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How Much is Your Sales Approach Costing You?
By Jeff Forte

Succeeding with any online business can be as easy or difficult
as you make it.

In any business, your approach or attitude when "drumming up"
business is essential.

Choose the wrong approach and your success will be greatly hampered.

Many people who are approached by others are used to "hard sells"
and someone trying to convince them into buying or participating
in what they have to offer.

As a 'Net entrepreneur, try to take a big step back, and shift your
attitude to one of "I've got something great to offer and whether
you take me up on it, isn't going to make or break me. There's
plenty of people out there that want what I have to offer."

If you can "give off" this kind of attractive vibe, when you
approach people, people will more likely "be inspired" to act
on what you have to offer.

Coming from any sense of need or lack, will only push away a
potential prospect.

Money always flows toward a feeling of security and away from one
of insecurity. People want to feel secure when they give away
a portion of their money. If you are feeling insecure about
"making the sale" you can kiss goodbye any chance of making it.

When you are coming from an "I've got something for you" attitude,
you are naturally coming from a place of confidence, which
translates into security, stability ... or "attractive vibes."

When you come from an approach that says, "please, will you
come buy what I have to offer because I'm "in need" of you,"
you are doing the exact opposite, and creating an
unstable feeling within you that repels potential prospects
from acting on your offer.

Your approach may not be as extreme as either of the above or
plainly noticeable to you, but there's always a subtle underlying
feeling going on, that you may not realize
you are emitting when you approach others.

No matter what business you are in, this underlying feeling is
serving to either attract new business, or to push it away.

Get in touch with that attractive feeling, by using an "I've got
something for you" approach, and you are sending positive feelings
"ahead of you" to attract new business partners, rather
than repel them.

If someone doesn't want to act on your offering, don't waste a
minute in the old "convincing" mode, as two undesirable byproducts
will occur:

#1. You get a new customer or business partner who didn't make a
decision on his or her own terms, and thus will be someone who
can end up costing you both time and money:
I.e., Added support time or asking for a refund, etc.

#2. This person can sap your enthusiasm, and weigh you down ... thus,
for the time being, slowing down the attraction of new business,
and taking away your time for other more important things, like
assisting those who are truly excited about what you have to

If someone has any doubts or reservations, in the end, you'd
really rather talk her out of the sale, than into it. And the
funny thing is, people aren't expecting to be "talked out"
of what you're offering ... it blows their concepts; now you've
got them feeling something all-together different than they're
used to feeling. And you just may be surprised at how they
"magically" act on what you have to offer with utter enthusiasm.

When you leave the door wide open for prospects to take or
leave what you have to offer, they are much more likely to take
you up on it.

Someone once said, you've got to want to sell what you have, less
than people want to buy it from you, or something to that effect.
This attitude demonstrates the idea, I've
just shared with you.

This approach can be used not just for your current business ...
but in any other business, a job interview, or in seeking a partner,
just to name a few examples.

See what kind of a difference the "I've Got Something for You"
approach makes.

Jeff Forte
Copyright 2004 Serious Comedy Publications

Jeff is the co-founder of GetMoreGreenBack (GMGB) -- a wealth
training program designed to help 'Net entrepreneurs establish
a more prosperous, unlimited mindset, and share practical "how
to's" to increasing their abundance. He is also the publisher of the
highly acclaimed "WOW Success Tips." His websites can be accessed at 

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