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Grow Your Cash Flow Just Like Magic
By: Marelin The Money Magician

By using this three-step process. . .

There are indeed things that very successful people know, that
they will not share with others, because they believe that if
they did "there would be less" for them. They want to keep what
they have come to know to themselves, because that will result in
fewer competitors.

But one thing I have come to know is that there is more than
enough of everything for everyone, because there is no end to the
energy that makes up all things. If you think about it,
everything comes from the energy you put into something. Or it
may just come from the thought of something that produces emotion
(energy in motion) that then becomes something.

Creating anything, including more cash flow is a three-step

For instance, a shoe designer doesn't just create a shoe out of
thin air. There is first an image in mind that then gets
translated onto paper as a sketch. That sketch or design was
first made in mind, which could only then be put into a more
material looking image that you will now see drawn on the paper.

The energy of the image has to be there before it can be drawn
down, and this drawing down process happens on an electromagnetic
playing field of energy as well. The three-step creative process
goes like this: First the designer will see it in mind, feel it
as real as he or she is drawing it down, which can then be made
manifest or manufactured as a physical product.

The first step is the image made in mind. The second step is the
sketch or pattern that has to be there so the third process can
begin. What was first a nonphysical image can only then become
physical or take shape and form. Step three is the physical
creation which then leads to someone stepping into that pair of

Things simply do not come to us other than through our creative
process, be it a pair of shoes or more cash flow. There is no
other way that anything can come to us, because creativity has
never been about things coming to us. Things come to us through
our creativity. Is this not true?

Just because we want more cash flow does not mean we will attract
more cash flow, because we have to do what it will require to get
to step three. And let me tell you that if the shoe designer is
not a happy camper while going through this creative process, he
or she will not create a design that many people will buy.

Why? Because the energy that went into the shoe was dull,
lifeless and boring, which resulted in slow moving energy output
on his or her part, thus slow moving sales as a result of that
energy. Things that are lifelessly created have a short shelf

You literally sustain the very life of things when you put energy
into something.

So naturally people are drawn to the kind of energy we put out,
and if that energy is not up to speed with what excites us while
we create something, then how can anyone come to be drawn to
something that was not created with excitement.

If the shoe designer isn't excited, how does he or she expect
someone to get excited about his or her product (creation)? It
just can't happen, because as I have said before . . . there just
can't be a productive ending to a process that has not been
enjoyed. That is why some people will do better than others when
it comes to creating shoes or cash flow.

When we talk about the flow of anything, it is really something
that has to do with energy flow. And how the individual flows
that energy . . . determines what he or she will flow into as a
reality or experience.

What often happens to people who "find" (you find what you found
to be true) that they cannot get to step three is this: They are
stepping into a reality that has nothing to do with creating more
cash flow. And this happens when someone says: "yeah, I'd like to
create more cash flow . . . BUT" . . . and then come all the
excuses that literally excuse them from moving energy through
them into a free flowing cash flow reality.

"When you argue for your limitations you get to keep them!"

In energy essence, which makes up all things, you have to go with
the flow to more cash flow, and when you give excuses as to why
this doesn't seem to be happening (as justified as they may be),
the flow is not free to move into step three.

You remain stuck in step one because of the image you are stuck
on, which then moves into step two, and before you know it, there
you are in step three . . . but nothing has changed. It changes,
because change is constantly going on, it just changes to more of
the "same old thing."

"Nothing can change until you do!"

If you want something to change, you have to change the shape,
form or image in mind first. That first step is what shapes and
forms your creative three-step process. The second step is to
step into that reality and FEEL it as if it is real. You want to
bring that reality into the present by feeling like it is
happening NOW. By BEING emotionally involved, you literally
energize the vision. You are getting your energy behind something
that will thrust you into the creation.

The second step is in your ability to ALLOW energy to move
freely. If there is any tension or resistance (feelings that go
against the grain) going on within you, then the energy is not
freely allowed to produce more cash flow.

If the shoe designer says that he or she "just can't" (which
produces tension or resistance) seem to create an image of a
shoe, the shoe can never become something that he or she sees is
not there. If a person is without something, how can they have
that something?

When you are experiencing being or going without something,
within you, you get to be right about what that is. If you can
grasp this knowing, you will see how it is you come to create all
things, or the lack of things.

