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The Key To Success Is Action
by Stuart Goldsmith

Self-made millionaires achieved this status because they
were willing to pay the price.

There is a price to pay for getting rich, just as there is a
price to pay for everything you attain in your life.

Many chatter about being willing to pay the price, but few
will actually do so.

Now, if you are serious about becoming a wealthy man
or woman, you need to be prepared to pay the considerable
price tag associated with that blissful state. It doesn't
come frŔe.

So let's talk honestly, frankly and openly about exactly
what is involved if you are to make your fortune. You will
not read what I am about to tell you in any 'feel good'

To make a lot of m˛ney, you're going to have to give up many
things. Often you won't even know what the price is when you
start out. Nevertheless, you must resolve to pay it. This is
the factor which stops most people from getting rich. They
want it for nothing and are not willing to sacrifice
anything at all to get it. This is a fantasy.

I think my strength is in smashing illusions, fantasies, and
myths. Most people sign ¨p for a great many of these
fantasies which they believe to be 'the truth' and this has
a huge impact on their wealth creating efforts. Often it
even threatens survival. 

Most people barely survive financially. Worse still, lacking
an iron-grip control on even the basics of their lives, they
mumble the incantations of success, expecting magical
results. That is, results which do not exact a price or

Let us be brutally honest here, this is the state of people
in the United States today:

1. 2% are wealthy.

2. 5% are comfortable. They live in a decent house with a
small or zero mortgÓge, they drive a new car, they take one
or two holidays each year. They have enough m˛ney for most
of the things they need, but they are not wealthy. I would
describe them as being in the high end of their comfort

3. 53% are scraping along day-to-day, month to month. They
are just about paying their way, but there is never any
m˛ney left over for luxuries. Also, they live in constant
fear of the large unexpected bill, tax demand, or medical
expense. They are hanging on to the tricky business of life
by the fingernails - barely surviving; lurching from crisis
to crisis.

4. 40% are days away from drowning and are coming up for
air for the third time. Their past mistakes and failures
have created a crippling burden of debt which they have not
the slightest hope of paying back through working at a
normal job. The crushing weight of their errors and the
c¨mulative effect of years of laziness, inaction and lack of
discipline have created a terminal situation. Each month
they sign ¨p again for inaction and myopia. Each month their
load becomes a little heavier. Without urgŔnt and immediate
action, the outcome is inevitable - total finÓncial

As an aside I would like you to reread the above paragraph
and notice how I place the blame for this situation squarely
on the shoulders of the person experiencing it. This is
where it belongs of course but it is unfashionable to say

In a society which seeks to crush individualism and make
each one of us a worker in the state collective, how can an
individual possibly be to blame for his own misfortune? He
cannot. This would give the individual some personal power,
and that cannot be right! 

No. It must be society, greedy capitalists, manipulative
industry, bad luck, his upbringing, peer pressure, his race,
lack of education, his age, lack of opp˛rtunity, or any one
of a hundred other factors all of which are out of his
control. In short, he is not to blame, according to modern

If you doubt this, read the foll˛wing and see if it has a
familiar ring: 

"Yes, I admit it. I'm flat broke and I owe tens of thousands
of dollars to other people which, to be honest, I don't have
a prayer of paying back. But it's not my fault. I was made
redundant from my job and thrown on the scrap heap at 40. 

Those greedy bosses call it downsizing - but I don't notice
any downsizing in their fat wallets. Twenty years I've
worked there, and that's all the thanks I get. I'm a heavy-
motor electrical engineer, and there just aren't that many
jobs around for someone of my abilities. I've applied for a
few but they always want y˛unger men. 

I guess losing my job made me kinda depressed and my wifŔ
couldn't take it. She wants a divorce and the b**ch is
taking me for every penny. I don't have any sÓvings, and the
m˛ney I get from the state is a joke. Sure I'm broke, but as
you can see it's not my fault."

An aspiring milli˛naire never blames anything or anyone but
themself for the circ¨mstances of their life.

Copyright 2001. Stuart Goldsmith. All Rights Reserved.
Article excerpted from Stuart Goldsmith's Course, "The Inner
Circle ". Stuart is a British multimilli˛naire author and
lecturer. He created a 16 milli˛n fortune starting from a
position of heavy debt, and has taught thousands of others
how to get wealthy. Discover how his breakthrough power
strategies can help YOU achieve your specific goals/dreams. 
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