The Magic & Power of Questions



"The Magic And Power Of Questions"

Network marketers talk too much.

Listen to them. They are sooooo excited about what the products have
done for them and how wonderful their business opportunity is, they
can't shut up.

The single greatest reason people do not make it in NWM is they talk
themselves out of the business. And it's no wonder, people are fed up
with being pitched and pitched by people who just keep running their

The best network marketers (and business leaders, salespeople,
attorneys, therapists, doctors, teachers, life coaches and even
politicians) have made it their business to be good at asking questions
and listening very carefully.

But not just any questions--powerful, proven questions.

I've noticed that smart people in business are always studying
questioning techniques. They also listen for and collect good questions
when they read or hear them. I've been collecting questions for over 40
years and still do.

Think about this: It's impossible to build a successful network
marketing business without people. And you don't attract and keep good
people without good communication skills. That's a given.

To make money in this business you have to recruit and keep good people.

What better way to attract and keep the people you want than asking the
kinds of questions that will cause people to like and trust you to the
point that they want to join your business, buy your products and work
with you for the rest of their lives?

Can asking NWM questions be that magical and powerful you ask?

You bet.

I am so convinced that questions are the key to creating and developing
a network marketing machine that I have created an entirely new program
based on asking NWM questions to recruit and develop leaders.

Look at the following sample of NWM questions, think about them for a
minute, and see if you don't agree with me that they will have magic and
power when you ask them:

Questions That Uncover Issues:

"What's standing in the way of you accomplishing your network marketing

"What are you committed to?" (Makes you think doesn't it?)

"What would you like to be different in your life right now?"
Exploration Questions: (Got some people that are in a rut? Try these...)

"May we explore together some ways to get you unstuck?"

"Would you like to brainstorm some ideas for generating some quality

"What are some other options you would consider?"
Perspective Questions: (Here's how to handle the distributor that just
got blown away by a prospect...)

"What was humorous about that prospect's reaction to you?"

"What was good about the presentation that you missed?"

"If you were to teach your group to have fun with network marketing,
what would you say?"
Learning Questions:

"If the same situation came up again, what would you do differently?"

"If we could wipe the slate clean, how would you start over?"

"If your life depended on taking action, what action would you take?"
Action Questions:

"What are you willing to give up in order to build a successful NWM

"What is a small simple step that you could take that would move you
forward in that direction?"

"What are you going to do to make things happen?"
The above questions are only a small example of ways to lead people by
coaching them with questions instead of overpowering them with a lot of
talk. To learn more about the "Magic and Power of Questions, CLICK HERE.


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Quote of the Day

"It's not the answer, it's the quality of the question."


Until the next issue...

Hilton Johnson,
The MLM Coach™

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