In other words if you see that you are without cash flow, how can
it grow? You must first see that "it exists" as an image in mind.
If you can see it . . . it means that it is there. You can't see
something that is not there, can you? And when it comes to
creating more cash flow . . . if it is "not there" . . . how can
you see it?

"If something is not there, you are creating it not to be there!"

Once you create the idea of more cash flow in mind, and FEEL that
you HAVE it, you want to begin to jot down all the things you
will do with this extra cash flow, much like the shoe designer
who draws the sketch.

That jotting down or sketch drawing is what allows the creative
process to unfold into a physical reality. Friends, this is not
just some nice philosophy. This is the physics we are all
governed by even if we are not aware of it.

Those that are not aware of the three-step process to creating
will be less likely to create more cash flow. And yet some people
do all of this naturally, without even knowing about the three
steps, simply because they are fun loving, easy-going people who
don't let limited thinking (their own or others) sway them. And
those are the people who succeed and are successful in life.

And if one person can do it, that means anyone can! The
possibility exists, so that means it can happen. It just amounts
to how you go about creating something. Remember, if you don't
see that you have something, how can you create it to be there,
given what you know about the three-step process?

Those that create things to be there --go there-- and create it
in mind before they ever get there. That is how all of us get to
where we are, or get what we have. If we want to see things
change in our outer reality, we must first change things in our
inner reality. This is an extremely important principle, which I
will repeat again. It is worth repeating because it holds so much
POWER! Nothing can change until we do. Things come to us, through
us, using the three-step process.


Let's recap the three-step process:

1. Create the idea (See it) 2. Feel it as real (Feel it) 3. There
it is because you were it! (Be it)

Your POWER is in the paradox of: "You must see it to be it and be
it to see it." You can't help but become what you envisioned as
yours, when you feel the realness of its existence, and allow it
to unfold by getting out of the way. What gets in the way is
resistance, and resistance only happens when you are sending a
message that says: "I am NOT where I want to be!"

That is why being anywhere you want to be, before you ever get
there is so powerful! Nothing stands in your way of getting
something when you already have something. That sending message
is profoundly powerful!

So now that it is yours, you really don't care if it comes,
because it already has! When you care if something comes (because
you SEE that it has not) you are saying you are "not there" . . .
NOT where you want to be. That message does not deliver the goods
that feel good. It will however deliver the goods that don't feel
so good. ~grin~

Once you send a message that delivers the arrival of something,
that something has to BE. When you are not in doubt of that,
there it will be! That is the kind of message (that of
knowingness and certainty) you want to give or send.

You are given that which you KNOW is a given!

So if you are really, in your heart of hearts, through with "not
enough" cash flow, you will go to where there is more than
enough. You will give yourself what you want (within your
creative imagining mind) that you know you can have, simply
because it is a possibility.

Then you will act or play the part, as if you have what that is!
You will check out and into a new reality, and before you know it
. . . that reality will be something you call real. Remember . .

Your imagination or imaging mind is what creates all things you
call real!

The NEW reality comes to you, because you have naturally moved on
and let it go, thus forgetting about the FACT that you don't have
it. And the only reason that any of us do not have what others
have, is because we see that we don't, or we don't know how we
can ever get there. And what I am telling you is that you can get
to where you want to be. . . by going there now.

Now you have placed yourself in step two, where you FEEL it as
REAL, and if you don't step back into step one where you see you
are without the cash flow, then step two can easily come to where
you will naturally step into step three . . . your new reality.

It may take a little dancing to get the steps in sync, but isn't
anything you want to accomplish worth the practice that will go
into it?

If you truly want to go cash flow crazy and stark raving money
mad, get into the spirit of how that feels. Get fully and totally
involved in how good it would feel to be going cash flow crazy!
Spend money in your imagination until you have gone stark raving
money mad.

If you do this you will see just how powerful it is to go to
where you want to be, before you ever get there! Friends, that is
how you get there, because when nothing is separating you from
the reality you want to be living, you will be living that

Act the part! Go on a wild, rich, luxurious rampage, imagining
how you feel . . . NOW that you have gone cash flow crazy and
stark raving money mad!

Marelin the Money Magician Copyright 2003 Serious Comedy

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Thank you for reading "How to Go Cash Flow Crazy and Stark Raving
Money Mad." This web-book was shared with permission, compliments
of: Go Cash Flow Crazy! and

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