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100,000 Subscribers In 30 Days?
Copyright 2004 Willie Crawford

Two years ago, I sat in Joel Christopher's "Master List
Builder Seminar" listening to ideas on how to build my list
faster. The room was filled with seasoned on-line and
off-line marketers. They all told us that the money was in
the list... something we all knew intuitively.

People in the room shared just about every method
imaginable for building a list. They covered what worked,
what didn't, and what you definitely should not do. They
shared their personal experiences and the results of their
latest list building tests.

A few of the speakers had tremendous impact on me. One was
Paul Myers, whom I previously knew primarily from on-line
discussion forums. I had also enjoyed several LONG phone
calls with him. The other speaker whose message intrigued
me was Frank Garon. Frank spoke of buying lists of new
subscribers for less than a penny a name. He spoke of
something called "co-registration." 

Terry Dean also validated for me the impact writing good
ezine articles can have at that seminar. 

Frank Garon REVEALED that he and other top marketers
regularly joined together and bought batches of tens of
thousands....maybe 100,000 names. These names were
gathered via on-line forms placed on high traffic websites.
The forms offered more information on the types of
products and services that Frank and his friends offered. 
The websites' visitors checked this box requesting more
information, and these names (along with datestamp, IP
address and other relevant information) was passed to the
opt-in name purchasers.

As I listened to this talk of building a list of 100,000 in
a month or less, I wondered, if it's so great, why isn't
everyone doing it? The answer that later became clear is
that many of the top online marketers ARE doing it. It's not
their only method of building a list, but it's definitely
one of their most profitable.

The next question that popped into my tiny mind was, "Are
these really subscribers or will I be accused of spamming
if I send emails to these people?" These people do
actually opt-in to receive more information about starting
an on-line business. They do physically check a box
requesting more information be sent to them. That does
technically make them opt-ins.

Later, my coaches and mentors would share with me many
SECRETS. One was that when you have access to one of these
list, it's all about return on investment. We all know
that names purchased via co-opt systems are less
responsive. They are less responsive because the
subscribers don't know you - they don't have a relationship
with you.

These mentors went on to share that there was a proper way
to legitimately turn these opt-in "LEADS" into subscribers.
The method is very simple. In your first,
and every email to them, you remind them that they
requested more information of this type through an on-line
form. It doesn't hurt to include the date, IP address and
email address they subscribed from. Then you go on to
share some fantastic information with them... maybe in the
form of your ezine. In every contact with these purchased
names you also include an easy method for them to

If you provide genuine value, over time, you will build a
relationship with many of these leads. Many will
unsubscribe, but again - the important metric is return on
investment. that's what you need to track. If you start
out with 100,000 names but 6 months later that list has
dwindled down to 10,000 or maybe even 1000, what is the
lifetime value of those list members remaining? That's the
question you need to ask. You answer that largely based
upon what you currently earn for each subscriber on your

Another concept that sank into my head at Joel's workshop
was the concept of building sub-lists. These are lists that
are kept separated based upon the source.
This allows you to send emails/offers to your lists based
upon list demographics or how they were acquired. 

I now have many sub-lists. These sub-lists are from
articles I written, teleseminars I conducted, interviews I
given, course I've authored, website forms, joint ventures,
and co-registration purchases. Each list is generally set
up as an autoresponder that I can send select messages to. 
My autoresponder system allows me to send out an unlimited
number of both scheduled and unscheduled messages. 

The primary system I use cost me $19 per month for an
unlimited number of autoresponders with an unlimited number
of messages. I can pre-schedule message for up to 24
months. This fantastic autoresponder deal is available
through does have very strict policies on how
these autoresponders can be used to prevent spam accusation
problems! There is also a limit on the number of new names
you can import at a time. For that reason, I recommend that
when dealing with co-registration emails you use the
autoresponders at:

I also recommend that with co-registration names you not
email to them too often. I send them a few emails, spaced
over several months. In those emails, I provide information
of genuine value... on the topic of building an on-line
business AND I invite them to join my regular ezine list.
In each email, I inform them of how and why they are
getting the email AND provide a convenient unsubscribe link.

Over the years, I've spent many thousands of dollars on
co-registration lists. The quality has varied. The best
deal I have discovered is through the "Nitro Guys." They
can deliver 100,000 names in 30 days. If you want less,
they have an "auto-ship plan" where they send you 25,000
names a month. These names are in CVS format which mean you
can import them directly into many list management and
autoresponder systems. Some systems, including, mentioned above, do limit the number
of names you can import at a time... so read the terms of
service before signing up.

I mentioned the "Nitro Guys. I was attracted to them by
the following intriguing headline:

"Ever Wonder How Top Marketers Get Thousands Of Subscribers
On Their Lists While Everyone Else Struggles To Just Get A
Couple Hundred?" 

I clicked through to their site to complete the education I
had started at Joel Christopher's workshop…

They taught me all about the system a lot of top marketers
use to build their lists fast. Their service provides me
with a great return on investment. That's what keeps me
going back. For more on their services visit:

There are no real magic bullets. I've found the names
purchased through co-registration services much less
responsive than the names acquired from visitors to my
website. However, I have grown to consider opt-in
co-registration names to be a vital part of my marketing
mix. Maybe you will too? Give it some thought. And
now… you know one of the secrets to building a mailing list
of 100,000 in 30 days.

Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build an
on-line business since late 1996. Frequently featured in
radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews,
Willie teaches the average guy what the top marketers are
doing but seldom talking about. For example, Willie
demonstrates the power of automated residual income through
his system at:   http://ProfitAutomation.Com Visit now for a business boost.

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