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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
December 15, 2000

A Lesson in Prosperity

Nothing comes from nothing! I am going to ask you today to give some serious consideration to this question: Would you deliberately rob from yourself?

Now, at first glance, that may seem to be somewhat of a ludicrous statement. Obviously no one in their right mind would ever deliberately rob money from themselves. But, are you sure you aren't doing just that?

Some time ago the idea started to come into my head to put together a web site specifically for my e-zine. I really had no idea what it would say or even look like at the time, only knew that I wanted to do it.

Since I am illiterate when it comes to the ways of HTML, the job was going to have to be contracted out.

One day while reading Diana Ward's e-zine, Tips and Gems, there was an inner urging to check into her web site. I liked what I saw and contacted her with the idea of developing this web site for me.

Basically, I told her I wanted a web site for people to subscribe from. Asked how much it would cost, and when could she have it up and running?

Never having met or talked with this person before, I somehow knew in my heart that she was the right person to do the job. Diana began to work on the project with the scant info I had given her to work with and as the days progressed, we both began to come up with ideas on what we wanted to accomplish.

We had a great time together. Every problem was
addressed and solved with no conflicts. It was a good
experience for both of us.

The web site and logo she designed is now of a
professional quality and one in which I am very proud of and not ashamed for anyone to look at. She did a lot of "little" extra things to spice up the site that we hadn't even talked about.

We had agreed on a price beforehand. But when Diana sent the final invoice, it had a $250.00 discount on it!  Now, I had a choice to make. I could send her the smaller amount that she had asked for, the bill would have been paid; and no more would have been thought about it.

Or, realizing the fact that this lady worked her heart
out to give me exactly what I wanted, my second choice would be that I could give her further compensation than she had requested.

Which choice would you have made?

Have you ever gone into a restaurant and had a nice
waiter or waitress give you excellent service? What kind of a tip did you leave them? Or, what about the mechanic who works on your automobile. If he does a good job for you, have you ever paid him extra for his work? Or do you drive away feeling that he got too much of your money to begin with?

Well, Diana got a letter back from me asking her to
revise her earlier bill and to send me another invoice that more fairly represented her work. And when she sent that one, I even paid Diana extra on top of that!

One of the Laws of Prosperity is: The laborer is worthy of his wages.

Let's learn something here. The surest way to start
robbing yourself of blessings in the financial area is to
take advantage of, or under-compensate another person when they do a good job for you.

If someone does shoddy work for you and tries to
extract an exorbitant amount of money for that work, you've got a right to complain. And in reality they are only further robbing themselves of financial blessings at some future point. But, that's not today's lesson.

Another part of that same Law of Prosperity says this:
You will receive back that which you give first.

So several aspects of this Prosperity law have come
into play here. First, I was led to this person out of all the thousands of other designers on the web. We both "clicked" right from the start and both of us interacted in not only a professional manner, but we both had a lot of fun working with each other.

We both gained a friend out of the deal. we both came out of the deal richer for the experience. Even after I over paid her, I still feel I couldn't have gotten a better job anywhere else for twice the money.

We both followed the Laws of Prosperity. She did more and better work than she was going to get paid for. I gave more compensation that I was asked to. And because of our actions, the Law of Compensation will continue to operate in our behalf and bless us both
in the future.

Had she put up a half-hearted and shoddy looking page at a cheap price, well, her work is now open for all to see. And how many people are really going to want her to do any designing for them looking at that mess?

But go look now and anyone wanting a professional job of designing will think to themselves, this is great work, I want that person to work for me.

And, I know that any problems or additions or whatever I need done to my site, Diana will jump right on it and get it done for me. I have no worries about whether my links will work or not, or whether the scripts will work. She gave me peace of mind. I don't have to go every day and check up on things wondering if everything will be working all right or not.

Let me give you another example of how these Laws of Giving and Receiving work. One of my antique tractors needed an engine overhaul some time ago. The local repair shop that one of my friends owns, did the work, They did a top notch rebuild job and did several "little" extra things that weren't included in the final price.

When the bill came due, I asked Jody, (the shop owner), why the bill was so low. He just shrugged his shoulders, and said with a big grin on his face, "It just was".

Well I paid the bill, paid extra on top of that, plus Jody and his helper each got a $100.00 dollar bill stuffed into their pockets as a tip.

Jody is extremely busy with his work. But I tell you this, whenever I walk in the door with a mechanical problem, his work stops and I get moved right up the list and further get an excellent job done too.

You see Jody runs a multi-million dollar business. He didn't get there through the years by doing garbage work and then charging big dollars for it. He follows the Laws of Prosperity by making customer satisfaction a priority!

They go out of their way to see that things get done, and get done right.

The other repair shops in town have slow periods in
their work. But the Law of Compensation sees to it that Jody never has a "slow time", he's busy all year round. In fact he's so busy when all the other shops are down, that work comes in faster than he can get it all done.

Are you beginning to see how these Prosperity laws
can work in your life? I will promise you this: The most prosperous people I know are GIVERS before they are takers! And they give exceptional quality in their work and they give more than they are required to do.

Dave Cole


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