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How to Write Killer Marketing Copy
Copyright 2003, Scott F. Geld 

Written words are a powerful marketing tool. They have
the ability to persuade, reason, explain & direct the
reader to take action. They can hold someone's imagination
and open them up to possibilities never before visualized.
But used improperly or without due care & attention they
can destroy all the good work you have done in one foul

Developing copy for your website is therefore a job that
should not be taken on lightly. Here are 5 keys to help
hold your readers' attention and convert them to sales and
sign-ups on your site -

1) Your Headliner ~ It takes a matter of seconds for
visitors to form an opinion of your site. Many factors will
come into play, such as speed of download, graphics etc, so
you'll need to grab their attention quickly before they
click off the site. A few words that stand out from the
background, graphics and the rest of your text will draw
the readers' eye ~ this is your chance to make an impact
and keep them on the site. It should be something that
compels the reader to want to find out more.

2) Develop Interest ~ Identify with the reader and let them
know that you understand how they feel about the challenges
they face. Hint that you have a solution to their problem.
This will hook your visitor in, and you can enhance its
effect by using keywords and hot buttons to fire the
reader's' desire to find out more.

3) Reveal the details ~ Show the reader your solution and
how it will solve their problems and/or meet their goals.
Then hit them with additional benefits as to how what you
have to offer will exceed their expectations. Use
testimonials that verify the strength of the product or
service you are offering. Again use keywords and hot
buttons that appeal to the readers' emotions, and remember
people buy on emotion not logic.

4) Call to Action ~ No marketing copy is complete without a
strong call to action. It is the final push to close the
sale that should be lined with incentives. The benefits
should be highlighted and the reader urged to take action.
You could even mention the consequences of not taking
action ~ a deal always looks better when someone is taking
it back away from you!

5) Be Professional!
~ In the eyes of the reader, the
professionalism of your copy reflects the professionalism
of its owner, and the more professional it is the more
confident the reader is of you and your intentions. Make
sure you run copy through a grammar & spell checker before
uploading it to your site.

Scott F. Geld is the VP of Marketing for,
a company dedicated to providing targeted traffic and leads.

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