How To Build

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A Little Known "Drop Dead Serious Way" To Build
Your Very Own Opt In List In Under 90 Days
Copyright 2004, Gary Baker 

Hello to all of you loyal hardworking readers.

Today you are going to discover a little known way to
build or adding a bunch of new subscribers to your opt-in
list in a matter of days.

A word of warning...the following technique WILL require
that you spend a few bucks out of pocket.

But, if you are truly serious about your Online success
then building your opt-in list should be priority #1!

Okay, lets get right to it.

After talking with quite a few of the "big names" in the
Internet Marketing field, and asking many questions, I
came across a list building technique that is virtually
unknown to a majority of newbie and advanced marketers

The reason for this is, it is a very powerful and easy
way to quickly add hundreds of new subscribers to your
list BUT can be a bit expensive.

As you know there are many ways to build up an opt-in
list for free by using ad swaps, joint ventures,
writing and submitting articles, swapping thank you
pages etc.

While all of the above ways work, they do seem to be
a slow way of list building.

So this brings us to the point of this little article.

Here is a way to add hundreds of new subscribers to
your opt-in list quickly...


You may have heard this term being used around certain
Internet circles.

Do NOT let this word scare you away.

Co-Registration is simply "purchasing" subscribers.

To do this, you list your ezine on a site with 3 or
more other participating list builders.

The owner of the site advertises all over the web to
your target market and charges you a "per subscriber"

Basically, each person who "opts-in" to receive info
from you, checks a box.

You are then sent their email address, name, I.P.
address, date they subscribed, etc.

Then for each new subscriber you get you are charged
between .10-.65 cents for each.

One of the most respected "co-reg" sites around that
is used by the "gurus" can be found at:

Again, this technique will cost you a bit BUT can add
hundreds of new subscribers to your list in days.

Now a common "term" that runs through this whole new
concept of "co-registration" is S.P.A.M.

Many people are afraid to use "co-registration" for
fear they will be accused of being a spammer.

This is just NOT true!

The above "co-registration" website uses a "double" opt
in process for all subscribers so the chance of a "bad
apple" is basically zero.

So if you are having trouble adding too or starting an
opt-in list, give "co-registration" a try.

Wishing You The Very Best Of Success,
Gary Baker 
Gary will show you how to..."Instantly Have Your Very
Own Fresh Opt-in List Of 5,000 Opportunity Prospects
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