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How to Quickly Improve Your Google Ranking
By Dipl.-Ing. Hans P Jeschke is undoubtedly the most important search engine. 
It accounts for about 60% of the search engine traffic.

A good listing in Google can really boost your profit. But it can 
be tricky to get ranked well in google.

Here is how you do it:

1. Built a site with good content.

Good content means text. Google is blind to pictures. All these 
nice graphics will not bring you any sales anyhow. So add some
text to your site.

2. Make sure ALL your links are working.

When google spiders your site and finds broken links, it will 
automatically throw your site into it's garbage bin.

3. Prepare your site for a good internal Ranking

Google's Ranking formula is actually extremely simple. A page 
that is being linked to is considered important, a page that nobody 
links to is considered not important. This is true for internal links 
and for external links.

If you link from every page to your privacy policy page, you give 
that page importance.

But do you want that? Most likely not. So, make sure that for each 
internal link to one page you create another internal link back.

You can also create a relatively higher rank for selected internal 
pages if you let more pages point to that page than links go away 
from that page.

4. Get external links to your site.

But not all pages are equal. Ideally you get pages with a high 
Pagerank (PR) pointing to your site.


Use Niche Directories to boost your PR.

If your site has something to do with Advertising, Marketing, 
Promotion or Webmaster Resources there is a starting point:

Go to and submit your site. 
That site is a Directory for Advertising, Marketing, Promotion 
and Webmaster Resources and has a Google PR5.

If your site falls in a different category, go to google and search 
for directories in your field. Then submit your site to the directories
that you find.
Directory for Advertising, Marketing, Promotion and Webmaster Resources
2003 Hans P Jeschke

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