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"What You Need To Know About Prospecting (Part II)"

Hereís something you already know:

The engine that drives a successful network marketing business is
prospecting. Thereís really no way to get around that fact. Itís the
highest income producing activity you can do. If youíre not willing to
do it, forgetaboutit.

Oh yeah, a few folks have gotten lucky and recruited a couple of people
who made them rich. But, that was like winning the lottery. For the rest
of us, weíre stuck with grinding out a large and profitable organization
by making prospecting calls over and over.

So, if we have to prospect to build a successful business, we might as
well get good at it. Right?

In this issue, Iím going to attempt to drive home some important points
you need to know in order for you to get really, really good at the
business of prospecting.

Note: In the last newsletter we covered Part I of "What You Need To Know
About Prospecting." To view this article, CLICK HERE.

Here ya go:

The Language
An important part of any good prospecting system is to know exactly what
you are going to say to your prospect.

You need a script.

Go to the most successful network marketers in your organization and
find out what they say when prospecting. Successful leaders usually have
a script and/or a formula for making effective calls. (You will easily
recognize the power of this script when you hear it because you will see
how bad your "winging it" script sounds in comparison.)

If you can't find a successful person with your company that will help
you with this, locate a training program that teaches specific language
for making qualified prospecting calls and learn those scripts backwards
and forwards. Believe me, youíll be glad you did.

The Law Of Large Numbers
There is no such thing as a bad prospecting call. Every call has
monetary value in the long run. You can prove this by crunching your

Insurance companies can tell you how many people are going to die next
year. They can tell you how many will be men and how many will be women.
They can even tell you what they will die of. There is only one thing
they cannot tell you, and that is, who is going to die. They base their
premiums and their profits on these numbers...and you too can benefit
from knowing your own numbers.

You need to have a chart system for keeping perfect track of your
calling activity. When you make a call, you make a mark. When you make
contact with a prospect, you make a mark. When you get an appointment,
you make a mark. And when you make a sale or get an enrollment, you make
a mark.

Keeping track of your prospecting efforts will allow you to look at your
daily, weekly and monthly numbers, see what's working and what's not and
make adjustments.

A simple tracking system is the health chart of your business. It will
allow you to calculate the long-range monetary value of a single
prospecting call...whether that person says yes to your proposal or not.

That's the professional way to build a successful network marketing

The Myth Of Rejection
Do you remember the joke about the guy who stood on a busy street corner
and every time a pretty girl walked by he would ask her for sex? One
fellow observing this went up to the guy and asked if he didn't get a
lot of slaps asking a question like that. The guy responded with, "Yeah,
but I get a lot of sex too."

That's the image most people have about prospecting...you have to get
lots of slaps before you can achieve success. Thatís not true...if you
know what youíre doing.

We fear the unknown. We assume that because we don't like to receive
prospecting calls ourselves, everybody will reject us. Again, not true.

Most people are relatively nice to network marketers when they call even
if they are not interested in their offer. This of course, is provided
that the person making the call gets right to the point and doesn't try
to shove something down the prospect's throat. (Remind you of anybody
you know?)

Rejection is almost never as often or as bad as people imagine. If you
don't already know this, you probably are not calling the right people
or using the right scripts.

The Personal Assistant
One of the really neat things about making prospecting calls is that you
don't have to do it forever. You can eventually hire someone to do it
for you.

Yes, you really can.

There are many talented people who would love to work out of their homes
making appointments for you. You can pay these people a fraction of what
your time is worth and they will keep you busy doing the highest income
producing activity of all... giving qualified presentations.

However, hereís the caveat: Before you can teach someone to set
appointments for you, you must first know how to do it yourself. You
cannot expect someone else to do something reasonably well that you
can't do extremely well.

Take the time and learn to be a prospecting machine and then teach
someone else to do it for you. I believe itís the network marketing
prospecting system of the future.

The Greatest Security
Finally, suppose you were blindfolded and taken to a foreign country and
left there with no money, no credit cards and no knowledge of the
language, could you survive? Of course you could if you knew how to sell
and would be willing to prospect.

You could persuade someone to translate your presentation and make the
calls for you. By the evening of your first day in the strange land, you
would have money in your pocket and have a comfortable place to sleep.
No problem.

Can you do that with any other business? No.

Knowing how to sell and how to make prospecting calls is the greatest
business asset you can have whether youíre in network marketing or not.
If you do not have the success in your network marketing business that
you really want, learning how to make prospecting calls and actually
making them will take you and keep you at the top level of your company.

Donít take my word for it, ask the president of your company.

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"You donít have any problems in network marketing that prospecting wonít


The Coach's Corner

Itís not enough to simply make a prospecting call and get a prospect to
agree to look at your program. After he (she) has indicated an interest
in your offer, you must probe deeper to see if he meets all of your
requirements before you give him your presentation.

You want to know that if your program meets his needs, he is ready to do
business now; he can afford it; all of the decision makers are present
and that he cannot think of anything else that would block him from
going forward.

If he meets all of those requirements, you have a 100% qualified
prospect--the only kind to which you should give a presentation.


New Cool Resources

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Networking is easy...if you have lots of prospects.
Most distributors spend all of their time looking for prospects instead
of spending their time giving presentations.

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Until the next issue...

Hilton Johnson,
The MLM Coachô

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