What Is Your Calling In Life?


What Is Your Calling In Life?
By: Dave Cole 

Jane Bicks found something in her life that has forever 
changed the course of animal nutrition. That something 
has helped thousands upon thousands of pets & animals 
live longer and healthier lives, and thus given those pet owners 
more years of enjoyment and fewer vet bills. 

That something is what motivates Dr. Bicks to get up 
in the morning and work until late evening. 

She was given a purpose in life

Jane Bicks is one of the most respected holistic veterinarians 
in the world. That something brought her to the place of 
world fame. 

Jane could have said no to that something. 

It was her choice. 

Jane Bicks is also one of the most gracious, caring ladies you 
would ever want to meet. Her whole focus in life is to 
help as many animals as possible. 

On the day she picked up that little dying kitten, 
God Almighty extended to her a most precious gift

It was a gift of love, a gift of mercy, a gift of compassion 
and the gift of a true purpose in life. 

God put a calling on her life. 

Do you know what your calling in life is? 

I have a calling in my life. I know what God wants me to 
do. When I get up in the morning I do so with a purpose. 

That doesn't mean there still aren't struggles, and problems, 
and defeats. It does mean I am helped by a higher power 
in the universe than my own to see past these problems 
and temporary setbacks. 

You see, when you get a calling on your life, and you say 
yes to it, you also receive spiritual forces that help you 
accomplish what you are called to do. 

When you are doing the will of the higher power in your 
life....and we respect that there are so many diverse 
cultures and religious beliefs that read us......yet every 
one of them does believe in the existence of a higher 
power in the universe; when your life is in harmony with 
what that higher power has chosen for you...... 

Then,....... then, you can find and experience true satisfaction 
and joy and rewards. 

When your life is in opposition to those spiritual forces, 
then the consequences will not, nor can they be, 
as pleasant. 

I ask you again, Do you know what your calling in life is? 

How many times do we all find ourselves looking at 
various opportunities out there on the Net and thinking 
of how much we can get or make from it. 

How many times do we place ads with the extent purpose 
of only making a dollar. 

Do you want to know why Internet marketing opportunities 
are collapsing left and right....and why people are not making 

Do you and I promote our opportunity because we want 
to make money.......or do we promote it because we 
sincerely and genuinely care about the success of the 
person who clicks on our ads or joins up under us? 

Are we so hung up on making a buck that we forget 
who we really are and what our real purpose is in life. 

Please understand, I am not putting down any person or 
any opportunity. I am as much a capitalist as any of you and 
do desire and expect a return on my dollar invested 
in my businesses. 

But what I am saying is......am I promoting a business 
because I want to get rich.....or because I have the integrity 
to know that my products and opportunity will genuinely 
help others to find success. 

I confess, I've joined with more than one opportunity 
just cause I could see a fast buck in it. 

So I'm learning as you are. 

Is what I am doing, and promoting, and writing, and saying 
to people what the higher power in my life has called me to do? 

If I'm following my calling it's really pretty cool...because 
you know what.....then it really doesn't matter whether I make 
money or not. 

Then,....at that point.....making money is not the focus 
of my life. My focus is on what I'm supposed to be doing. 

Then....if the money comes, fine. If it doesn't, fine. 
It really doesn't matter. I'm still a success. 

And you know what else......when you give up the focus 
on making money and switch the focus to doing what 
you are called, then and only then can you really call 
yourself rich and wealthy. 

And what a strange anomaly it is.....when your focus gets 
off making money and on to doing what your calling is, then 
the money does come. 

Dr. Jane Bicks is one of the richest persons I know. 

She's discovered that in the big picture in life..... and I 
hope you can make the jump with me here......money 
doesn't really mean much of anything at all. 

She became rich because she said yes to that calling 
and it did not matter at what cost to her. She has followed 
and remained true to that calling and would not ever 
compromise her integrity even though at times it 
would have made life easier for her. 

A calling is a gift from above. 

Receive your calling, ......say yes to it, .......and you 
will become more of a success than you ever imagined. 

I hope this meant something to you today. 
It came from my heart. 


Dave Cole
Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
Copyright 2005

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