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How To Be Successful
Mike Brescia

It's an unfortunate truth, but it's the truth nonetheless.

Most people have to see something to believe it. No
matter how certain or obvious something may seem to one
person may appear completely impossible to another.

Little is taken on faith for the average Joe.

That is why the average Joe is... average.

And that is what separates self-motivated people, idea
people and consistent winners from those who rarely even
get in the game of life, those who take few risks and who
get few rewards and little joy.

But the thing that I think is most exciting is that
practically anyone can be trained to be a self-starter, to
be a turned-on achiever of dreams.

All that's needed is a bit of energy, some momentum in the
right direction and some honest to goodness faith...

...The kind of spark that Bill Parcells now gives to the
Dallas Cowboys. And don't worry you sports non-fans. This
is about faith, drive and inspiration, not touchdowns.

Bill Parcells, a true winner if there ever was one, comes
out of retirement, takes over a team that only won 39 games
and lost 57 games over the last 6 years... 40% of their
games. And only 31% over the last 3 years (15 wins-33

Before his arrival this year, morale was non-existent. 
Everyone blaming everyone else for everything. Mass exodus
of the top players. Off the field scandals galore.

So now here comes the man with the plan and the courage to
implement it. He tells them that they will be champions...
that if they will trust him, he won't let them down. But
they have to commit 100%. This message of hope and belief
and trust in each other is hammered at them constantly.

So what are these young millionaire big ego (and losing)
players doing?

They're playing for him...

With their heart.

With their soul.

With their passion.

After losing their first game this season, they've now won
6 of their last 7 games. The season isn't over. Sure, it
could still all go south. But when you have trust in your
plan and are willing to do whatever you must to reach your
objective, dang blast it, you're going to make good
decisions most of the time.

Just like any one of you reading this now, when the
excuses stop, when you take responsibility, when hear day
in day out that you are a winner and that you are going to
show it...

...And when you begin saying it consistently to yourself.

...You will show it.

All you need, most of the time, is a push.

I know you can win. I know you can be the person you want
to be. I know that you've got it in you. 

I don't even have to meet you to know this. I've just
seen it so many times with so many people that were so far
down they couldn't see light. And I turned it around
myself, to create what most people would call a remarkable
success story. So I feel it inside, too.

That is why, even though I have the largest subscriber
base in the world for an ezine of this type, I'm changing
the format. Sure, I get a slew of emails and calls of
gratitude every day. Sure, I know these letters are
empowering and inspiring, but I know I can do more for
people with even greater and more lasting impact.

So just like winning organizations of all kinds, we're
going to "fix what ain't broke."

We're going multi-media. Now you'll hear it instead of
just reading it.

The new audio ezine is called 'You're Telling Me!'

In it, I'll be interviewing hundreds of my subscribers and
customers who will share, in their own words, their
experiences with our products, how their thoughts and
actions actually changed and what those inner changes did
and continue to do for them.

So what you are used to reading in 'Your Day To Win,'
you'll get to hear over your speakers... success stories
guaranteed to inspire the heck out of you.

And over the coming months, I'll be interviewing some of
the world's top experts in areas of the brain research, in
performance enhancement, in creating peace, in creating
lives that are masterpieces.

So if you love 'Your Day To Win,' you are sure to love
'You're Telling Me!'

Here's a story of success that I think will inspire you.

As many of you know, is now the most
well traveled personal development site in the world. It
just keeps getting more and more popular.

Well, last month, two of my long-time customers called on
the phone. They told me that they love our Think Right
Now! products so much, that they're realigning the focus of
their very successful marketing business. The short
version is that, next week, they're literally taking their
millions of newsletter subscribers and will be going all
out to promote Think Right Now! products as well as our
soon to be released (in December) Instant Inner Power!

This powerful marketing organization is shifting its core
focus in order to bring these programs not only to millions
of people online, but offline as well...

...Because they've seen what they do. They want to change
the world, not just make money.

Now obviously that is good for us as a corporation. No

But I want to make a strong point...

This isn't luck. No big success at anything is just luck.

It's from preparation. It's from faith that gave the
energy to put in the long grueling hours to get to this

It's from the love of helping others to achieve their
hopes and dreams.

These are all things that I've talked about in 'Your Day
To Win' (and Laser Life Lessons) for a few years now.

Principles that govern us all...

Part of the reason I wanted to share with you a bit of our
recent success is that I want you to know that I walk my
talk. Coaches, teachers, bosses and parents must live what
they preach or it doesn't work.

Bill Parcells brought a winning tradition with him to
Dallas. The players knew this. And they knew it wasn't
going to be easy playing for him.

But the pain of losing, was tougher than the pain of
preparing. And so now they're getting to feel the joy that
their work is manifesting. And they're loving it.

So know that I'm right there with you, facing pitfalls at
every step, risking right along with you.

Hey, life's not easy for anyone.

But giving only 10%, 50% or 80% is more difficult, more
trying, more stressful and is actually harder than going
all out and investing yourself completely in everything you

So I'm glad you're here.

Keep a smile on.

Keep trying your best.

We're just getting started!

I'll talk to you again in a couple days with some
incredible news that WILL make a difference in your life

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