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Want Six Figures? Learn The Secrets Of The Pros
Copyright 2002, Carl Galletti 

Many of us have dreamed of the freedom of owning our own
Internet business, making a fabulous income while spending lots
of time with family and friends. Unless you're one of the
Internet's elite, however, you have most likely let one thing
stand in the way of your dreams: fear.

Fear of failure is the number one reason why most of us stay
away from starting our own online venture. We may feel like
cowards, but let's face the facts. Most people who do go 
online expecting to make six figures within the first several
months, ultimately find nothing but failure. Why? The answer
is simple: they haven't learned the secrets that really work 
from those who have used them successfully.

If you want to find success 'real success' on the Internet these
days, you really have to do your homework. You can't just join
the first opportunity that looks good to you, or venture out on
your own without a specific and proven plan. If you do, you're
most likely bound for disappointment.

To make all your dreams come true, you need to learn from the
best. Talk to the real gurus who have already made their
fortunes online and find out, step-by-step, how they did it. 
You may be surprised at how willing they really are to teach you
and mold you into tomorrow's biggest online success.

So how do you find these gurus and get them to mentor YOU? 
You'd be surprised at what a simple Internet search can turn up.
Search for terms like "Internet marketing experts," "Internet
marketing seminars," or search for the name of a specific guru
like Jim Daniels or Cory Rudl. There are lots of sites out 
there that tell you how you can contact or even meet these 
people, and learn directly from them. Sign up for free email 
courses, attend seminars, and email your questions to the 

Internet marketing seminars or conferences are a great option,
and many of these events can teach you what you need to know 
over a weekend or 3-to-4 day stretch. Do your homework, keep 
your eyes peeled, and jump on the opportunity to learn from 
the best.

Carl Galletti is an Internet entrepreneur and top copywriter. 
The following site outlines the details of the annual Internet 
Marketing SuperConference, to be held June 13-16 in Las Vegas.
For more information on the SuperConference go to

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