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List Building Through Cooperative Partnerships
Copyright 2004 Patrick Curl

This is a little tip I got from Alex Sampson, a true
marketing master.


The ownership of an optin list of subscribers is the #1
thing you can do to promote your product or services online, you
cannot have success online without one, so don't even try.

Someone searching for one thing may be equally or more
interested in another product of similar means.

For example. You're selling fishing poles. And your surfer
is interested in maybe seeing the latest poles, so they
stop by your site, but they already have a nice pole, and
don't need another, however they're planning a fishing trip
and do need bait and tackle, which you're not selling.

Ok lets put this in a little better light in relation to
internet type downloadable goods. Say you're selling
reports online about the importance of autoresponders and follow. 
Another website is selling Autoresponder scripts - or
hosting. And another website is selling a set of follow up
letters that are very persuasive yet also adapt to whatever
it is you're selling for the most part.

Option A. Each webmaster can go alone and even compete with
each other to make sales, they would both start affiliate
programs, etc...

Option B. All 3 webmasters join forces and start a little

Webmaster 1 gives EXCLUSIVE rights to webmasters 2 and 3,
to give their ebook away for free.

Webmasters 2 and 3 give the same rights to webmaster #1 and
so on.

So webmaster 1 is selling ebook#1 and giving away ebook#2
and ebook#3 as FREE Bonus's which can as much as triple his

Webmasters 2 is selling ebook #2 and giving away ebook#3
and ebook#1 as Free Bonus's...


Now you may ask why would you want to do that, and its
because it creates synergy, see you control the downloading
of the free ebook, you set up a very aggressive
autoresponder that the person must go through to download
the ebook.

The fact that they are downloading your ebook shows you
that they're willing to pay for high quality information,
it shows you that they have a credit card and aren't some
teenager playing pranks.

This means you just got an email address of someone who's
not afraid to spend money online, someone who's spent money
before, and someone who may order again soon, if you can
offer them something that intrigues them.

See the power of this? You have 2 other webmasters
building your optin list, and you have 2 new products that
you can offer as FREE EXCLUSIVE Bonus's thus increasing
your initial sales.

In closing I want to say that I've tried this technique
before and had very successful results with it. If you have
any questions or would like to form some kind of co-op with
me and one of my ebooks that I'm writing please email me

Patrick Curl is an internet marketer with 3 years
experience, his new viral ebook "Driving a Stampede of
Traffic To Your Website" is hitting the web like a jack
hammer, you can download your free copy and get free
re-branding rights today at: 
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