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6 Signals You're Living in the Present
By Louise Morganti Kaelin

There is much written in the personal growth literature 
(heck, just in my own newsletter, 'The 3-Minute Coach!) 
about living in the moment. Keeping your eyes squarely on 
this moment may be one of the most positive things you can 
do for yourself. There are scores of articles on why to live 
in the moment, but I thought it would be helpful for you to 
recognize the 6 Signals that you're doing it successfully! 

1. You feel fully present and alive. It's an 'all systems 
go' kind of feeling. You seem to know exactly what's 
going on in every cell of your body. Your senses are sharp 
and alert to everything going on around you. 

2. There is a complete absence of fear or guilt. When you 
feel guilt, you are focused on the past; when you feel 
fear, you are focused on the future. This moment, the one 
right here, you can handle this one. 

3. What you do feel is a sense of calm and focus. Even with 
'all systems go' as described above, you feel connected 
to your wisdom. 

4. You can see the trees, but feel connected to the forest. 
There is a big difference between living 'for' the moment 
and living 'in' the moment. Living 'in' the moment 
implies there is a plan for the future. You know the 
direction in which you go and how what you're doing now 
(the trees) brings you towards that future (the forest). 

5. You are conscious of each choice you make as you go 
through your day, and recognize that life is created 
through these 'little' choices, or non-choices, for that 
matter. You experience joy with each choice you make. 

6. There are no awkward relationships. When you are fully 
present in the moment, the past slips off your shoulders. 
This is true even if you have not yet completely healed the 
past. When you are fully present in this moment, you allow 
the other person to be fully present in the moment, and you 
see them as they are now, not as they used to be. (This can 
often be the beginning of healing the past). 

Allow yourself to be on the lookout for these signals, and 
congratulate yourself every time you notice yourself living 
in the moment! 

(c) Louise Morganti Kaelin. Louise is a Life Success Coach 
who partners with individuals who are READY (to live their 
best life), WILLING (to explore all options) and ABLE (to 
accept total support). Find many free resources to assist 
you in living the life of your dreams at

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