How to Build a Huge Organization

Without Prospecting


"How To Build A Huge Organization Without Prospecting"

Making prospecting calls is about as much fun as hitting your thumb
repeatedly with a hammer... it only feels good when you stop.

Being told to make cold prospecting calls is worse-it's like a long
prison sentence.

People ask me all the time to teach them how to make cold calls. They
say, "Hilton, I've run out of people to call in my warm market, will you
teach me how to make cold calls?"

I do. I send them to my ScriptWriter™ Program.

ScriptWriter is a web based program that will instantly design hundreds
of personalized warm and cold call prospecting scripts for free.

The trouble is, most people won't make the calls even when you hand them
the perfect script. Why is that so?

Let's face it, making prospecting calls of any kind invites rejection
and who likes getting rejected? Not me, how about you?

But, what if there were some ways that you and I could attract qualified
prospects without any prospecting? Would that be a little better? ("Duh"
you say.)

Okay, here are some of the ways the most successful entrepreneurs on
earth make millions without prospecting.

(NOTE: Keep in mind that some of the following activities take time and
some training to learn but once mastered, they can attract prospects to
you like flies at a family reunion. And don't fret, you too can learn to
do these things.)

1. Write a Monthly Email Newsletter.

(It's easier to do than you think.)

A newsletter that contains valuable information (health and wealth) that
is emailed month after month (no spamming) to a list will allow you to
develop new relationships all over the world. As these relationships
develop so will the trust with your subscribers. Your subscribers will
begin to identify with you and eventually contact you to do business.

I call this, "Marketing By Attraction."™

There are endless ways to get people to subscribe to your free email
newsletter without prospecting them. (I'll cover some of the strategies
in a future MLM SalesCoach Newsletter.)

Oh, by the way, I no longer have to prospect to get business because of
the newsletter you're reading right now.

2. Be a TeleClass Leader.

Today, you can unite like-minded people from all over the world with low
cost teleconference bridge systems. You can train, build relationships,
create community, hold mastermind sessions, give presentations, create
cassette albums and a host of other things with "TeleClasses."

If you want to see some examples of what you can do when you learn the
art of leading lively, interactive TeleClasses, go to:

3. Be a Public Speaker.

(Again, a lot easier than you think.)

Whenever you stand in front of an organized group of people, you will
almost always attract people to you. Many will buy whatever you're

Speaking in public can be one of the most powerful ways to build a
business--ANY business.

The trick to being a successful speaker is not being a "great speaker,"
the trick is to have an audience.

4. Build Alliances.

Instead of making miserable prospecting calls each day, make calls to
people who can make you rich overnight. I'm talking about Centers of
Influence. This is professional marketing big-time.

Who do you know (or would like to know) who has a relationship with your
ideal prospects? Maybe it could be health club owners, entrepreneur
magazine editors, websites that market to people who want to work from
home. The list is endless.

Remember this: You must have something worthwhile to offer your centers
of influence when you contact them. They will not endorse you or expose
you to their lists if there is nothing in it for them. (There's always a
catch, ain't there?)

5. Be a Coach.

Professional coaching is a burgeoning new kind of consulting that is
perfectly suited to network marketers. Coaching allows network marketers
to use the people and business skills they take for granted every day to
attract prospects and develop their downline members. (Hint: You offer
to coach them-not to motivate or persuade them.)

Professional coaching can also generate an additional, significant
income stream while complimenting a network marketing business.


FREE Training TeleClass

You can learn (for free) some simple language formulas that are so
powerful, they will actually cause your prospects to sell themselves on
your products and your network marketing business.

This is a 55-minute teleconference program (TeleClass) that will
introduce you to my 8-week "Selling By Attraction" Program.

In this sample TeleClass, you will learn:

How to attract only the very best leaders to your business.

How to make prospecting and presenting natural, fun and downright
irresistible to your prospects.

Powerful questions that cause your prospects to talk themselves into
buying your products and/or enrolling into your business. (Warning: You
may become upset because you didn't know these questions existed before
this class.)
For date/time and to register for a sample training session, CLICK HERE.

You will receive (by email) a confirmation message with the
teleconference bridge number to call and a description of the program.


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Until the next issue...

Hilton Johnson,
The MLM Coach™

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