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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
August 15, 2002

Ruth Townsend Is One Incredible Lady
By: Dave Cole

I was reading a book by Robert Allen the other night
and one of the stories he had in it was about this
lady named Ruth Townsend.

Seems that several years ago, Ruth found herself in
a dead end job,.... fed up, worn out, burnt out.

One day she had enough....

She walked in the office, threw down her keys on the
desk and quit.

Just like that.

She started an Internet business and quickly became
discouraged because of the inability for her ads
to get noticed.

Does that sound familiar to anyone?

That led her to ezine advertising, but there was
no quality and quick resource available that could
show her where to most effectively place her adverts.

So an idea formed in her head and Ruth developed
the most comprehensive directory of ezines on the Net.

Anyway, the story in the book also mentioned one
of her office assistants was her pet cat, named Sara!

Well being the opportunist I am, I called Ruth to
talk about Sara.

We talked for over a half an hour on cats, and
on ezines.

What an enlightening conversation this was for me!!!

Ruth Townsend knows what she's talking about when it
comes to advertising and about ezines.

Ruth Townsend also knows a bit about making money
on the Internet, she's currently pulling in well
over 6 figures and only a few years ago started
her Internet business from scratch.

So I listened and held on to every word Ruth said.
Sara kinda got forgotten once I realized Ruth
is a woman who had a lot to teach me.

Anyway, I signed up for the lifetime membership in her
Directory of Ezines.

What an Incredible resource I have found it to be!

In her Directory I've found a lot of ezines I can send
my articles to that have hundreds of thousands of
subscribers, what a gold mine that is!

Can you just imagine if only one of those with 400,000
or more subscribers runs one of my articles. One
article in only one of those top ezines will pay
for my membership many times over.

Now some of you are already publishing your own
ezine, guys, this is a great place for you to get
your ezine listed.

For those who are looking for great places and
only the best quality ezines to advertise in, then
may I suggest you surf on over and become a member
of Ruth's Ezine Directory.

Believe me, this will save you hundreds of hours
of searching, and hundreds of dollars because now
you will have at your fingertips the most comprehensive
and complete directory of ezines that accept free
ads and paid advertising.

One ad in the right ezine will make you a lot of

And I'm going to tell you this, Ruth Townsend is a lady
of INTEGRITY.....that's a word you don't hear a lot on
the Net today. Ruth is a lady who values above all else
her honesty...her honesty in dealing with folks, and in
providing her readers and members with only top quality information.



  "Thoughts determine what you want...Action determines what you get." --

                      ~ Tom "Big Al" Schreiter ~


The Times They Are A Changin....or
I Miss My Cows.....But I Want My Future

For you guys who are of the "older" generation, you may
remember the Bob Dylan song by that name. Of course
I'm a big Dylan fan, having most of his older albums on the
shelf...yes they are 33's.

The times they are a changing for Prosperity: The Choice
Is Yours too. Over the course of the next several months
we are going to be making some changes.

Here's what's happening

We've been involved in the farming business for the past
30 or so years. I love it....but it's extremely hard work and very
long hours. Friends, this past spring I made a major decision
and decided to quit farming and do this Internet business full time.

We had rented over 250 acres of land, plus having our own
farm. We gave up all the rented land, cancelled our contracts
for selling hay, have sold all the cows, rented our own farm
out, and are in the process of selling off the machinery.

Now, listen up here!

I figured we had invested over $150,000 in the farm to get it
going and making money. We did make money at it, but
those 18 hour days in the hot, hot summer baling hay all day
and then putting the hay in the barn till one or two
in the morning, then getting back up at 6 to do it all over again

.....well, it just wasn't worth the amount of money we made
and the time we had to take away from the family.

And then rain days we were always working on equipment trying
to keep it running, fixing fence or doing something.

And all this hard work only made us a one time income.

Our Internet business is making us an ongoing income and in
the first two months of this year, we made more money
on the Internet, than we did the entire last year farming.

So it just seemed stupid to continue farming. If it paid
more I would still be in it, but it doesn't and it isn't making me
an ongoing income, and 5 years from now if I was still farming,
I'd still be working just as hard.

5 years from now with my Internet ventures, I fully
expect to be retired with well over a million dollars
in the bank.

I miss my cows....but I want my future.

The money we are getting from the sale of the machinery and
cows is paying to build this Internet business to much
bigger and grander heights.

And people like Gary Curran, Frank Garon, Terry Dean,
David Ledoux, Dennis Berardi, Ruth Townsend.. big names,
all folks who know how to make big money...are helping me.

What that all means for you is: We are going to be giving
you more quality, more info on marketing and making money that works, less emails, more content, far less ads,
but much greater ways for you to make money.

Over the course of the next few months we are going to
slowly phase out our Market Bulletin and replace it with one issue of the main ezine a week. There may be a few
emails in between, that remains to be determined.

But what you will be getting is top info and top quality.

We are planning to grow our readership by 20,000 a
month for the next 5 months or more. We've already
plugged in to several new advertising venues and the addition
of the new info we got from Ruth's Directory should also be a big help.

These new advertising venues are already sending us about
1,000 new subscribers every 3 days or so.

So friends, I want you to know this, I'm not making six
figures a year yet on the Internet. I am building a business
that will within 3 years time or less make me $30,000 or
more a month.

Yes, you heard that right.....$30,000 a month.

I built a farming business, I built a business with rental
property...( oh, what a real pain that was.....) and now
I'm building an Internet business. Of course the rentals
did give us a nice monthly income but it sure was a pain
in the you know where to make it.

I miss riding around those fields cutting hay on my John
Deere more than you can imagine, there's nothing like
the smell of new mown hay, the beauty of a field cut
nice with all those windrows, and the solitude of being
out there on a all think I'm nuts now...<grin>

But also I don't miss those lonely nites pitching hay
till one in the morning, those miserable, hot sweaty days
working my butt off for a small amount of money,
then having to work on machinery to get it ready for
the next day.

This Internet stuff is cake compared to all that.

Building an Internet business that will make me a millionaire
won't take nearly the same amount of investment that
the farm took to only make me a meager living....and I'm sitting
in front of the air conditioner and a fan doing it!

The times they are a changin for me.

I'm very pleased that all of you will be there with me, and
I most certainly hope.....that I can drag as many of you as are
willing with me to the top!!!!

I'm not afraid of hard work.
I'm not afraid to invest money in a business.
I'm not afraid to take risks.

But I do know this, the money on the Net is far, far, far
easier than it is farming, and far less a pain than it was
with the rental units.

And I do know this, if a farmer like me...with absolutely
no marketing background and no background in writing
can do this....So Can You!

Now I told you one of the biggest "secrets"....hah,
there are no secrets.....was my listening to people who were already
making major dollars. And then, following what they told me.



"Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except
    by those who dared believe that something
    inside them was superior to circumstance."

                 ~ Bruce Barton ~

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