected by Local Economy

Your Income Is Willable


The Chubby Checker Limbo Set
By: Dave Cole

Did You Ever....

Hear of the Chubby Checker Limbo Set?

Or, Instant Fish, or the do-it-yourself bomb shelter?

Probably not.

But I'll bet you've all heard of the Hula-Hoop, the SuperBall,
and the Frisbee.

Arthur Melin was a man that never grew up.

Arthur Melin was a man that didn't let a failure here and a
failure there get him down.

Melin was a toy maker and had his share of flops like the
Chubby Checker Limbo set and Instant Fish, but he
accepted these failures as a natural part of being in
business, stayed positive, and kept his eye open for the
next big thing.

But even inventing such money making products as the Frisbee
wasn't enough. Melin knew he had to do the best job at marketing he could.

So, using his novel ideas, he took a new twist on how to get
his products noticed. He took them directly to the kids!

He'd take his products to toy stores, schools, & playgounds
and there have the kids try them out. When he came out with
the Hula Hoop, Melin went to the school playgrounds and would
give a free Hula Hoop to any kid who mastered it.

It worked. In the first year alone, Melin's company, Whamo
sold over 30 million Hula Hoops.

But that fad only lasted a few years (your editor remembers
his Hula Hoop!) so Melon went back to the drawing
board and invented the SuperBall. It sold in the tens of millions.

In 1982 Melon sold Whamo to Mattel Inc.


      "When one door closes, another opens, but we
       often look so regretfully upon the closed door
        that we do not see the one that has opened."

                  ~ Alexander Graham Bell  ~


Don't Let Fear Stop You
By: Gary Curran

Sorry for the missed issues last week but I was away in
Nashville for a few days. I had a big conference to attend and
I was anxious to personally meet a few of the speakers there.

Besides, Nashville is not a bad city to get lost in for a
few days. Great restaurants and it's not all country music.
No, I'm not a country music lover but my wife Sherry is. I guess
you could say she's a little bit country and I'm a little
bit rock 'n roll. LOL

But we're sure not Donny and Marie! :-0

Anyway, I got to "hob nob" with some of these BIG time MLM
shooters. Every single one of them earns over $400,000
and a few earn over ONE MILLION!

Pssssst, come here, I'll tell you one simple trait they
ALL have that makes them successful and guess what?...

It's NOT a secret that you have to pay somebody for!!

Really. It won't cost you a cent.

In fact, every single person on this earth has the same
ability they do.

What is it?

They have NO Fear. Of anything. Other than losing their
loved ones. But everybody has that.

What I mean is that they don't let fear hold them back.
There are too many people that live in bondage with their
fears. I see it all the time. They're afraid of losing their
wealth, afraid of losing their jobs, afraid of growing up
and being responsible, afraid of being themselves. And sometimes
I think they're afraid of life itself!

Gee, who would be afraid of losing their job, security, and
retirement savings these days????

Some people have stopped worrying because they have nothing
to worry about. They lost it all last Friday. Is it any wonder
that home based businesses are growing at a record rate?

What about you? What fear is affecting your behavior and
keeping you from living your dreams? Really think about it.

Are you afraid of starting an MLM business because you'll
have to spend time on the phone talking with people? You might be laughing at that but you wouldn't believe how many
times I've heard people say "I'm not good on the phone".

Which is a bunch of bull because they can talk on the phone
for hours with their friends. So, what they are really saying is
"I'm afraid of learning a new skill that will allow me to be
successful on the phone". It's the change that scares them
and the excuse is they're not good on the phone

I've had other people say they were not good on the phone
but in reality it was a fear of calling someone and perhaps
having to deal with rejection. That's natural if you don't
know what to say, how to say it, or when to say it. Many of those same people have training and experience now and can't
wait to use the phone. They would be lost without it!

You see, when your fear is exposed, you break its
control over you. Fear is human. It is in every person's life,
exists in every success story and is part of growing. Let's
face it, fear isn't going to go away. It's not fear that
keeps you from success. It's your inability to deal with it.

So what should you do...

The first step in dealing with your fear is to change your
beliefs about it. Change the way you think about something
and you change your reaction to it. It's like people that are trying
to quit smoking will associate all the filthy, nasty, horrible
things that smoking can cause. Before quitting, they thought
of all the pleasurable things they perceived they got from
smoking and that made it impossible to quit. You can't
change something if you keep positive thoughts about it.
They had to change their belief system about smoking.
They had to instill "painful thoughts" to get pleasurable results.

I often tell people that initially are afraid of the phone
to think of all the painful things that will happen if you don't

make the call. Things like, "you won't make any money",
"you won't qualify for any bonuses", "you won't get a check next month", "you won't qualify for the FREE trip to the
Virgin Islands", and my all time best... "somebody else out
there is glad you're not making calls because they are".

People have to confront the consequences of not taking
action with the pain of not getting the money, checks,
bonuses and Free trips. When the pain of not making money outweighs
the fear of the phone, people quickly get over their phone
fears and start calling people that are interested in being contacted.
The funny part is these same people quickly wonder why
they were afraid in the first place when they get
comfortable doing it.

I once heard someone say "The difference between mediocre
success and a breakthrough success is your willingness to face
and deal with your fear". This is so true.

As a child you reacted instinctively to fear. This was
acceptable behavior for you then. But, over time, you
developed habits of behavior that today cause you to REACT
to fear instead of being PRO-active in taking steps to
get over those fears.

I see people react instinctively to fear by running from it,
ignoring it, or letting it sabotaging their efforts. They
quit the very dream they said they wanted. It's sad. It
really is. They definitely have the ability but lack the desire
to do whatever it takes to conquer their fears.

I remember my late father telling me at a music contest
(I play guitar... no country requests please!) as I was going
on stage for a solo performance to "play like you've already won".
I'll never forget it. He must have sensed how tense I was
being that I was about to perform in front of hundreds of
people at 12 years old.

It relaxed me completely. My fingers were so loose they felt
like they could stretch the length of the guitar. And, it really
taught me something as I use those types of thoughts to this day.
When I face a scary tee shot through the trees and over
water I think back to what my dad said and I imagine I've
already made the shot.

So beat back those fears. Live your life like you've already won.
Walk into that job interview like you've already got the job.
Talk to a prospect like they are already part of your successful
team. Ask that girl out on a date like she's already said yes.

Ask for that sale like you've already made it!

Please, just don't let fear stop you. It's just another
roadblock that you can beat!

P.S. The next time you hesitate to pick up the phone to call
a prospect here's a report that you should read IMMEDIATELY!
If the "Power Of Residual Income" can't motivate you to pick
up the phone... or leave that J.O.B. ... nothing will.


   "Work each day on your thoughts rather than
      concentrating on your behavior. It is your
      thinking that creates the feelings you have
         and ultimately your actions as well."

                     ~ Wayne Dyer ~

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