Tough Love


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A letter from a member to me:

"You say stay positive? How can I be positive when the 
companies I join go bankrupt, the people I recruit do 
nothing and the income I made my first year was less
than what I spent to make it."

-- Frustrated
(Name witheld)

OK... it's time for some tough love. I'm going to 
give it to you straight. This might hurt a little but
it's for your own good.

1. "The companies I join go bankrupt"

Did you know that 50% of the companies on the Fortune
500 list from 20 years ago do not even exist today?
Yup. 50%.

What makes you think network marketing and home-based
business companies are any different?

Listen... it's business. There are risks. There are
failures. Big deal. 

Success is more about getting back up again than it is 
about never falling down.

Find another company. Be smart this time. Don't pick 
the company because you are first to hear about it. Pick
it because it has long-term viability. 

Do your research!

2. "The people I recruit do nothing"

Hey... you writing to me and complaining is doing 
nothing. So I guess your group has duplicated you very
well. Nothing people do exactly that. Welcome to 

Most real estate brokers do nothing. Most insurance 
reps do nothing. Most car sales people do nothing. 
That's the way it is. 

Listen... it takes guts to keep going when things 
aren't working out. It takes leadership to inspire 
people to do things they normally wouldn't do. People 
will be inspired by your example. In fact, if you go 
into massive action, you'll attract big players who 
go into massive action.

Big players recruit big players. Become a big player 
and stop complaining about the Nothings.

3. "The income I made my first year was less than I 
spent to make it"

Big deal.

Most companies go five years without a positive cash 
flow. It's called an investment in your future. 

Think about what you've learned this last year. Think
about who you've become. 

Most people go to University or College and spend 
as much as $30k/year for 4 years. They get out of 
college $120 later and they have made zero. Then 
they get a job that pays them less they paid to 
go to college.

So unless your loss was greater than $30k, you got a 
cheap education. 

The difference with this education is that you are
actually making money here.

It took me two and a half years to turn the corner
in this industry. Big Al tried like crazy but never
even made one sale his first year. I know these
"overnight successes" who made $10k their first
month with a company... this was their fifth company
in 20 years. Some overnight success.

If you are having a tough time with your business
I feel for you. I really do. I was there. Everyone 
goes there at some point.

This business is simple. But it's not easy. If it 
were, everyone would be successful.

But I know that you have what it takes to stick it
out, keep learning, and get to the top. I know
because there are people with less education, less
money, and fewer contacts than you who have made it.

The only excuse you have is that you don't really
want it.

When it comes down to it, that's the bottom line.

Do you really want success?

Do you want to wake up when you're done sleeping?
Do you want to live where ever you want? 
Do you want to travel the world?
Do you want to drive the car of your dreams?
Do you want to have the resources to give to
the needy?
Do you want to be an important part of your
Do you want to take month long vacations?
Do you want to have the time to spend with
your family and friends?
Do you want to live your dream?

Hey... if mediocrity sounds better to you, then
it's no problem. Your company will find other 
people to make it.

But if you demand excellence.

If you really want it.

Then it WILL be yours...

Keep fighting the fight...

With passion...
Tom Wood

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