If I Only Had A Brain.....

By: Dave Cole

In the 1939 classic movie, The Wizard of Oz, 
we pick up the story as Dorothy Gale comes 
to a cross roads in the Yellow Brick Road. 

Hanging upon a pole is a scarecrow, and a 
talking scarecrow nonetheless. 

As the Scarecrow and Dorothy get to know each 
other, the Scarecrow goes into a song titled, 
"If I Only Had A Brain." 

Oh, what wonderful things the Scarecrow could 
do......If He Only Had........ 

Now let's think about this for a minute. Here 
we have a talking scarecrow, and if you will 
notice, throughout the movie, the Scarecrow 
seems to be the one making a good many of the 
wise decisions for Dorothy and her band of 

But sometime in his past, he had been "programmed" 
by the Munchkin farmer to believe the Scarecrow 
was so dumb, he couldn't even scare crows away. 

Near the movies end, the Wizard of Oz presents 
the Scarecrow with a diploma. Immediately the 
Scarecrow spouts off some incredible mathematical 
formula proving to Dorothy and his friends, 
that he now has a brain. 

While we know that a piece of paper with 
some fancy writing on it does not automatically 
give us any kind of intelligence, what really 
did happen was that the Scarecrow now 
- BELIEVED - he had a brain. 

He had a voice of authority tell him so! 

All the old programming from the Munchkin farmer 
was no longer effective. 

The Scarecrow had now transcended his 
and discovered what was already there. He just 
hadn't realized how very intelligent he really...... 
really was to begin with. 

Now on the first day of this new year, I'm asking 
you to discover something about yourself. What 
Image have you painted for yourself? 

Who are you really? 

Is what you have become......who you really want 
yourself to be? 

Do you go around singing, "If I Only"........ 

Had the money 
Had the time 
Was younger 
Was older 
Knew more people 
Had more experience 
Was smarter 
Had more people to like me 
Didn't have obligations 

You fill in the blanks. 

What have you programmed yourself to believe about yourself? 

You see, the Scarecrow - Wanted So Badly - to have 
a brain, but - All Along - he had the intelligence 
- In Him - to begin with. 

He finally became intelligent, when he Stopped Wanting.....

and Started Believing He Was Intelligent! 

The secret is not in Want-ing! 
The secret is in BE-ing!! 

One of the great commercials on TV says it all, 
"BE All That You Can Be." 

Is it time in your life to stop want-ing and 
start BE-ing the person you really want to be? 

Just as the Scarecrow, You already have whatever 
you need to become that person inside yourself. 
Have you been Programmed sometime in your past 
to believe you are not worthy of being that 
new person? 

Are you, like the Scarecrow, operating under 
false assumptions? 

If so, simply re-program yourself and like the 
Scarecrow quit singing "If I Only"..... and start 
SEEING yourself as the person you want to BE! 

The solution to all the Scarecrow's wants was 
there all the time, but wanting it didn't make 
it happen, and wanting it will not make it 
happen for you either. 

Upon presentation of a piece of paper, the 
Scarecrow - Chose To Be - intelligent. All 
the old programming was washed from his 
consciousness and he now went from want-ing 
.....to BE-ing. 

Prosperity Is A Choice! 

Choose prosperity for yourself 
Release those old images of yourself 
BE the kind of person you want to be 

The hidden success secret is discovered by each 
of us in that moment when we realize that ....... 
We already have the power within us to choose 
a different reality. 

Dave Cole
Editor - Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours

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