How do you Find.....your Calling in Life?
By: Dave Cole 

What is God's vision for your life, 
what is His plan for you? 

We had so many wonderful comments come in this 
week about our last newsletter. If you would like to 
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One of the main questions that folks asked, "How do 
we find what our calling in life is?" 

First let me say, I'm not going to set myself up 
here as an expert in this area, what I am going to 
share with you is the few insights I've learned 
over the years. 

Understand, you are never "just" a plumber, or a 
salesperson, or "just" a farmer, or "just" a school teacher. 

You are someone special. 

You are someone created by a higher power in the universe. 

You are someone loved and cherished by that higher power in 
your life. 

But, the only true fulfillment in life will be when you are 
doing what that higher power has called you to be. 

Your mission, is to find what that calling is on your life 
then follow it. 

Some are called to be housewives, some coal miners, some 
train engineers, some bank presidents, some are called to 
be butchers, bakers, or Indian chiefs. 

What is important to know is you will never find that true 
satisfaction doing "just" what you want to do. There's 
something inside of all of us that says I've gotta do what that 
calling is on my life. 

What are the gifts and talents and abilities that have 
been given you in life? 

That will help you identify what your specific calling is. 

If you hate mathematics and can't understand it, then being 
an accountant is most likely not your call. If what you are 
doing is drudgery or un-fullfilling, if you just seem to hate 
getting up in the morning and facing what you do everyday, 
then most likely you are not following your calling in life. 

Look into yourself and ask, "What are you good at, what do 
you really enjoy doing, what are you fruitful at, what part of 
your life do you find the most satisfaction? 

What is your passion in life? 

If you're not following the gifts that have been given you, 
then you're never going to achieve your fullest potential 
here on Earth. 

If you're following your true passion, and utilizing the 
talents and gifts you have been given, then you just 
can't seem to wait till the alarm clock goes off in the 
morning, you just seem to hate to go to bed and call 
it a day. 

You're alive. Life is wonderful, it's exciting. There 
seems to be a tireless energy flowing that keeps you 
on track and keeps you moving towards following those 
talents and gifts. 

You look at life differently when you're following your 
calling. There is a love there that motivates you to 
do the best you can, to learn as much as possible 
about your chosen field of work. 

You have a true passion for what you are doing with 
your life. And you can see how your life fits in to the 
"big picture" of what you are doing is 
helping mankind. 

Your life doesn't seem "wasted." 

Your life has a meaning and a purpose. 

Despite difficulties and adversities, you are optimistic, 
looking to what the final goals are, always believing, 
always knowing that what you are doing is the"right thing." 

It comes from within. You just know it's right. 

You are uniquely you! 

You are not like any other person. 

Don't compare yourself to others. They are unique also, 
they are not you and you are not them. You have unique talents, 
you have unique gifts.....for you to be anything other than what 
you are called in life is a step down 

Find out what your calling is then do it with all your heart. 

No one is less than anyone else, no one is ever a failure, no 
one is a mistake if you're walking in that calling on your life. 

You are somebody special. There's no one else just like you. 

Can you imagine how much nicer this world would be 
if all of us were following that high calling in our lives. 

You can do your part. 

You're probably not called to be an Albert Einstein or 
Thomas Edison or a Michael Jordan, or a Benny Hinn, 
or a Dr. Jane Bicks. 

For most of us, the calling on our life is much simpler. 
But whatever that call is, whatever those talents and gifts 
are in your life......whatever your passion is.....follow that 
with all your heart and you will be fulfilling that grand 
and glorious plan that was written for you in the stars above. 

You can find that call. 

You can follow it. 

Your life can be rewarding and satisfying. 

Your life can be adventure. 

When you find and follow your call, you look at life as  a gift. 


Dave Cole
Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
Copyright 2005

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