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Are You Your Own Obstacle?
**By Malcolm Harvey**

Why is it that we are always so quick to blame other people or
the environment where we live when things don't go according to

Even if we do acknowledge our own failings we often try to
include outside influences in our explanations.

A virtual key to success is to accept responsibility for our own
actions. We made the choice to go down that particular route or
to pursue that avenue; therefore we must not blame anyone other
than ourselves for the problems that we might encounter.

By accepting that we are responsible for our own actions we gain
the capacity to attract the help and power that we need for the
next step. However if we start feeling sorry for ourselves and
see things as being against us, we attract more of that which we
don't want!

It is so important to start to believe in yourself and to have
faith that you can achieve whatever you put your mind on, after
all you have all that you need to do anything you want right now
in your hands; nevertheless it might take a while before you are
able to learn to make use of it.

The reason that most of us stumble along the journey to success
is that we have to first convince ourselves that we are truly
worthy and have all the abilities we need to succeed. 

Self-belief need not be arrogant if we accept that it as a gift
from the universe. It really is our birthright to be successful
in whatever endeavour we put our minds to so long as we realise
that 'if it going to be than it's up to me', and give back more
than you take out.

As soon as you start to move towards fulfilling your vision you
must ensure that you cultivate an unshakeable purpose in
achieving it and maintain steadfast faith that you will attain

It is important to note that there is a distinct different
between dreaming and having a positive vision. Dreaming is a
'wish' list whilst a vision is a 'want' list. Unless you are
passionate about what you want, you will find that your faith
will be sorely tested at the first obstacle you encounter.

So how do we go about gaining this faith or self-belief?

Know what it is that you want.

If you don't already know with clarity what you really want ask
yourself the questions 'What are my true desires?' 'What excites
me?' What do I feel passionate about?' You will find that these
types of questions will be answered if you care to listen. 

Learn all that you can about what you want

Find out as much background information on the things you want,
however don't become overawed by detail or discouraged by the
complexity of the action. Trust that if you really want
something, the universe will move to give it to you.

Look around for positive things to add to your vision

Develop an attitude of expecting the best from every situation
that arises and evaluate it in terms of whether it fits into your
vision or not. However, remember to allow other people to have
their own goals and visions.

Remind yourself constantly of what it is you are wanting

Make time each day to dream a little. Break your focus
occasionally from your day-to-day activities to imagine what it
feels like to get those things you are wanting. Get excited, get
passionate and expect the best.

Disregard negatives

Don't sabotage your ideas by pondering on the 'What if?'
question. Break up your vision or desires into bite-sized pieces
and concentrate only on the positives. OK, I know it is quite
difficult at first to always emphasise the positives but unless
you begin to make the effort then you will never allow the growth
that will happen. 

Cultivate an attitude of gratefulness

Be thankful in all of your dealings good & bad. No matter what
the day throws at you try saying thank you; you will be surprised
how things will turn around in your favour. 

Do every day all that needs to be done that day

Procrastination is a killer of desire.

Give more than you get

Let go of the result and allow things to happen; you will be
surprised just how far your faith will carry you.

Malcolm Harvey

Success is a journey not a destination.
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