We have been totally bombarded with spam emails.

To help combat this, we have deleted every trace of an email address

on our web pages to prevent harvesting software from capturing our addresses

and then having the address sold claiming we were "opt in"



If you want to contact us, then here's the address, but you will need to

put it together first.


e  d  i  t  o  r  @


p  e  t  c  a  r  e  t  i  p  s  .  n  e  t



We have intentionally left 2 spaces between each letter, in the lines above.


Put all the letters on both lines together, make it one single line,

then copy and paste it into an email


Remember the ending  is dot net



I'm sorry we have to do this, but with over 1,000 spam messages a day,

we had to do something drastic to keep our addresses from being harvested.



Tippy & Alfred


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