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Are you ready?
Copyright 2004 Stephen Currier

Talent alone won't make you a success. Neither will being
in the right place at the right time, unless you are ready.
The most important question is: "Are you ready?"

Johnny Carson

Have you thought about starting your business? Do you know
that 90% of Americans have thought about it, but only 10%
have taken the plunge. Now, why do you think that is? Have
we lost our need to be independent from others? Or have we
become so dependent on our JOBS that we are too afraid to try?

Most of our great grandparents were all business owners of
some kind. Farmers, ranchers, store owners, blacksmiths,
tailors, shipbuilders, guides, etc. who provided a service
or products in exchange for other
services and products. We've gone from a society of
business owners to a society of employees.

Why? Is it the security that a JOB gives us emotionally? Is
your JOB really as safe and secure as you think and hope it
is? Look around at what is going on in the world and be
brutally honest with yourself. Most jobs can disappear
overnight. Do you want to leave your families security in
the hands of someone else?

Now is the time to start that business that you've always
thought about. There is no better time, i f you wait till, you
have more money, more time, less stress or whatever excuse
that you want to use, you'll never start. Starting is half
the battle, once started, it tends to self motivating.

Starting a business has been described as standing on the
edge of a cliff and stepping off with a great leap of
faith. Faith in yourself, most of all, and a determination
to reach your goals no matter what it takes.

So the question remains, Are You Ready? Ready to take the
steps that can and will set you on the path to financial
freedom, and peace of mind?

There are a multitude of opportunities available today.
From MLM, network marketing to franchises. There is a
business that you CAN succeed at.

One that I can recommend is an online business that is not
expensive to start and only requires a 5-10 hrs a week of
consistent and steady action to build. The key ingredient
is action, the one thing that most people are afraid to do.
Are you one of them? The learning curve on any new business
can be very steep at first, but if you will commit yourself
to that business for at least 1 yr of consistent, steady
action, then you will be successful.

Are you ready to make the small sacrifices today that will
allow you to have financial peace of mind? The $100 cable
service, the cell phone that is more of a status symbol
than a necessary part of your life, eat hamburger and
chicken in stead of steak and pork chops. Are you ready to
invest in yourself and your future with your time and your

Anyone who has ever looked at starting a business knows
that it takes some money to start and build a business. I
won't tell you that it doesn't, however, you can find a
business that takes a small investment to start. But you
can build a business without spending very much but, that
means it will take longer and require more of your time to
become profitable. Are you ready to put up the money and
the time required? If not now, when? When it's too late to
enjoy the building process, when its a matter of feeding and
housing your family? Do you really want to be in that

So I ask again, Are YOU ready?

Stephen Currier is new at the game of Intermarketing and
has written a series of articles on the struggles that face
most new people. Here are some inexpensive business ideas
that has great potential:

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