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"How to Recruit the Masses Without Prospecting,
Presenting or Closing (Part II)"

"Queen Mary Drinks Canadian Club."

Can you remember the above words? Go ahead, say them out loud with me:
"Queen Mary Drinks Canadian Club." If you can remember them, you will
remember the starting letters of "QMDCC" and they will trigger the
language for you to gently and smoothly wrap up your recruiting efforts
without using a hard close. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

In the last issue we discussed how "Marketing By Attraction™" will
attract ideal prospects to you without prospecting.

In this issue, I'm going to teach you what to do with your prospect
after he or she has been exposed to your program. I'm going to give you
a formula for "closing" without a pushy close.

Here's how it works:

Let's say that you've been doing a good job of "Marketing By Attraction"
and you now have generated a prospect that has an interest in your

The next step is to make sure that he or she is exposed to a complete
explanation/presentation. It doesn't matter if the presentation is via a
website, face-to-face, conference call, meeting or whatever. The
important thing is that you want your prospect to at least be interested
enough to have the next conversation with you.

Following a complete presentation, you then want your prospect to call
you at a predetermined time to discuss your requirements for joining
your program. Let your prospect know that you MUST have a private
conversation with her before the two of you can go to the next step.
(It's important that you adopt this posture if you want this formula to
give you the leverage you'll need for closing most of your prospects.)

Here are the steps to follow when the call comes in:



Deep Probing


(I'll bet you've noticed that the first letters in this sequence are the
same first letters as in the memory jogger I gave you in the beginning
of this newsletter. In case you missed it, "Queen Mary Drinks Canadian
Club (QMDCC) equates to: Question, Motivation, Deep Probing, Clearing
and Commitment.) Got it?

Now that you can easily recall this formula, here's how you might sound
when your prospect calls for the scheduled appointment:

Question (Q): "Thank you for calling sir. Before we get started, do you
have any QUESTIONS you'd like to ask me about the program?" (If yes,
answer all of his questions before continuing.)

Motivation (M): "May I ask what it is about this program that has
MOTIVATED you to ive it consideration?" (He will now tell you about the
benefits he sees for himself.)

DEEP Probing (D): (Go deeper with more questions.) "How else will this
program help you? How do you feel about the products? How will NWM be of
value to your family long-range?" (Ask Probing Questions that cause your
prospects to elaborate on the benefits of the program. Remember, the
more they tell you what appeals to them, the more they will sell
themselves on you, your company and your program. That's why you don't
have to close because they will do that themselves in this process.)

Clearing (C): ("Clearing" is asking minor commitment questions that
clear up anything that will stand in the way of you asking the final
commitment question.) Examples: "We have our business meetings on
Wednesdays at 7 PM. Does that work for you?" ('Yes.') "You will need to
get three-way calling. Will you do that?" ('Yes.') "Would you like for
me to help you make up your warm list?" ('Yes.') (Every time you ask a
question and your prospect says yes, he (she) is telling you he is ready
to go forward with your program. What could be easier?)

Commitment (C): "Fine. Are you ready to get started in the business?"
(Your prospect will say yes.)
It's just that simple to wrap this whole thing up. Go for it.

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Until the next issue...

Hilton Johnson,
The MLM Coach™

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