How Listening Will Make You

The Ultimate Leader



"How Listening Will Make You The Ultimate
Network Marketing Leader"

Listening on a deep level can make a profound impact on a prospect or
downline member. People are attracted to people who focus their
attention on them.

Listening is one of the most important skills a network marketer can
learn. It is a prerequisite to all of the other skills used in
prospecting, marketing and motivating.

Unfortunately, most network marketers haven't the faintest idea of how
to properly listen in a way that attracts and keeps leaders. (They're
too busy making demands, expressing opinions, "telling" and making

The ultimate network marketer is a trained coach who has learned the art
of listening at three different levels. In this issue, we're going to
discuss the first two levels and in another issue, we'll discuss the

Level I: Internal Listening

At Level I Listening, the attention is on us instead of the other
person. We listen to the words the other person is saying but our focus
is on what it means to us. At Level I, the focus is on me: my thoughts,
my judgements, my feelings, etc. It's the chatter that goes on inside
our heads while another person is talking.

The prospect is always at Level I when the network marketer is talking.
That's his (her) job, to think about his own situation. However, the
master networker should never be listening at Level I when prospecting.
Listening with impact begins at Level II.

Level II: Focused Listening

In Level II Listening, the attention is on the other person. You are
listening at Level II when you have lazer- focused attention; you're
interested in every word; you provide a level of empathy and
understanding; you clarify; you probe; you listen for values,
expressions, emotions; you discover what makes the person energetic; and
you notice how he (she) reacts to your responses.

It's one of the big reasons people love leaders who coach by listening
rather than motivating by "shoulds." Perhaps that's because deep
listening is one of those rare situations where someone is totally
focused on them.

As a network marketing leader you will want to listen to your prospects
and your sales organization at Level II. You want to be there for them
without even being aware of the outside world.

You want to be totally focused on what your prospects and downline
members are trying to communicate without thinking about your own
opinions, judgments or even your next question.

(In fact, if you are thinking of your next question or what you're going
to do next, that's a good indication that you're listening at Level I.)

At Level II Listening, you do not want to offer solutions to your
downline members' problems. Your (coaching) questions will cause them to
think and draw their own conclusions which usually cause them to move
into action based on what they want--not what you want.

When you listen like that, you become an irresistibly attractive network
marketing coach that beckons and keeps a solid sales organization.

Are you listening?

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Sales and Marketing Quiz:

"What is the single most important daily activity that will guarantee
your network marketing success?

1. Make a single prospecting call.
2. Organize (goal setting, planning, prioritizing, etc.).
3. Motivate/train downline members.
4. Pray for miracles.

(Answer at the end of this newsletter)

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Answer to Quiz:

1. Making a single prospecting call.

Almost nothing can take the place of making prospecting calls on a daily
basis even if it's only one call a day. It's the skill that must be
mastered to insure success in network marketing. Don't let anyone else
tell you different.

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Until the next issue...

Hilton Johnson,
The MLM Coach™

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