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"The Dirty Secret To Generating HUGE Profits Online"
2004 Ewen Chia

I may get blasted for saying this but it has to be said.

Almost 90% or more of internet marketers out there are
clueless about making big money online.

Yes you're right, the fundamentals of doing business
like having your own website, etc haven't changed.

The BIG difference between you making $100 per month
and someone else making $10,000 is in the HOW.

It's in HOW the big dogs are doing it that many don't
have a real clue about.

I can divulge ONE secret to you right now.

They do it through highly aggressive e-mail marketing.

It's nothing new you say, you've got to build an opt-in
list to even survive in these times.

The difference here is in how big, quick, cheap AND
safe you can build it to.

I've only got five words for you if you want to
know how they do it:

-> They Purchase Leads In Bulk

These aren't normal leads, these are quality ones which
come cheaper than any co-registration or pay-per-subscriber
services out there.

-> The big dogs know WHERE to get them, HOW to deal
with them and WHAT to do with them - YOU don't.

Buying paid leads is fortunately or unfortunately ONE
of the real ways to succeeding with e-mail marketing.

The successes of companies like RobotReply,
TrafficOasis, LeadShack, etc can only confirm this.

Sure you can join these companies, but the problem
is they don't teach you what to DO with your leads,
or how to turn them into a full-time income online.

You would also need to have considerable copywriting
skills, bulk mailing software or a safe responder
service, and most of them won't let you import leads, no matter
where they came from.

If you're looking to become a big dog yourself, and
learn how to generate huge p.rofits on complete autopilot,
here's a solution you may want to look at:

Ewen Chia is editor of "Web Marketing Exposed",
which reveals shockingly simple secrets to marketing
successfully on the web. To subscribe f.ree visit:

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