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Your Number One Marketing Asset
Ray L. Edwards

I would like to talk about your most important marketing asset of all.

Sorry, but it has nothing to do with the Internet. You cannot buy it for any
price either. This is exactly why it is so expensive, even rare. It ranks
above money, marketing genius and a fantastic product. All successful
marketers must have it without exception. It is called perseverance! Yes,
the don't give up attitude.

The Network Marketing industry is littered with stories of people who quit
too early. You may even see companies that do what I call ‘negative
marketing’ by referring to the fact that 95% of people fail in this industry.

Wow! This is no welcome mat for someone who is considering joining a
Network Marketing company. But wait a minute. Did you check the latest
stats from the Social Security department? If you look at the number of
people in the US who are making over $50,000 per year the stats are not
very different. Does this mean that the whole US economic system is a

There is the so called 20-80 rule which says that 20% of the people does
80% of the work. This is true of churches, your work place, schools. It
appears to be a law. It is also true that 20% of the people control 80% of
the wealth.

What I am saying here is that the Network Marketing industry is just a
reflection of the society in general. The question you must ask yourself is
“Am I a 20 percenter or an 80 percenter?” I wish you the best of luck
trying to change this rule. The fact is that over the past 40 years in the
US, the Network Marketing industry has made more millionaires than all
other entrepreneurial ventures combined. Now how does that go for 95%

Those who make the big bucks in Network Marketing are the ones who
persevered! Yes, perseverance is more valuable than talent. Whatever
legitimate home-based business you chose to do, you will do well if you

Perseverance is closely tied to how big your “why” is. In other words why
do you want a home business? There is a sowing and reaping principle
here. Like the Bible said ‘Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also
reap’. This is a physical law as well as a spiritual law.

If you have a big ”why“ the ”how“ will come naturally.

For me I want a financially more secure future for my two sets of twins.
They are 4 and 5 yrs old - yes just a year apart! Right now my wife
works as a supervisor at a Department store and I am at home with the
kids. I want my business to grow fast so that I may able to ask my wife
to stop working. (As though I would have to suggest this -she can‘t wait).

We are also planning on home schooling so this becomes even more
urgent. This is why I am at my computer 16 hours per day -testing ads,
writing, researching -as I am doing now - so that I can have the freedom
later on.

The question is what do YOU want and how badly? God made us in such a
way that we normally get what we think we “must” have not just what we
“want”. You may wish for more money, for the creditors to stop calling,
for a nice car, for a home in the country side - but do you “must” have it?

The reality is that quite ordinary people with extraordinary “must-have-it
attitudes” are making six-figure incomes online. If you don‘t believe this
you have already lost the battle before you even started. To do well

Read any success story and without fail they experienced the same
setbacks like every other person, sometimes greater, but they
persevered because their “WHYS” were BIG.

Before you attempt this online business thing take a moment to review
your ‘why’ because if it is not big enough neither would be your success.

(This article may be reprinted with permission by including the resource
box in its entirety at the bottom of the article.)

Ray Edwards is the author of “77 Ways To Skyrocket Your Website‘s
Conversion” and “The No-Click Traffic Sertect” Learn how to drive
targeted traffic to your site and convert them into buyers in the quickest
time. Visit

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