A Hidden Secret To Business Building


"A Hidden Secret To Business Building"

So, what's the latest buzzword in network marketing today?

It's "coaching" or some variation of the word coach. Listen and you'll
hear things like:

"You need to be a coach to your people."
"Are you coachable?"
"When you join my company, I will coach you to success."
I've often wondered if the folks who talk about coaching really know
what they're talking about.

Today, I going to set the record straight-- I'm going to explain what a
real coach is and help you to become a network marketing coach in the

There are endless variations of coaching but when you get right down to
it, there are only two models that you need to be aware of:

The Co-active Coaching Model

Specialized Coaching
In its most simplistic form, the Co-active Coaching Model coaches by
asking the following questions:

What do you really want to accomplish?

What will that get you?

What's standing in the way?

What is a small action step you can take that will move you towards the
thing(s) you want to accomplish?

Are you willing to take that action step?

When will you do it?

How will I know you've done it?
Use this neat question formula on your downline members (and prospects)
and guess what? You're coaching!

(Notice that in the Co-active Model of coaching you don't have to have
any skills to coach other than to ask questions. Heck, you don't even
have to be successful at network marketing to do this kind of coaching.)

The Co-active Coaching Model is a terrific way to coach your
organization when you are not skilled in network marketing yourself. You
can be a failure at network marketing and still coach others to success
by utilizing the Co-active Coaching Model. (I'll bet that'll keep you
glued to this article.)

The other kind of coaching is what I call "Specialized Coaching." This
would be like coaching someone to play basketball, start a business,
lose weight or how to do a thousand other things (including how to be
good at network marketing).

The key to being good at this kind of coaching is that it can't be
faked--the coach actually has to be an expert at his or her coaching

For example, you can coach people with the Co-Active Coaching Model to
get them in action. But as a Speciality Coach, you can train, consult,
teach and support others more dramatically when you are an expert.

Do not delude yourself into thinking you can do Specialized Coaching
about something (like prospecting) that you do not know how to do well

An important piece in ALL coaching models is that to coach well, you
have to be completely non-judgmental.

As a coach you never want to TELL people what to do. Never make demands,
give orders or talk about yourself. Never give your opinion about
anything unless you're asked. Instead, when coaching, you want to make
suggestions, requests and express your intuitions. But beyond that, the
focus is always on the other person and not you, the coach.

If you want to be the best leader and coach you can be, start by
learning and implementing the Co-active Coaching Model with your group.
Then continue your Specialized Coaching journey by becoming an expert at
some aspect of network marketing (like marketing, lead generation, time
management, etc.).

You'll find that success will come quicker as you lead (coach) by asking
questions instead of telling others what they should be doing. Decide
right now that you will never tell someone else what to do. Instead,
coach them by finding out what they are willing to do and when.

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"If you're good at coaching, you already have the skills to be good at

--Hilton Johnson



Cool Resources

I am delighted that one of the top mlm trainers in the industry, Kim
Klaver, has agreed to let me reprint one of her articles. Enjoy!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding and you...
Copyright Kim Klaver

How many of you have gone to see the unexpected movie hit, "My Big Fat
Greek Wedding"?

It has grossed over $190 million already, and was made for a pittance by
Hollywood standards, $5 million. ("Minority Report" with Tom Cruise was
made for over $100 million.)

Do you know the story of writer and star, Nia Vardalos?

Ms. Vardalos, a complete unknown until now, was performing a stand up
comedy routine about her family and non-Greek husband at a LA nightclub
some months ago. She had turned to comedy in a last ditch effort to
support herself after failing to find work in film or television. Even
though she was struggling to make a living in Los Angeles, she was
determined she would do something with her Greek background, because
that's who she was. Another lady of Greek ancestry went to see it, and
loved it. So did her husband. They agreed that it would make a neat
film. When the husband & wife, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hanks, suggested the
film idea to her, they found SHE HAD ALREADY WRITTEN A SCRIPT. (NY

Not surprisingly, ALL the big (mainstream) studios turned the film down.
No one wanted to buy it or distribute it. So the Hanks did it
themselves, with an independent production company of Mr. Hanks, and
HBO. Next they did something else differently. They opened the film in
just a few theatres, to give it a chance to take and get good word of
mouth to help it expand. They decided against blasting it around
everywhere like they do with the big blockbusters that bounce around the
Top 10 list for a few weeks and then disappear.

Anyway, "Greek Wedding" started slowly. It opened in just over 100
theatres. And now, 34 weeks into its run, it is playing at more than
1,500 theaters and shows no sign of weakening. (NY Times)

With the product or service you have decided to market, do you believe
in it because you have seen the results for yourself and know it is
good? Are you willing to start slowly (Nia Vardalos did her thing for
six years) knowing that you know it works, and let word of mouth help
you expand it? Not hype that has nothing but hot air? How?

Find YOUR audience, like the movie makers did: People who are a match
for YOUR values. People who share the same interests you do where your
product or service (or business) is concerned. People who would use the

How do you do that? DESCRIBE THEM.

For example, say you market a phone service. You could say, without much
thinking effort, that I market a long distance phone service that's the
cheapest. Many people do say that. Think that turns on the juices for
many people? Plus who does that attract? Do you really want "cheap"

I asked a lady on a recent call who used to say that, this question: Why
do YOU use that service? She said: Blah blah blah; AND, it's the first
time a phone company made me feel pampered. Hmm. Now THAT sounds
interesting. How about the next time someone asks what you do or what
you market: "I market a phone service for people who want to be pampered
by their phone company. What do you do?"

Who would respond? Just people who wish their phone company would pamper
them. People who value the same thing you do. Why not? That's what's
important to you, right? How about a bunch of you together on your team
who feel the same way?

And you start your own Big Fat Greek Wedding right there. Asking for
people JUST LIKE YOU. They are your "audience." We can help you do this
for any product line you represent. For any business you represent.

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Until the next issue...

Hilton Johnson,
The MLM Coach™

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