Instant Everything


Instant Everything
by Michael S. Clouse

Man stands in front of that rectangular shaped, nuclear-particle devise
some call a microwave, mumbling under his breath, "Come on, come on, why
is this thing taking so long?" All I can do is shake my head, and wonder
if anyone ever informed our got-to have-it-yesterday guy the reason we
call it a lunch-hour?

Personally I'm sick of it, and I've got a few things to say—so make
yourself another cup of instant coffee, dump in a little non-dairy
creamer, nuke some breakfast goo, and allow me to explain why it still
need a lifetime to become an overnight success.

Who are these idiots placing ads in opportunity seekers magazines
promising instant riches—with no downline to build—because they will do
all the work for you? Just fax in your application—along with your
required sucker fee—sit back and relax. Easy street here you come!

How did we allow ourselves to get swept up in this instant mentality?
And why do so many continue to believe the lies perpetuated in our own

Let me give you some examples of what I mean. Now keep in mind that
these are actual Network Marketing adds taken from several business

• HUGE INCOME! $10,000 1st month! I did.
So can you. (800) 775-XXXX, Extension #1853

• MLM BPEAKTHROUGH! Downline built for you
guaranteed! No fees or hassles. (800) 372-XXXX

Call (800) 820-XXXX! Then call (703) 368-XXXX

And on, and on, and on it goes. The promise of no work, massive income,
and all with zero risk. What could be better than that?

How about the truth?

If you really want to build a long-term successful business in Network
Marketing, this is what you will need to do:

A) Select the right company, and make a life-long commitment.

By the way, you'll know you're with the right company if a resounding
"yes" is your answer to these two questions: 1) If there wasn't a
business model attached to my company's product(s), would I be buying
them? And, 2) If I made a purchase (again without an opportunity to
profit) would I be so excited by the benefits received, that through
casual conversation I would share my experiences with friends, family,
and business associates?

B) Investing eight to ten hours a week, one Saturday per month, and one
weekend per quarter over the next two to five years.

Following your company's proven business plan, you should be able to
replace your full-time income. After that, the sky's the limit. And if
your company doesn't have a proven business plan, well, that would be a

C) Start sharing the business with your friends, family, and business

Tell the story, show the plan, and them ask them if they would like to
start dreaming again. After all, Network Marketing leaders know that we
sell more dreams than all our products, goods, and services put

Last and certainly not least, avoid anything, and anyone who offers you
their 30-day shortcut to success. Because if it won't take two to five
years to build, it's not a business, it's a game and one you probably
won't want to play.

All the best,


Copyright 2002 by Michael S. Clouse.

Michael S. Clouse
Editor-in-Chief, Nexera e-News™.
Former Editor-in-Chief, Upline® Journal.

University of Illinois at Chicago
Certified Network Marketing Professional.

Author of Future Choice, Building Your Empire,
Seven Prospecting Secrets, Business Is Booming!
Prospecting 101, and The TeleCoaching Workshop.

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