The Greatest Motivation Skill in the World

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"The Greatest Motivation Skill In The World" (Part 1)

What Motivates People?

All animal life (including human life) revolves around two powerful


Every minute of every day, you and I are either trying to avoid pain
(problems, frustrations and dissatisfactions) and/or seek pleasure
(dreams, desires, goals and aspirations).

Of the two motivators, pain is by far the greater. People will do almost
anything to get out of pain. (Think of the desperate people who travel
to Mexico to purchase highly questionable drugs that are illegal in
their country to treat their illnesses. Think of the Cubans who risk
their lives on flimsy rafts to get to America in search of a better

If you know the specific pain your prospects are concerned about and the
pleasures they'd like to experience, and if your products and services
and/or your business program can help meet those needs, the odds of them
being attracted to you and your business are extremely high. (This is,
of course, conditional upon your presentation not being the pushy or
aggressive type.)

What Motivates People To Take Immediate Action?

All significant buying decisions are based on emotion. It doesn't matter
whether someone buys a toy for a child or a multi-million-dollar office
building, emotion plays the major role when making buying decisions.

Now, think about this: The more emotional a person becomes about
particular issues, the more likely he or she will take an action to
address those needs.

Emotion plays such a major role in buying decisions, it often leads to
actions and decisions not previously considered. For example, a person
who would normally never consider network marketing becomes worried
about layoffs or downsizing. Insecurity sets in. All of a sudden network
marketing becomes more attractive.

When approaching potential prospects, your first goal should always be
to uncover specific problems they may have. Once you do that, you can
(through a dialogue exchange) elevate those problems to such an
emotional level that your prospects are ready to look for solutions.
Then, and only then, do you show them how your products, services and
your business program are the solutions they need.

This is the sales strategy of the most successful salespeople, business
people, network marketers and corporations on earth. I call it, "Selling
By Attraction."

So, how do you get people to talk about their problems? That's easy. You
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I'll have a nice surprise for you at the end of the article.

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Sales and Marketing Quiz:

What is the secret to happiness?

a. Making lots of money.

b. Helping other people reach their goals

c. Doing something difficult

d. Sex

(Answer at the end of this newsletter)


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Answer to Quiz:

c. "Doing something difficult."

Studies have shown that people have their happiest moments when they are
engaged in a complex activity (like prospecting) but only when they have
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