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6 Basic Questions Before to Start Working from Home
Valerian Dinca

Earn an income working from home. These days it seems as though
everyone is talking about this magic sentence. You are reading this
article just because it sounds familiar to you as well.

A recent study has indicated that more and more people are working
from home. Over 60% of those people over are self-employed in their
own home business and this venture is truly going to provide an extra
income, or better still, replace their job income.

Conclusion ?
If you're thinking of starting a work from home business, this is the
right time strike out on your own.

Before to starting a work from home business, examine honestly some
very important points :

1. Has your future business a growing market ?
The business you need is one that can serve the needs and wants of
potentially millions of people. To have a future in your home business,
you should find a market that is growing in new territories and cannot
be replaced easily by other products and services.

2. Is there a market trend in your direction?
You are not interested only in a huge and expanding market, you
should also examine at just how far that market has to grow. As a
personal advice you should consider that the markets with a positive
trend are covered by the new industries or by those industries that
have been 'renewed' through the development and application of
new technologies and science.

3. Is the product one that people will use often?
For instance, people use water very often, that means for sure they
need it and they must buy it

4. Is the product a consumable one or regularly replaced ?
Every time you wash your hands in your kitchen or bathroom,
someone somewhere makes money. That means a consumable

5. Is the product one that people can get anywhere else very easy ?
People will find water in fountains, rivers, lakes, etc. But the problem
is they must bring water home and to purify it. If your pipeline system
of distribution helps people to save time, certainly they will prefer to
buy from you.

6. Are you personally required to physically deliver the product ?
If yes, be very carefully with your choice because your business will
be consigned to be surely local. You can't operate effectively in the
global marketplace and your time will be wasted in various non-lead
generation activities.

Copyright 2003
Valerian Dinca has been around long enough to know what works
and what doesn't. Visit  http://www.mysiteinc.com/wandh
to learn how you can create a new future for you

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