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Are You Content In Being Mediocre?
By: Dave Cole

Let me tell you about Matt.

Matt is one of my 13 year old ballplayers. A great kid, 
wonderful personality, a straight A student in school, is 
in the gifted program at school. Matt can do anything 
well he really wants to do. 

But Matt is on my team because his mother thinks he spends 
too much time in the books and doesn't get enough physical 
activity. She may be right, but Matt is not the kind 
of ballplayer, he could be, simply because he's there 
because of mom. 

Matt comes out to practice and the games and does the 
minimum possible to get by. 

Matt has the physical talents and the ability to be a very 
good ballplayer, but he doesn't want to be there, he's 
there because his mom makes him come. 

Maybe good, maybe bad, but the sad part is, if Matt 
applied himself and really wanted to be a good ball player, 
he could be. But he lolligags around and doesn't hustle and 
do what it takes to be a good player. So he sits the bench 
a lot. And of course, gets discouraged because he isn't 
playing more. 

What is Matt becoming? 

What is Matt getting out of this? 

Let me know ask you......are you like Matt? 

A wonderful person, that has talents, yet doesn't apply 
those talents to the situation at hand and become the best 
you can become at what you are doing? 

Here's a question I asked my son before the start of this 
baseball season: "Are you content in being mediocre?" 

Last year he didn't get to play much. A lot of bench time, 
he was discouraged, and started blaming everyone else 
except himself for his situation. 

Matt and Karl are a lot alike. They both are talented, 
both could be very good ball players, yet neither gave 
it all, when it was time to give it all. 

Karl said No, he wasn't content with being mediocre, 
and did what it took to earn him a starting position 
on a team that went to the state semi final playoffs. 

He applied himself and did what it took to earn that 
starting position and become a much better ball player 
in the process, and a much more developed person because 
of it. 

I need to give the same talk to Matt next year. If I'm 
right, Matt will say no and become a starter for our 
Pony team next year. 

Now I ask you another question: Are you content in your 
life with being mediocre? 

If not, then only you can make that change and become the 
kind of person you should become to do what you want in 
life and to achieve your life's goals. 

Now kid, it's time to get rolling. 

Your life becomes what you make of it. 

Circumstances and obstacles happen, but they are only 
there to strengthen you. 

Determine what your life's major goal is. 

Then apply yourself with all your heart towards achieving it. 

It really doesn't get any simpler than this 

I love you all, 


Dave Cole
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Copyright 2005

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