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Getting MASSIVE Traffic and Sales From Writing Ezine Articles
Copyright 2004 By Willie Crawford

By now, most internet marketers have been convinced of the value
of writing and distributing ezine articles. You write articles
on your area of expertise then allow others to reproduce them in 
their newsletters, print publications, and ebooks, or post them 
on their websites. The benefits of doing this are:

- They are publicizing you and increasing your credibility and
name recognition.
- By including a link back to your site and/or autoresponder
in your resource box they are sending you new visitors and

- Aside from the time involved, it's free or nearly free
publicity that is more effective than most paid advertising.

However, there are some things you need to know in order
to super-charge your ezine article writing. That is, if you want
your articles to drive more than a trickle of traffic your way
there are insider techniques that you need to understand.

There are little things about article writing that significantly
increase your return on the resources you invest.

First, you need to acknowledge that many people you will submit
your material to have tons of articles to choose from. I use to
get 30 - 50 articles per week, and I only used 2 a week at the
time. Now I rarely run guest articles in my ezine.

Knowing that you contend with many competing writers, you
can gain an advantage by incentivizing publishers. After you
make sure that your article contains information of genuine
value to their readers, add something that directly benefits
the publisher...

I sometimes do this by allowing publishers to replace the URL in
my resource box with an affiliate URL for one of my products. 
This allows them to earn extra money directly from running my articles.

Other times, I offer some special gift that is personalized for
subscribers to a particular ezine. That allows them to make
their subscribers feel special. I'm sure that if you use your
imagination you can come up with many similar ideas.

Next, try to put some bounceback offer in your articles. This is
what drives them to your website. This bounceback could be a
free gift or report that they can collect by visiting your website.

If you don't want to force the visitor to your site in order to
collect the gift you can also make it available via autoresponder.

You could also make the incentive available both from your site
AND autoresponder. Either way, you capture their contact
information and then follow-up offering them related information,
products or services. If they are subscribed to an autoresponder
series always include a way for them to unsubscribe themselves,
and explain how they got on your list in the first place.

The biggest problem faced by many writers is how to get their
articles in front of enough interested publishers. I do this two

First, I submit articles through article submission lists. These
are email lists that writers and publishers join. All members of
the lists generally get all article submitted to the group, although
you can also generally elect to read posting to the group online
only. As a group member you can submit your articles and 
include your publication guidelines (generally you just want to 
require that the resource box be included and that the article 
be published unchanged.

My favorite such lists are those you can join freely through
Yahoo Groups.

There is a whole SCIENCE to maximizing the results from the lists
at Yahoo Groups and one of the best ebooks I've seen on the
subject is "Yahoo Groups - the Free and Easy Way to promote your
business and drive a boatload of traffic to your websites using
Yahoo Groups!" You can download it with my compliments here:

I also use several paid article submission services. These
services allow you to submit your articles through an online form, 
and then they blast them out to their constantly updated list of
publishers. They send your articles only to the category of publisher 
that your articles are appropriate for. Two of these services I use 
send out articles practically every week are at: and

Each time that I submit an article through either of the above
services, I get emails from between 20 and 50 publishers and 
webmasters telling me that they have/will published my article or 
posted it to their websites. I've received as many as 700+ new 
subscribers in a day from having one of my articles published. This 
article WAS the exception and was run in a very big ezine, but the 
others all produce results too.

Another thing I sometimes do is manually post my articles to
websites that allow this. Since searching for website to manually
do this on can be time and labor intensive, I do it the smart way. 
I keep all of my recent articles handy in text files. I also keep 
some posted to autoresponders and webpages. When I come across 
a site that invites you to post your articles, I post as many as
appropriate all in one visit :-)

The reason that I keep article posted to autoresponders and on
webpages is that many of these sites will also ask for your
autoresponder and webpage addresses. They want their visitors to 
be able to quickly retrieve your articles in several formats... 
depending upon their needs. Also, you should post your articles to your site to 
allow the search engines to index these keyword rich pages.

There you have a brief summary of how to drive massive traffic,
subscribers and sales to your site. It's the quick and easy way
that I personally do it :-) Submit your articles to appropriate
publishers and website. Publishers often post back issues in online 
archives. You get an immediate surge in traffic, and then a steady 
trickle of traffic for years to come. With enough articles in circulation, 
this traffic really can become MASSIVE!

Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build an
on-line business since late 1996. Frequently featured in
radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie
teaches the average guy what the top marketers are doing but
seldom talking about. For example, Willie demonstrates the
power of automated residual income through his system at:
http://ProfitAutomation.Com  Visit now for a business boost.

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