The Secrets of Being a Great Closer


"The Secrets of Being A Great NWM Closer"

Recently, I was observing a friend of mine who was giving a network
marketing business presentation to a young couple. When she finished
explaining all of the benefits of joining her company, it was obvious to
me that her prospects were ready to sign up. They were definitely ready
to be closed.

But instead of closing, she started rambling and mumbling on and on
about how perfect they were for the business. I thought, "Good grief!
She's already covered that! Why doesn't she just close the deal?" She
didn't though, and sure enough, she talked herself out of an enrollment.

Watching her sabotage her otherwise great presentation was unsettling
for me. As she kept talking and talking, I felt like screaming, "Shut
up! Ask for the commitment! It's time to close!" But, I didn't say a
word. As her coach, I knew I'd go over all of that with her later.

This issue's lesson is about CLOSING a network marketing presentation.

WHAT is a close?
Well, first of all, let's talk about what it isn't. Closing is NOT about
manipulating, pressuring or talking people into doing things against
their will. That kind of closing is offensive, obsolete and even
dangerous. (I never use and never teach high pressure closing

Closing is basically helping people make favorable decisions for
themselves. It's a happy, mutual agreement between two parties. Period.

However, knowing HOW to close when the prospect is ready can make a
major difference between being a mediocre network marketer and being a
hugely successful one.

Being a great closer will help you make the most money in the shortest
amount of time, with the least amount of inconvenience. And the best
part is, your prospects will be amazingly attracted to you because you
will not be "closing" them. You will be helping them to make "favorable
decisions" that THEY want to make. They like that.

WHEN do you close?
The best closes take place in the beginning of and all throughout the
presentation--not at the end.

If you do this right (it's so easy to do, you wouldn't believe it), the
conclusion of your presentation will be a few simple questions that
confirm your prospects are ready to go forward.

HOW do you close?
Ah, that is the question. How do you close without coming across as
aggressive or manipulative?

You close by asking questions.

Every time you ask a question that gets positive feedback, you are
closing. If you ask enough good feedback questions, you don't need a
final close. At the end you simply ask if they are ready to make a
commitment...and the odds are they will say yes.

I must warn you, however, if you try and "sell" your program at the end
instead of asking for the commitment, you will most likely scare your
prospects. This is why some network marketers leave a presentation
scratching their heads and wondering why their prospects didn't sign up
even though they were so positive throughout the presentation.

They didn't know how to shut up.

So, what kind of questions are we talking about?

We're talking about a variety of proven closing questions and formulas
for asking questions.

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"You learn to close by closing too soon and too often." --Jay Douglas


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Network Marketing Quiz

What is the single most important thing you must do in order to have a
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Have a product experience.
Be a successful recruiter.
Have clearly defined goals.
Make lots of money.
Help other people to be successful.
Make a profit.
Be full-time in the business.
Reach your company's highest pin level.
Have a huge sales organization.
Be a great salesperson and closer.
(See answer at end of this newsletter.)

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Until the next issue...

Hilton Johnson,
The MLM Coach™

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