How To Make The Most Amount of Money

In the Least Amount of Time

With the Least Amount of Effort


"How to Make the Most Money in NWM in the Least Amount
of Time with the Least Amount of Effort"

Dan Barrow could not get his gas furnace to light. Determined to get it
to work he tried everything. He blew out and stripped the lines; he
scraped and cleaned the inside; he disassembled and reassembled parts;
he screamed and cursed at it.


In a fit of frustration and despair, Dan called in a heating mechanic.
The mechanic took one quick look inside the heater and tapped the
outside with a small hammer. Presto! The furnace lit up!

Delighted, Dan asked what he owed and the mechanic replied, "That'll be
$300 please." Astonished at the price, Dan demanded an itemized bill.

Here is what the mechanic wrote down:

One knock with one hammer: One dollar. Knowing WHERE to knock: Two
hundred and ninety nine dollars.

So, what's the lesson here?

Do you know where to be knocking in your network marketing business to
make it work?

Are you in a situation where you are basically having to figure it out
all by yourself?

Are you having trouble managing your time?

Do you lack structure?

Are people telling you how to do the business who know even less than
you do?

If so, perhaps it's time for you to consider bringing in an expert.
Maybe you ought to hire yourself a coach: a network marketing business

Not the kind that simply claims to be a coach but someone in NWM who can
document his/her success and is professionally trained to be a coach.
That's the only kind of coach you should consider hiring.

My wife and I know about the value of coaching because it's how we built
MLM University.

When we decided to create a virtual network marketing training company,
we hired the president of the largest coach training company in the
world to coach us on how to set up and run the company the way they were
already doing it.

When I wanted to learn to write email newsletters (like this one), I
hired an expert coach to show me how (I could have never figured it out
on my on).

When we wanted to set up an email system to run our business, we hired
an expert to coach us through the process.

When we wanted to learn how to conduct group coaching sessions by
teleconference, we hired the guy who pioneered the concept (and who was
earning a million dollars a year doing it) to be our coach.

Did all of this coaching cost us a lot of money? You'd better believe
it. But it would have cost us so much more to have tried winging it (if
we could have done it at all).

In retrospect, hiring coaches to help and guide us has been the single
greatest investment we've ever made in creating and operating our
training companies.

But, don't take our word about the value of coaching. Try it out
yourself for FREE.

Simply follow the instructions below and receive a FREE 30-minute
coaching session by phone with one of our business coaches. (This offer
is available only in the United States at this time.)


FREE Coaching Call

Receive a FREE, 30-minute private coaching session by telephone that
will help you evaluate and supercharge your NWM business!

How it works...

First, we evaluate your numbers: where you are in your business today,
what actions you are taking to build your business, what's working and
what's not, what's missing and how much time and money you are spending
on prospecting and marketing.

Second, we look at your business plan (if you have one) and your
prospecting and presentation scripts (if you have any).

Then, we coach you on what you are doing right and what you are doing

See how Business Coaching will help you. Click Here now to sign up for a
FREE, no obligation, 30-minute coaching call.

In This FREE Coaching session, You Will Be Coached On:

How to earn the most money from your NWM business with the least amount
of effort and expense.

How you can save hundreds of dollars a month.

How to overcome any blocks that may be holding you back in your

How to improve your prospecting scripts and dialogues.
The purpose for offering this free, yet very powerful coaching session
is for you to sample MLM University's ultimate 12-month coaching,
training and accountability program called, "Business Coaching," at no
risk or obligation.

The value of this free coaching session is $150.

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"A coach will tell you what you don't want to hear, make you see what it
is you don't want to see, and ultimately help you become the person you
want to be." --Vince Lombardi



Until the next issue...

Hilton Johnson,
The MLM Coach™

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