How To Make A Presentation In Print


"How to Make a Presentation In Print"

Boring, boring, boring.

That's what it's like when you read most brochures, flyers, websites,
email and other marketing pieces written by people who have not been
trained on how to write ad copy.

Presentations in print degenerate from boring to disgusting when they
have been butchered with excessive punctuation marks (!!!!), overused
superlatives (Fantastic! Awesome! Sensational!) and excessive
capitalization (ACT NOW! WILL NOT LAST! THIS IS IT!).

Knowing some basic ad copy writing skills for the Internet, email
campaigns, printed promotional material or even for your voice mail
messages can make the difference between having a steady stream of
qualified prospects coming to you or you having to try and find them
through (ugh) cold call telemarketing.

Today, I'm going to teach you three of the things you need to know about
writing good copy.

Make your copy benefit oriented

Most advertising is "feature" oriented. What is a feature? A feature is
'what it is and/or what it does. Here are some examples:

* All of our products are proprietary.
* Our company is debt free.
* We have a great training program.

To make your ads "benefit" oriented, tell your reader what these
features will do for him/her:

* All of our products are proprietary. That means your prospects can
only buy them from you. You get customers for life.

* Our company is debt free. You don't have to worry about the company
going bankrupt. The company has enough resources to keep you on the
cutting edge of new products and services for you to market.

* We have a great training program. We will show you step-by-step what
to do to start making money immediately.

Now, do you understand the difference between features and benefits?


Why should the reader believe you? The second thing you need to include
in all of your promotions is credibility.

Here are a couple of ways to build credibility in your advertising and
marketing copy.

* Mention credible connections.

If your company is a member of The Direct Selling Association, put that
in your ad. If your company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange,
that will give you credibility too. If your products are endorsed by
doctors, by all means, put that in your ad.

* Take them behind the scenes.

Tell the reader about all of the training you've received. Tell the
reader about your many years of experience or education.

You can also build credibility by telling the reader how much trouble
you will go through to make them successful. Tell the reader each step
of your training process and how you will even go with him/her on
several presentations to explain the program.


And thirdly, what separates you, your company and/or your products and
services from the competition? Without any hype, exaggeration or
misrepresentation, write about what makes you or your program really
different from all of the others?

Does your company offer 100% satisfaction guarantees on your products?

Does your company generate all of the leads a person could handle via
the Internet?

Have you received training as a coach and will you use your coaching
skills to help someone have balance in his/her life as well as a
successful network marketing business?

Think about what you can offer that will make you or your company
dramatically different and then sell that difference in print.


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"Avoid superlatives, generalizations, and platitudes. Be specific and
factual. Be enthusiastic, friendly, and memorable. Don't be a bore. Tell
the truth, but make the truth fascinating."

--David Ogilvy "Confessions of an Advertising Man" (Ballantine Books)


Until the next issue...

Hilton Johnson,
The MLM Coach™

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