Do You Have Big Dreams?


Do You Have Big Dreams? 
By: Dave Cole 

Way back in the third grade, Eddie Robinson had 
a dream. His dream was big, but to many folks, 
it seemed too big for Eddie to ever attain. 

For Eddie Robinson was poor, black, and he lived 
in the segregated South. Three big strikes against 
him. In his book, "Never Before, Never Again," 
Robinson wrote, "Society said I would never be 
able to reach my third grade dream of coaching 

Eddie Robinson went on to prove "society" quite 
wrong. And he did it because of 3 big reasons: 

1. He was determined to live out his dream. 
2. He educated himself about all aspects of his profession. 
3. He gave 100% of his efforts at whatever he did. 

After working his way through Leland College, he 
landed a job at Grambling State in 1941. Fifty seven 
years later he retired with 408 career victories, the 
most in college football history. 

To his players Robinson was far more than just a 
winning coach. He highly stressed the importance of 
getting a good education. Robinson knew that he had a 
big responsibility to set an example for his players on 
and off the field and often thought of himself as a 
"surrogate" parent to the kids while they were at Grambling. 

He also taught that winning does not have to be at any cost. 
He used football to teach kids honesty, integrity, and 
to help shape them into men. 

On the field he demanded his players to get their plays 
right. Execution of the play was taught over and over 
and over until it was done right. 

It is a remarkable credit to him because over 200 of 
his players eventually made it into the NFL. 

Robinson says, "I wanted to be with the best and I 
wanted to be good enough to coach the sons of 
mothers and fathers. I didn't care whether the son was 
white or black. Some have called me a great coach. 
Some have called me a great black coach. All my 
life I have simply wanted to be a great American." 

Coach Eddie Robinson had a big dream which he never 
believed wasn't possible to achieve. 

What is your dream today? 

I know many of our readers have the dream of being able 
to quit their day jobs and be supported by their own 
home business. 

The Internet has made that a distinct possibility and many 
folks are achieving their dreams. Everyone of those who 
have accomplished this will tell you their success came 
about because of the same qualities Eddie Robinson 
displayed to achieve his dreams. 

1. He was determined to make it happen. 
2. He never quit educating himself in his chosen field. 
3. He put 100% effort into everything he did. 

You may not desire to be a head football coach for a 
college, but whatever your dream is..... 

It's your dream and it's important! 

And even if you never quite make it all totally come true, 
just think how you'll feel later if you don't give it your 
best shot. 

You Can Dream 
You Can Try 
You Can Learn 
You Can Give It Your Best Shot 

The only one stopping you is you. 

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