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How To Create The Life You Want

"What kind of life would I love to create?"

I was 16 years old when the Chittenango Bears varsity
baseball team was playing their hated rivals, the Holland
Patent Golden Knights.

I was a member of that Bears team. But mostly I warmed
the bench... and I hated it.

What made it harder was that until that previous
September, I had gone to school at Holland Patent. My
family had moved the previous summer. 

All my lifelong friends would now be on the other team. I
had known many of them since I was 5 years old.

And there I was sitting the bench. Embarrassed.

But I surely deserved to be there. Hell, I never worked
on my game. I never tried to get better. Just lamented my
bad luck. The coach must've hated me, yeah, that was it.

Well, on that day at my old school, sitting on the bench
as my new team was out on the field, my cousin and some
other friends were sitting behind us, hoping to see me

So what did I do?

You won't believe it.

I actually sat there and complained... loudly.

"Boy, this is fun! What a good time I'm having! Great
day for baseball!"

This went on the entire game. The coaches couldn't shut
me up.

What an ******* I was being!

I embarrassed everyone around me. And created some enemies.

But I didn't see it. All I knew then was that it hurt,
and I was going to kick and scream at the people that I
thought were making it happen.

It was a long time before I saw what I was doing- not just
there, but in every area of my life.

For years, it must have seemed to others that I closed my
eyes, put my hands over my ears and yelled, "I'm not
listening! I'm not listening!"

What a tragedy. So many years lost. So many jobs fired
from. So many potential friendships destroyed.

And it wasn't until I was such a failure and so broke and
had moved into that 9 year old Ford van that I finally made
some decisions, started off in the right direction, and had
my lucky "accident"... the idea to create those first
mental reprogramming tapes for myself meshing existing
change methods.

But until then I was literally deaf, dumb and blind.

Do you feel that way sometimes? All the time?

What I'm going to say now sounds easy. And it is. 

The thing that will get you out of any rut you're in is to
simply decide to change, decide on what you are going to do
and do it.


But the thing that gets in the way is your rotten beliefs
and past programming.

But they said I was "learning disabled." I have a
"disease." I'm just stupid. Who am I kidding?

I have ADD, ADHD, a slow metabolism, I'm big boned, this
kind of thing takes years to get rid of, heart disease,
high blood pressure, this is a death sentence, they don't
hire people like me, I'll be on this medication for life.


Your life will be what YOU make it from this day forward.

I've had the privilege of working with people who have had
every disadvantage known to the human race who've overcome
it all.

And it started with a decision to stop being a victim-
with picking a target and going after it as if their lives
depended on it.

Do you want a new career? Then start learning what you
need to know. Some day you'll die. And when that day
comes, do you want to look back and say, when I was **
years old, I thought it was too late to start?

That would be the worst belief you could have... that it's
too late for you.

Do you have arthritis or some other affliction that causes
pain and suffering? Then get into a search engine, and
look up advice. And don't stop at the first one that says
"take this drug." You may have to, but don't settle for

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured.

Every day each of us has pressure put on us in some way.

Each one of us.

Every day.

Everyone you know.

It is within your ability to stop settling for less than
you can be. 

Don't complain. No one is listening.

The people who have more, work for it. They have the same
daily pressures you do.

The people who glow with truly excellent health have it
because of how they treat their bodies. They only have 24
hours a day, just like you do.

The people who have high self-esteem have it because they
make decisions, have beliefs and take actions that people
with poor self-images don't.

People who know a lot, or who have great skills didn't get
them overnight. They acquired them over time.

Awards, privileges, trust and respect isn't just going to
be suddenly handed to you when you turn 13, 16, 21, 40 or 65.

They come by making decisions and following through on them.

Think about a time when you enjoyed some great
accomplishment either with a team or individually. Think
of a few more. No, seriously, think of a few more. Even
small ones.

Didn't those accomplishments come from making decisions
and taking actions?

Whenever you failed to reach some "goal," wasn't it
because you either didn't truly decide or didn't follow
through on your decision?

I know the truth and so do you.

No matter where you go, know that you'll still be there.

You can blame fate, your friends, bosses or the Gods. But
the truth is, your success at anything, no matter how big
is so much easier than you think and so close it's almost
guaranteed that you succeed if you'll just cut off any
other possibility. Choose success and you'll probably



Don't settle for anything less than the attainment of your

Not tomorrow. Now.

And on your success path, when choices come up, choose the
ones that will move you closer.

Do this every hour and you'll have nothing to complain

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