Why Isn't It Happening For Me?


Why Isn't It Happening For Me? 
By: Dave Cole 

You've searched the Internet over looking for a good 
quality home business you can do on your computer. 

You've joined up with what you thought was a good program, 
did what they told you, invested a good amount of time 
and money.....but the results just weren't there. 

Sound familiar? 

Of course, it happens to the best of us. 

Why aren't you making the kind of money that everyone 
seems to say they are making on the Net? 

Well, for one thing, "everyone" really doesn't mean much. 
We all get emails every day from folks who say they are 
making scads of money, with little effort, and with little 

You've heard it all before, make $90,000 in 4 weeks and 
don't do anything. 

We're all searching for that Golden Goose with the proverbial 
golden egg. 

We all want to spend an hour or two a day and place our 
ads and then sit back and collect. 

It's human nature. 

Hype, hype, and more hype. That's what we've been so 
exposed to over the past few years. 

And our minds wander and think and then start to believe 
that it's all so easy and all so wonderful and that nothing 
ever goes wrong and that everyone will join our program 
after being exposed to an ad or two. 

I really hate to burst that bubble....and believe me, 
if anyone would want it to be easy it's me. 

Unfortunately, and I'm not trying to be a downer here, 
but building a business takes time, effort, an investment, 
an education, a lot of work, and a lot of difficulties 
to see through. 

Ah man, now why did you have to go and say that? 

I know, I know, it wasn't what you wanted to hear. 

Would you really, now honestly think about this.....would 
you really want me to say, join my program and in a couple of 
weeks you can be making six figures without doing anything? 

You want to believe it, but deep in your heart, you know it 
just is too good to be true. 

If it really was that easy, don't you think we'd all be 
millionaires by now, sitting on the beach somewhere, 
collecting our huge pay checks every month. 

Honestly, there is not one person that hasn't "paid 
the price" to obtain success on the Net. 

But the good news is.....anyone with a reasonable amount 
of intelligence, and a reasonable amount of effort and 
investment can do it. 

You might not be a millionaire within a year, it might take 
you several years or more to do it, but again, will you ever 
achieve your dreams by working for someone else? 

You may make a decent living, but time and history 
have proven over and over again, those who make the 
big money and achieve their dreams are those who work 
for themselves. 

And I'll be honest with you, it takes hard work no matter 
what program you join up with and it takes some money, 
and it takes a whole lot of dedication. 

So I do want you to know this, the Internet has made such 
an incredible difference in our lives. It is the place to be 
and the place to be for the future. 

Statistics have shown that in the next few years millions 
upon millions of new users will come online. 

Your Internet business may not be producing a major amount 
of income right now, but the only way it will fail is if you 

Don't quit, don't give up, don't give in. 

You can do this and you can do it very well. You will 
be rewarded for your efforts. 

Sadly, many folks do give up. They join a program and if it 
doesn't make them a decent amount of money within a short 
time frame, they move on or give up. 

Please don't be a part of those who give up. And did you 
realize that all the great men and women in history 
failed at something before they succeeded at another? 

All of us meet up with obstacles along the way. Some 
of us overcome those obstacles and press on to their goals. 

Others say, "Ah, what's the use, it's too hard, I'm not cut 
out for this," I say to you....."who are you really and 
what do you really want for your future?" 

You future is entirely up to you. 

No one else. 

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get that future? 

It won't be easy. 

It can be glorious. 

It's always your choice. 

Dave Cole
Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
Copyright 2005

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