Moving Forward




Quote of the month

“For everything you gain, you lose something.”


On Moving Forward

Here is the question of the month…. “I feel like I am a pretty aware person. I
study personal growth and the success theories of many writers. But, I still feel
like I am not where I want to be in my life. I want to move forward and I
obviously have not found what it is I need to do so.
Where do I go from here?”

This feeling, the feeling of spinning your wheels and being stuck is all too
familiar for many of us. You work and work and still don’t get ahead. You are
constantly within arms reach of success. It feels like you have tried it all, and
you are at the point that you feel noting truly works.

Maybe it’s all about luck, and you are not one of the

“lucky” ones. Maybe it’s just part of God’s plan for you – and it’s not in the plan
for you to make a million dollars a year, nor is it in the plan for you to be happy
in your relationships. You look for “your lesson” and you try to be satisfied with
where you are on your journey.

Deep down inside, many of you may be feeling a little slighted, a little ripped
off, and a little depressed that you have invested so much into your personal
and financial growth, but see little results.


The good news is moving forward may be easier than you think! Although the
philosophy on success and how to get there is quite broad and can be very
in-depth, you CAN get started doing a few simple things – AND begin to
produce results. Sometimes in the search for success we overlook the starting
point. You can know yourself inside and out – but it’s laying the foundation
that is the most important step. Let’s take a look at a few simple key points
before you give up any hope that you are meant to prosper and grow in this life.

Jumpstart! How to Move Forward When Your Stuck

1. Have you written down your goals and desires? The first and foremost thing
that I can tell you to do is write down your desires and wants. Tweak them
until those desires and wants are pure and in perfect alignment with what you
truly desire in your life. You won’t be surprised
when synchronistic events begin to happen in your life.

2. Visualize your desires. This is quite different that creating a vision for your
life. If you desire a red sports car, then visualize it. Put a picture of the model
you want on the fridge. Put a picture of you in the driver’s seat. Be very clear
and very detailed. 

Send a detailed description and you are likely to get what
you want. Send a vague description and get vague
success. This works on inner, universal, and energetic levels.

3. Create daily affirmation and declarations that are relevant to you and your
life. Spend five minutes a day affirming. If you are not sure how to affirm or
declare – Oprah says start with “thy will be done”. I agree. Catherine Ponder
says the words “utter” and “outer” have similar meaning. What you utter
becomes outer. You will find your actions beginning to effortlessly line up with
what you want.

4. Ask yourself – “Am I in alignment today?” Are my desires, thoughts, beliefs,
and attitudes all working toward the same goal? Where am working against
myself and what I desire for my life? You need to be
willing to examine your deepest belief systems – it’s often those that we are
most unaware of, that keep us out of alignment. Ask your coach!

5. Know that what you put out you get back. It’s the oldest law, and it’s the
law of Attraction. Your life is a direct reflection of what is going on within you,
and what you are sending out. If you are living with scarcity thoughts, like “I
can’t get ahead”, then you are not in alignment with your goals and desires
and you won’t get ahead. If you are angry, resentful, or haven’t forgiven, know
that these emotions are not in congruence with creating prosperity in your life either.

6. Ask yourself, “What do I need to let go?” You need to create a vacuum for
wealth and prosperity to flow into your life. Clear the decks emotionally,
mentally, and physically. If you are not getting what you want in life there is a
very high chance that you need to release something.

Release an emotion, release money, give, or maybe just clean your closet.
Emerson says, “for everything you gain, you lose something.”

7. Know that you are indeed on a journey, but you have been blessed with
CHOICE in your life, and you get to choose how you will go about life’s
homework. You don’t have to settle for whatever life deals you. You do have
control. Choose to be wildly prosperous.

8. To simplify the jumpstart process? – just do something….anything. Write
your list of goals and desires and then clean a closet. Pay attention to what
starts to “move in” as you move ahead.

Best wishes,
Lori Hamann

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