Positive Thinking

To Build Confidence


Positive Thoughts Build Confidence
By Dr. Nina Craft, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Part 1

Human beings are like computers. We have our body, which is the
hardware. We have our brain, which is the hard drive, where all
the action happens. We have our thoughts, which are the software
programming. Our life experiences that are dictated by our thoughts.

Let's take this analogy one step further. If you are on your
computer looking at a web page and you see a typographical error,
you can make a change on your screen and feel better instantly.
This is a temporary change, however. As soon as you pull
something else up on your screen, those changes disappear. When
you return to that web page, you see the edits did not occur. The
real, permanent change comes when you go back to the source, the
programming that creates what you see externally. Our lives are
like the web page. It's what we see and what others see.

Our lives are the reflection of our thoughts. Thoughts become our
reality. When someone says thoughts are things, that is what it
means to manifest, to make real.

Using this analogy, how do you change your life? You change your
thoughts. Change the programming of your life and you will change
what you experience or see in your life.

Do these 5 things:

1. Commit to keeping your thoughts positive

2. Make a list of positive thoughts to fill your mind

3. Reflect on these positive thoughts hourly

4. Reward your behavior with positive praise

5. Continue to expand your knowledge

For details on how to monitor and repair you thoughts with
affirmations, experience the Think it, Do It!® 7 day Confidence
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Dr. Nina Craft, Ph.D., M.B.A., is a social entrepreneur,
international speaker, author, trainer and coach. She is the
creator of the amazing, quick and painless, step-by-step, Think
it, Do it® Confidence Builder system that helps you confidently
get what you want in less time, with less effort and more fun.
She offers confidence training and leadership advice in her
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