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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
December 12, 2003

Got some really good stuff for you today!

Wanted you to know that we are in the process of
developing an entirely New web site. One that is
devoted to you and your families Health and Well Being.

This has been a dream of mine for almost 17 years now,
to spread the knowledge of health to others that we
have been blessed with.

Since  we got involved with the Internet about 4 years ago,
I've been toying with doing this and developing it in my head.
and now it's finally becoming a reality.

As you already know, you can have all the money and time in
the world, but without your health, it doesn't do you much good.

Your health and the health of your loved ones are  important.
There's just too much needless suffering and pain, when it's
all so easy to prevent most of it.

Our Choose To Prosper site is about helping others to be
successful and be over comers in this world


Is This What Your Marketing Plan Is Like?


Do You Have An Action Plan?

You're most likely reading this because you would
like to or already are running a home business of your
own and you'd like to make it more profitable.

So how we gonna do that?

My sincere advice is: Develop an Action Plan

That won't cost you a cent to do, and if you don't do it,
most likely it Will Cost you far more than if you don't.

Personal thoughts are that is one of the biggest reasons
why people fail at anything they attempt, they don't sit
down and write out what it is they really want or want to accomplish.

You've heard from all the gurus out there to set goals.
Well that's not hard. Let's do it now.

Imagine if you had all the money you wanted.

What would you spend it on.

Goal setting done.

Now, that wasn't too difficult was it?

Now that you know what you want, how you gonna get it?

That's your action plan, and yours will be different from
everyone else's. We provide you with stuff and ideas and
writings that have helped and are helping us with our business plan,
such as the info on the FollowUp Marketer below,
but only you can determine whether things like this will be of benefit to your particular situation or not.

What we can do is let you know what is working for us.

My son is wanting to accomplish some things this year
in his baseball career. What he and I did was develop an
action plan for him to follow in order to give him the best
chance at success.

Some of the things we are doing are: Karl's working out in
the school gym 3 plus times a week to develop the strength
he needs; we are going to a professional baseball camp one time
a week for hitting instruction from a former Major League player;
he is practicing his hitting swing for 3 to 5 minutes a day;
I'm pitching to him 3 times a week...etc.

We honestly don't know whether he will be able to fully
accomplish his final goal or not, but what we do know for
sure is: He's a failure if he Doesn't at least try.

So why don't you do yourself a really big favor and spend some
time this weekend writing out what you want and
then writing down an Action Plan that you can follow to accomplish it.

I've got an Action Plan for our new Health and Wellness Center.
I've got an Action Plan for both our Choose To Prosper site
and Pet Care Tips site. Had I just put the sites up without
any direction on where I wanted them to go and how I was going
to get traffic to you really think
they would be as successful as they are now?

I've got an action plan for the primary network marketing
company I'm with. I have monthly goals to do, daily accomplishments
to meet within those objectives and even a year and 3 and 5 year
plan to follow. Is it any wonder I'm accomplishing my goals?

None of them are "set in stone" and I can and do change them
when I see the need to, but without a quality direction, I'd most
likely be going in circles instead of down the yellow brick road to Oz.

Good luck with your new Action Plan and if there is anything
I can do to assist you in putting one together, please let me know.

Thanks for being who you are,


What's It Really All About

The money is wonderful, but without VALUE, it isn't as important.

We are put on this earth to hopefully have a reasonably nice
life but to ALSO do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

People, in their quest/greed for money, more often than not
place a higher value on the "green" than they do out of the simple
fact of being allowed to live one more day and to hopefully make
someone happy or accomplish something each day.

To just go through the motions of "living" is NOT living;
true living has value, "motion" living leaves a person with no warmth,
empathy, or the ability to make themselves happy, thus making
others happy also.

I am not rich............far from it.........but there are
things money CANNOT  buy........and those are the things
of true value.

Corinne Larimore

Editors note: Corinne is one of our long time readers. She
sent this in after last weeks issue. Corinne is someone who
knows what it's Really like to be successful. Congratulations
Corinne on the lessons you've learned in life.

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