Developing Leaders....New & Improved


"Developing Leaders--New And Improved!"

Ask any network marketing leader what the single biggest challenge today
is and he or she will tell you it's attrition--people dropping out of
the business before they start making money. It's the problem that
everybody's wrestling with. How about you? Are you having trouble
getting new recruits in production and keeping them in the business?

Maybe there's a solution. Let's see.

Let's be realistic, most people hate being told what they ought, should
or need to be doing in network marketing. Nobody wants to be ordered,
pushed, pulled or browbeaten into doing things somebody else wants them
to do.

People are tired of hearing things like...

"You should be making prospecting calls."

"You need to get some people to a meeting."

"You ought to be making $100,000 a year."

"You need to get more involved."
This type of so-called leading is especially self-defeating when the
people doing the talking are not practicing what they're preaching.

Maybe it's time for a change in the way we try to build
COACHING them to be themselves instead of trying to motivate them to be
who we want them to be.

What do we mean by coaching?

Coaching is a new field of consulting that helps people get clear on
their goals, helps them to take action steps and then holds them
accountable without any judgement. Sounds simple doesn't it?

It's more than that though.

Coaching also holds that "all people are naturally creative, resourceful
and whole" and everyone has their own natural gifts and talents for
reaching their desired goals.

The role of a network marketing coach is to help people decide what they
want, what they are willing to do to get what they want and then help
them discover comfortable ways to go about getting those things.

A key ingredient of coaching is to establish a relationship between the
coach and the distributor. That is accomplished by meeting (usually by
phone) with the distributor on a weekly basis.

One of the coolest things about coaching people instead of trying to
motivate them is that in each coaching session, the person being coached
decides what he (she) wants to talk about and work on. The coach simply
holds him accountable to what he said he would do and how he would do

We call this process, "Leadership Coaching."™

And yes, it's duplicable.

Coaching happens to be a perfect new leadership strategy for those who
want to bring a new perspective to their groups and build a successful
network marketing business...their way.

It's easier to lead, more fun to teach and fosters action from active
and inactive distributors alike.

To be a good network marketing coach you need to look at managing and
motivating people from an entirely new perspective.

You need to know something about...

Asking questions that cause people to move into action.

Listening on a very deep level. (Sometimes it's not what's being said
but what's NOT being said.)

Managing the "Gremlin." The Gremlin is that little voice in a new
recruit's head that tells him (her), "You're not gonna make it, you're
not good enough, it's too risky, you don't know how, you can't handle
rejection, your friends will hate you (etc.)."

Designing a coaching relationship with the downline members you want to
keep and develop.
There's a lot more to coaching than what you see above. To learn more
about Leadership Coaching: The Network Marketing Leader As Coach, Click


Network Marketing Quiz

Why do people fail at network marketing?

a. Poor sales and marketing skills

b. Lack of a duplicable system

c. Poor leadership skills

d. All of the above

(Answer at the end of this newsletter)


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"Answer to Network Marketing Quiz"

Answer: c. Poor leadership skills (You thought it was "all of the
above," didn't you?)

Have you ever heard of the expression, "If the student didn't learn, the
teacher didn't teach?"

It's true. The people who make the big money in NWM are leaders who stay
on the cutting edge of how to lead people and they lead by example. Are
you on the cutting edge?


Until the next issue...

Hilton Johnson,
The MLM Coach™

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