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Does Bob Berdar Have A Right To Be Upset? 
By: Dave Cole

Do you ever think you have troubles in life? 

I'm sure you do, we all do, in fact I don't know 
of anyone who doesn't. 

If life has thrown you a curveball, I've got a 
short story to share with you. 

Tonight we played a Colt baseball game. The home plate 
umpire was a gentleman named Bob Berdar. Bob is a really 
good umpire along with being a friend of mine. 

His daughter lives in England. Bright girl, in her twenties, 
had a good job, everything going for her. 

Found out this past winter she had a brain tumor. 

This spring, she underwent brain surgery to remove the tumor, 
which went as well as could be, however it left her in a 
semi-vegetative state and took away most of her motor 
skills and coordination. 

Bob lives here in southwestern Pennsylvania, but made 
the trip to England for a month or so to stay with his daughter. 
Every day he didn't know if it would be her last day 
to live or not. 

When I asked Bob how his daughter was coming along, his 
eyes lit up and he got a big grin on his face. 

You see Bob Berdar was so happy, in fact he was ecstatic 
because he had received a Father's Day card from her. 

He was so happy because this formerly bright young girl was 
able to scribble out her name on the card. 

Then before the same game I get a call from an irate parent 
who dropped their kid off at 5 O'clock and I wasn't there 
yet nor was any of the other players, so they left. Sorry, I 
got there at 5 minutes after 5. 

Later on I get a call from another parent who cried 
and threatened and moaned and became almost irate 
because his kid wasn't pitching more. 

Now, we've played 5 games so far, I've got 9 kids that 
can pitch, 4 of our games only went to 5 innings, one game 
at 7 innings......but still this kid had played at some 
position every single inning in every game. 

But that wasn't good enough. In fact, he didn't want to 
hear that, not only did this parent believe and adamantly 
believe that his kid should be playing all the time, 
but that he should be pitching every other game. 

What's wrong with this picture..... 

If anyone has a right to be irritated and upset and 
down in the dumps it's Bob Berdar. His beautiful 
daughter who could do anything is now a vegetable. 

But he comes to the game tonight smiling, happy.....in fact 
ecstatic because his can now actually scribble her name on 
a card. Because his daughter is now even alive. 

Here's two parents who have very healthy children, 
both are good ball players, and who are getting to 
play a game with all their abilities intact to be 
able to run, throw, & hit a ball. But they're not happy. 

Now I'm not discounting any trouble that anyone has 
but some things are significantly worse than others. 

And we all have bad days and perhaps these two parents 
had a hairball or something today and just needed to 
blow off some steam at someone. 

At any rate I have a lot of respect for a man like 
Bob Berdar who watched helplessly, as his daughter 
almost lost her life completely, yet is able to rejoice 
in one simple thing that she can do that any 
kid in kindergarten can do better than her. 

I hope that you will say a prayer for Bob Berdar's 
daughter today, and also hope that the next time you 
get ticked off at something, before you lose your cool, 
take a few seconds and think..... is getting all upset 
and uptight over this, really the way I want to 
approach this......or perhaps is there something 
that I can be rejoicing over instead. 

Thanks for reading this, I hope it helped put some things 
in a better perspective for you. 


Dave Cole
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Copyright 2005

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