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What Rich Internet Marketers Know That You Don't
Copyright 2004 By Willie Crawford

Thirty years ago, I sold information via small classified ads in
"ad-sheets" on how to make money teaching others how to
make money. We sent out these packets of flyers called
"Big Mails." We sent them to people who answered out ads
and sent us the postage or a self-addressed stamped

One of the most prevalent plans back then sold for $1. It
offered to teach you how to make one hundred dollars a
day stuffing envelopes. This plan cost you a dollar plus
a self-addressed stamped envelope. When someone
responded to your ad, you sent them a sheet of paper telling
them to run the same ad and do the same things that you
were doing. You also included flyers for other brilliant plans
in the envelope :-)

Fast forward 25 years, and I found myself in that same
world transposed online.

They were the same because in both cases I found myself
in a world where there were tens of thousands of people offering
to sell others information on how to finally break free of the
rat-race and create their own outrageously profitable

They were the same, because in both cases, most of the
people marketing this information had never achieved any
major success at what they were teaching.

However, things turned out drastically different for me the
second time around. I was actually able to achieve my goals,
and I'd like to share with you how and why that happened. I'd
like to share with you, some of my major discoveries.

First, the how and why...

The how is that a small voice in my head said, "What you're
currently doing is insane!" The incestuous marketing of "plans"
that we're all "pitching" to each other just has us all "running
around in circles." That small voice, that you hear too, said,
"This is not the answer, so where is it."

Unlike many, I listened to that voice, stepped back, and looked
around for those who appeared to have discovered "the answer."
Then I made a point of studying and analyzing everything they
did. I read all that they wrote. I attended live events to meet,
listen to, and question them. Most importantly, I used my own
power of observation to SEE who was "walking the walk," and
who just "talked a good story, but wasn't there yet".

I very quickly discovered that those who had uncovered some
part of the real secret CHARGED you for teaching it to you.
They had hundreds of people clamoring to be taught or given
a helping hand. So they used their consulting fees to see who
was serious AND as a means of allocating their most valuable
asset - their time. So I became willing to pay for the guidance
of those who could really teach me.

One of the first things I was taught was that I needed a radical
shift in my belief system of what IS possible. Our belief of
what we can accomplish is framed by what relatives and those 
around us have done. We need to frame it in terms of what 
those who have accomplished much more have done.

That re-framing occurred as I talked to online millionaires and
saw how they actually viewed the world and interacted with it. 
My mentors and coaches had me feed my mind information and
proof of what was possible. They had me totally saturate myself
in the material, to the extent that even now I listen to it on my
MP3 player while out jogging... it takes my mind off of the pain

Here's the most significant discovery I made about what's
happening in the online world... The real money online is being 
made by those selling real world products that solve problems.

The real money online is being made by those who educate their
markets and then make it easy for them to buy. That's the most
effective sales technique. Teach them and in the process bring
them to the conclusion that your product is the only logical 

It's a FACT that people use the Internet to research topics of
interest and to comparison shop. Then they often buy the item
that they've researched offline. If your website is the one that
educates them, and helps make the research easy, they'll flock
to your website. It's that simple. While there, they may
purchase the item of interest from you :-)

Another point that many online marketers are really missing is
that people go online to buy ordinary tangible things! When one
of my friend bought an motorhome (sight-unseen) over Ebay, that
shocked me. When I heard that over 5 BILLION dollars worth of
vehicles are sold over Ebay annually, that enlightened me.

People love to shop, and they get tremendous pleasure out of
buying things for themselves and their loved ones. Offer them
what they're looking for and they'll purchase it from your
website. They purchase everything from cars and clothing, to 
computers and software, to books, to pet supplies, to vitamins
and supplements, to flowers, and even houses over the Internet. 
If you're offering these items, in the right way, you will do very

If you need proof of what I have just stated, read the book, 
Success Alert. It was written by my friend, John Evans, who 
interviewed over 60 people making up to eighteen million a year 
doing just what I described. Grab a copy today and devote an 
evening to absorbing the knowledge and business wisdom 
contained within these in-depth interviews. Get a copy from:
==> http://WillieCrawford.com/finally.html

The very powerful examples in this book will make a believer out
of many. They will show you how people are quietly making
millions providing people with tangible products that they WANT.

This book won't totally solve the problem for everyone. There
will still be those who will say, "Yeah, they did it, but I can't." 
Some even go as far as to imply that God doesn't want them to 
succeed in a big way. They believe that they are intended to 
suffer and never break out of the struggle.

Listen - we live in a world of unimagined riches! There is more
than enough to go around. What keeps most of us from getting 
those things we want is that we aren't open to receiving them. I 
don't want to get mystical or anything, but every major religion, 
and way of thinking in the world, teaches that if you ask you 
will receive. There's just a correct way of asking that we often 
don't understand.

A good course for drastically shifting your thinking of what you
CAN accomplish and what this world will give you is by Dr. 
Robert Anthony. This couse was life-changing enough that I
devoted a full week exclusively to studying it when I first
discovered it. Grab a copy, and begin to understand many things 
in a totally different light by visiting: 
==> http://eliteinnercircle.com/reports/c/6E

So... it takes offering the right products...things that people
want. It also takes believing that you can do it enough to really 
go for it. For many of us, it also takes proof... we need to see 
examples of people doing it.

All of these are right before you. That's why I needed to have
this talk with you. I'm a little confused at to why so many refuse 
to see what is so obvious. I'm a little confused, but not totally 
confused. I acknowledge that some people "deep down inside" 
don't want success. They're afraid of it, or don't believe that they 
deserve it.

If you want to know how to actually build a thriving online 
business, I've just revealed it to you. I speak with numerous 
shining examples of those doing it EVERY week. They share with 
me things that I can probably never share with you directly. I 
treasure their confidence and that's a part of why they open up to 
me so. I've probably already shared too much... we'll see if THEY 
stop talking to me :-)

Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build an on-line
business since late 1996. Frequently featured in radio, magazine
and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie teaches the average
guy what the top marketers are doing but seldom talking about.
Willie provides detailed how to information in his newsletter,
through his personal coaching, and at his annual how to workshop.
Subscribe to Willie's free course at: http://williecrawford.com/

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